2012-08-26 Thomas LeonardAnd another one,
2012-08-26 Thomas LeonardExtra debugging
2012-08-26 Thomas LeonardFixed bug where PackageKit downloaded the wrong archite...
2012-08-26 Thomas LeonardImplemented installation-time fixup for Fedora and...
2012-08-26 Thomas LeonardPackageKit: convert dbus.String to Python string
2012-08-26 Thomas LeonardFix up Java's main path after installing
2012-08-26 Thomas LeonardUpdated cache explorer to work with GTK 3
2012-08-25 Thomas LeonardSwitched to new bug reporting URL
2012-08-25 Thomas LeonardBetter error handling if a bug cannot be reported
2012-08-21 Thomas LeonardFixed handling of ~ in Debian versions
2012-08-21 Thomas LeonardInclude Darwin packages in MacPortsDistribution
2012-08-19 Thomas LeonardInterfaces now conflict with their replacements
2012-08-19 Thomas LeonardFixed some ResourceWarnings on Python 3
2012-08-19 Thomas LeonardFixup Java versions on Debian
2012-08-19 Bastian EicherAdded <executable-in-*> support for Windows
2012-08-17 Thomas LeonardMake 0alias work with binary files under Python 3
2012-08-17 Thomas LeonardFixed Python 3 whitespace error in 0alias
2012-08-13 Thomas LeonardLog using the "0install" logger rather than "root"
2012-08-12 Thomas LeonardFixed package-implementation scoring
2012-08-12 Thomas Leonard"0install update" didn't always update
2012-08-12 Thomas LeonardFixed native Java support on Fedora
2012-08-12 Thomas LeonardCreate ~/bin automatically if necessary
2012-08-12 Thomas Leonard"0install add": show hint about adding the directory...
2012-08-12 Thomas LeonardFixed JDK version number on OpenSUSE
2012-08-12 Thomas LeonardFixed native Java support on OpenSUSE
2012-08-10 Thomas LeonardFixed status icon support with GTK 3
2012-08-10 Thomas LeonardCope better if no GUI is available
2012-08-10 Thomas LeonardFixed console download progress indicator on Python 3
2012-08-10 Thomas LeonardFixed some minor error reporting bugs
2012-08-10 Thomas LeonardFixed bug when a feed is used for multiple interfaces
2012-08-09 Thomas LeonardImproved error reporting when no main executable is...
2012-08-08 Thomas LeonardUse Python 3 by default with "make install"
2012-08-08 Thomas LeonardImproved GUI display of AssertionErrors
2012-08-08 Thomas LeonardAllow relative local paths in <feed src='...'>
2012-08-05 Thomas LeonardImproved Java support on Debian
2012-08-05 Thomas LeonardParse Debian snapshot version numbers
2012-08-04 Anders F BjorklundImplement a Darwin distro, for Java
2012-07-26 Thomas LeonardRemoved Python < 3 restriction from feed
2012-07-26 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.10-post
2012-07-26 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.10v1.10
2012-07-26 Thomas LeonardUpdated for Python 3
2012-07-24 Thomas LeonardUpdated Compile GUI for Python 3
2012-07-24 Thomas LeonardUpdated bug report GUI for Python 3
2012-07-14 Thomas LeonardAllow mirroring both archives and implementations
2012-07-14 Thomas LeonardAdded support for implementation mirrors
2012-07-14 Thomas LeonardAdded @since annotations to StepRunner
2012-07-13 Thomas LeonardFixed display problem due to Python upgrade
2012-07-13 Thomas LeonardAdded sha256new algorithm
2012-07-12 Thomas LeonardFix to previous commit
2012-07-12 Thomas LeonardWarn about trying to delete the current directory
2012-07-11 Thomas LeonardAdded <restricts> element
2012-07-10 Thomas LeonardDon't try to install the README that no longer exists
2012-07-10 Thomas LeonardUpdated PackageKit GUI for Python 3
2012-07-10 Thomas LeonardPython 3: the GUI now works well enough to run programs
2012-07-10 Thomas LeonardThe main GUI window and menus now work with GTK 3 ...
2012-07-09 Thomas LeonardFixed warning from PyGObject
2012-07-09 Thomas LeonardRemoved obsolete README for the GUI
2012-07-09 Thomas LeonardLoad icons in binary mode (for Python 3)
2012-07-09 Thomas LeonardStarted updating main GUI for Python 3 and GTK 3
2012-07-09 Thomas LeonardFixed preferences layout problem with Python 3
2012-07-09 Thomas LeonardImported PyGObject's for better compatib...
2012-07-09 Thomas LeonardFixed popup menu problem with Python 3
2012-07-09 Thomas LeonardUpdated preferences box to support Python 3, PyGObject...
2012-07-09 Thomas LeonardDon't automatically trust Thomas Leonard's key
2012-07-08 Thomas LeonardTell the user when a background update completes, not...
2012-07-01 Thomas LeonardIn unit-tests, always use StringIO, not io
2012-07-01 Thomas LeonardAllow "0install download APP"
2012-07-01 Thomas LeonardReselect when using "0install run -g APP" or with extra...
2012-07-01 Thomas LeonardAll unit-tests now pass with Python 3
2012-07-01 Thomas LeonardFixed HTTP redirect tests on Python 3
2012-06-30 Thomas LeonardFix some unit-test problems
2012-06-30 Thomas LeonardMore Python 3 support
2012-06-30 Thomas LeonardOnly process each <package-implementation> once, even...
2012-06-30 Thomas LeonardPrefer a generic <package-implementation> over one...
2012-06-30 Thomas LeonardFixed size calculation for recipes containing renames
2012-06-30 Thomas LeonardRemoved unused force attribute
2012-06-30 Tim CuthbertsonAdd <rename> recipe step
2012-06-30 Thomas LeonardMore updates to support Python 3
2012-06-29 Thomas LeonardMore Python 3 support
2012-06-29 Thomas Leonard"0install select -g APP" now works
2012-06-28 Thomas LeonardUpdated epydoc
2012-06-27 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.9-post
2012-06-27 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.9v1.9
2012-06-27 Thomas LeonardRemoved unused import
2012-06-27 Thomas LeonardDon't write coverage cache when testing
2012-06-24 Thomas LeonardAdded support for site-local packages
2012-06-24 Thomas LeonardDon't show Signatures section in the GUI for local...
2012-06-23 Bastian EicherTypo in previous patch
2012-06-21 Thomas LeonardSwitched back to TemporaryFile when auto_delete = True
2012-06-21 Bastian EicherDo not check for extraction utilities (e.g., unzip...
2012-06-21 Thomas LeonardDepend explicitly on GnuPG
2012-06-21 Bastian EicherFixed bug with external store when type or extract...
2012-06-21 Thomas LeonardDelete temporary files on abort, even for auto_delete...
2012-06-17 Bastian EicherProvide external store binary via ZEROINSTALL_EXTERNAL_...
2012-06-17 Thomas LeonardUse XDG_* environment variables even on Windows
2012-06-17 Thomas LeonardAllow passing requirements to "0install select APP"
2012-06-17 Thomas LeonardSimplified Windows Java detection
2012-06-16 Thomas LeonardAdded 'Windows' distribution name for package-implement...
2012-06-16 Bastian EicherAdded JRE/JDK 7 support on Windows
2012-06-13 Thomas LeonardRemoved obsolete code for handling non-XML signatures