2011-02-24 Thomas LeonardWIP: Added Driver and Settings objects to clean up APInew-api
2011-02-13 Thomas LeonardSupport multiple digests in cache browser
2011-02-12 Aleksey LimRemove tmp directory if manifest is failed for untarred...
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardRemoved deprecated and unused _get_impl method
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardRemoved support for deprecated plain GPG-signed feeds
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardRemoved the long-deprecated AutoPolicy class
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardRemoved deprecated key confirmation methods
2011-01-30 Thomas LeonardDon't require a <command> when using --main
2011-01-29 Thomas LeonardShow downloading in progress when fetching key information
2011-01-29 Thomas LeonardDelay opening the key confirmation box
2011-01-28 Thomas LeonardAdded list-feeds sub-command
2011-01-25 gfxmonkAdd support for rubygems' .gem archive format
2011-01-25 Thomas LeonardSupport alternative digests in "0alias -m"
2011-01-23 gfxmonkAvoid a TypeError when language is None and feed descri...
2011-01-23 gfxmonkAdded gitignore
2011-01-20 Thomas LeonardWorkaround for systems where "python" is Python 3
2011-01-19 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.52-post
2011-01-19 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.52v0.52
2011-01-17 gfxmonkAdded a 'value' attribute for environment bindings
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardDon't always activate Run on Return
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardFixed systray icon
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardRemoved unused --systray option
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardOnly highlight problem components in the GUI when downl...
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardMerged '0install' command branch
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardLarge-scale API cleanup
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardMade a proper Config object
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardAdded '0install config' sub-command
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardStore configuration in a separate object
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardAdded '0install add-feed' and '0install remove-feed...
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardImplement --set-selections using new 0install command
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardAllow passing a selections document in place of a feed
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardAdded '0install list' sub-command
2011-01-17 Thomas Leonard0launch internally now uses new 0install command code
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardInclude cmd and support in test coverage report
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardAdded '0install import' sub-command
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardAdded '0install update' sub-command
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardAdded '0install run' sub-command
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardAdded "0install download"
2011-01-17 Thomas LeonardAdded "0install select" sub-command
2011-01-15 Thomas LeonardDocumented --message option
2011-01-15 Thomas LeonardWrote man-page for planned '0install' command
2011-01-15 Thomas LeonardOnly remove <command>'s <arg> elements when using ...
2011-01-05 Thomas LeonardBetter diagnostics when no <runner> can be selected
2011-01-05 Thomas LeonardImproved UI when no version could be selected
2011-01-05 Thomas LeonardUse new GTK tooltips API
2011-01-05 Thomas LeonardRemoved unused and broken --cache option from GUI
2011-01-05 Thomas LeonardCope with InvalidInterface exceptions in "0desktop...
2011-01-03 Thomas LeonardFixed GUI to display recursive runners
2011-01-03 Thomas LeonardFixed --show to include recursive runners
2011-01-03 Thomas LeonardFixed --show with --command=""
2011-01-03 Thomas LeonardFor a <runner>, depend on the runner's <command>
2010-12-19 Thomas LeonardDon't use symlinks in unit-tests
2010-12-19 Thomas LeonardDon't try to set PackageKit locale to None
2010-12-19 Thomas LeonardIf no writeable directory is in $PATH, use ~/bin
2010-12-19 Thomas LeonardUpdated README
2010-12-19 Thomas LeonardFixed reloading of feeds after compiling
2010-12-19 Thomas LeonardAlso reload local feeds with solve_with_downloads(force...
2010-12-10 Thomas LeonardAllow command_name to be None
2010-12-10 Thomas LeonardMerged 0.51.1 branch
2010-12-05 Thomas LeonardReally fixed installation of locale files
2010-12-05 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.51-post
2010-12-05 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.51v0.51
2010-12-05 Thomas LeonardFixed to install locale files
2010-12-05 Thomas LeonardAdded test for helpers.ensure_cached, and fixed it
2010-12-05 Thomas LeonardInclude top-level .py files in test coverage report
2010-12-03 Thomas LeonardAdded support for $-substitution in <arg> elements
2010-11-30 Thomas LeonardAllow passing arguments to the runner
2010-11-30 Thomas LeonardBug fixes for command support
2010-11-30 Thomas LeonardMerge command branch
2010-11-30 Thomas LeonardAdded support for <runner> element in <command>command
2010-11-30 Thomas LeonardAdded --command option to select the desired command
2010-11-30 Thomas LeonardIf no command could be selected, show the reason
2010-11-14 Thomas LeonardIf we need a command, mark all implementations without...
2010-11-14 Thomas LeonardAdded support for arguments in a <command>
2010-11-14 Thomas LeonardIn the GUI, explain why impls without commands couldn...
2010-11-14 Thomas LeonardShow command dependencies in GUI and --show output
2010-11-14 Thomas LeonardAllow relative interface names in <requires> for local...
2010-11-14 Thomas LeonardAdded support for <command> element
2010-11-14 Thomas LeonardRemoved duplicate execution code from
2010-11-14 Thomas LeonardSolver.selections is now a real Selections object
2010-11-13 Thomas LeonardWhen reporting InvalidInterface exceptions, say which...
2010-09-02 Anders F BjorklundAnother change of locale location
2010-09-01 Anders F BjorklundChange location of locale directory in Makefile too
2010-08-25 Thomas LeonardCope with missing local feeds
2010-08-22 Thomas LeonardSplit download child process code into its own file
2010-08-22 Thomas LeonardDon't abort download unit-tests if someone raises Syste...
2010-08-22 Thomas LeonardPut data files under new "shared" directory
2010-08-21 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.50-post
2010-08-21 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.50v0.50
2010-08-20 Thomas LeonardDump a traceback when the GUI gets an unexpected exception
2010-08-18 Anders F BjörklundUpdated Swedish translation
2010-08-17 Thomas LeonardAdded "0store manage" to man-page
2010-08-10 Thomas LeonardOnly update sys.path when installing with --home
2010-08-10 Thomas LeonardAdd ~/lib/python to sys.path on startup
2010-08-05 Thomas Leonardcanonical_iface_uri expands "alias:prog" to the URI...
2010-08-05 Thomas LeonardMake --show (and --get-selections) work with --set...
2010-08-04 Thomas LeonardAdded "0launch --show" to provide a human-readable...
2010-07-25 Anders F BjörklundUpdated Swedish translation
2010-07-10 Anders F BjorklundFixed unit-tests on FreeBSD and Darwin
2010-07-10 Tim CuthbertsonNew icon for Zero Install