2011-07-09 Thomas LeonardMoved command attribute from <requires> to <executable... executable
2011-07-06 Thomas LeonardMade temporary PATH directories read-only
2011-07-06 Thomas LeonardAdded <executable-in-var>
2011-07-06 Thomas LeonardRenamed <executable> to <executable-in-path>
2011-07-05 Thomas LeonardAdded <executable> binding
2011-07-05 Thomas LeonardAdded <requires ... command='...'/>
2011-07-05 Thomas LeonardIn selections, store <command> elements inside <selecti...
2011-07-05 Thomas LeonardDisplay a deprecation warning if Selections(Policy...
2011-07-03 Bastian EicherWrite separator attribute for <environment> tag when...
2011-07-02 Thomas LeonardRemoved extra space from alias scripts
2011-07-02 Michel Alexandre... 0alias: new-style launcher scripts
2011-07-02 Daniel TschanFaster GUI update when a new implementation is added
2011-06-26 Thomas LeonardBatch up queries to PackageKit
2011-06-26 Daniel TschanFixed GUI performance problem with large number of...
2011-06-25 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.1-post
2011-06-25 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.1v1.1
2011-06-13 Thomas LeonardAdded '0install digest' command
2011-06-13 Tim DielsEnvironment binding: added separator attribute
2011-06-13 Thomas LeonardCheck indentation when testing
2011-05-31 Thomas LeonardAdded support for optional dependencies
2011-05-29 Thomas LeonardUpdated exception handling to Python 2.6 syntax
2011-05-29 Thomas LeonardOmit 'stability' attribute when writing selections
2011-05-28 Thomas LeonardAdded runner.Setup
2011-05-23 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.0-post
2011-05-23 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.0v1.0
2011-05-21 Bastian EicherAdded "mode" to <environment>'s _toxml method
2011-04-30 Anders F BjorklundFix the uname machine, on darwin/macosx
2011-04-29 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.0-rc1-post
2011-04-29 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.0-rc1v1.0-rc1
2011-04-25 Thomas LeonardMoved win32-specific code inside win32 if block
2011-04-25 Bastian EicherDetect 64bit Windows from within 32bit Python
2011-04-19 gfxmonkAdd rubygems to the list of natively supported file...
2011-04-17 Thomas LeonardFixed bug when using PackageKit to query multiple packa...
2011-04-16 Thomas LeonardAdded explicit Python dependency for unit-tests too
2011-04-16 Thomas LeonardMade 0launch depend on Python explicitly
2011-04-09 Bastian EicherBetter off-line solver error message
2011-04-09 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.54-post
2011-04-09 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.54v0.54
2011-04-09 Bastian EicherChanged model._pretty_escape to only preserve : on...
2011-04-06 Thomas LeonardCache explorer deletes new interface config file, not...
2011-03-27 Thomas LeonardExplain how to remove unneeded local feeds
2011-03-27 Thomas LeonardDon't abort if a local feed is missing
2011-03-27 gfxmonkUse XML-specified type and start-offset attributes...
2011-03-27 Thomas LeonardDon't pass LC_ALL to getlocale()
2011-03-27 Thomas LeonardChanged Compile button to do Autocompile
2011-03-26 Thomas LeonardFixed namespace prefix generation for elements
2011-03-23 Thomas LeonardImproved selection based on language choices
2011-03-21 Thomas LeonardMerged cache explorer branch
2011-03-21 Thomas LeonardRenamed 'interface' to 'feed' in cache explorer
2011-03-21 Thomas LeonardDisplay arch for implementations in cache explorer...
2011-03-21 Thomas LeonardChanged "Copy URI to Clipboard" to "Copy URI"
2011-03-21 Thomas LeonardBug fixes
2011-03-21 gfxmonkCache explorer UI changes
2011-03-20 Thomas LeonardRun the GUI using sys.executable
2011-03-20 Thomas LeonardAdded a special-case so we always find an implementatio...
2011-03-20 Thomas LeonardCope better with missing details from PackageKit
2011-03-20 Anders F BjorklundUpdated Swedish translation
2011-03-20 Thomas LeonardUpdated translations
2011-03-18 Anders F BjorklundAdded 128x128 and SVG versions of the 0install icon
2011-03-15 Aleksey LimDisconnect from dbus signals
2011-03-13 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.53-post
2011-03-13 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.53v0.53
2011-03-13 Thomas LeonardDon't include .gitignore in release archives
2011-03-13 Thomas LeonardChanged "Trying mirror server" message from warning...
2011-03-13 Thomas Leonard<command> elements take precedence over attributes
2011-03-12 Thomas LeonardAdded configuration setting to automatically approve...
2011-03-12 Thomas LeonardAdded TrustMgr object
2011-03-12 Thomas LeonardFixed "decide function returned None!" bug
2011-03-10 Thomas LeonardAlso updated tests and GUI using 2to3
2011-03-09 Thomas LeonardUpdated to newer Python syntax where possible
2011-03-09 Bastian EicherSelect first <summary> or <description> entry if _best_...
2011-03-08 Anders F BjorklundSupport lzma/xz when using non-GNU tar
2011-03-08 Anders F BjorklundGuess MIME-types automatically for tbz/tlz/txz suffixes
2011-03-08 Anders F BjorklundGet unxz though 0install if unxz isn't installed natively
2011-02-27 Bastian EicherSplit languages codes by a hyphen (-) instead of an...
2011-02-27 Thomas LeonardRemoved unused imports
2011-02-27 Thomas LeonardAdded IfaceCache.usable_feeds
2011-02-27 Thomas LeonardAdder driver module
2011-02-27 Thomas LeonardRemoved iface_cache argument from Fetcher methods
2011-02-27 Thomas LeonardMoved modification time logic from Policy.download_icon...
2011-02-27 Thomas LeonardRemoved deprecated Policy.recalculate
2011-02-27 Thomas LeonardImport _ explicitly in the GUI
2011-02-27 Thomas LeonardOops: moved FAILED_CHECK_DELAY to
2011-02-26 Thomas LeonardRemoved prompts from background download dialogs
2011-02-26 Thomas LeonardMoved get_feed_targets and is_stale to IfaceCache
2011-02-26 Thomas LeonardMoved Config into its own module
2011-02-26 Thomas LeonardFixed Pyflakes warnings
2011-02-26 Thomas LeonardMoved Handler.wait_for_blocker to tasks.wait_for_blocker
2011-02-26 Thomas Leonardepydoc fixes
2011-02-26 Thomas LeonardRelax check on valid digest values
2011-02-26 Thomas LeonardAdded Implementation.is_available and Selection.is_avai...
2011-02-13 Thomas LeonardSupport multiple digests in cache browser
2011-02-12 Aleksey LimRemove tmp directory if manifest is failed for untarred...
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardRemoved deprecated and unused _get_impl method
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardRemoved support for deprecated plain GPG-signed feeds
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardRemoved the long-deprecated AutoPolicy class
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardRemoved deprecated key confirmation methods
2011-01-30 Thomas LeonardDon't require a <command> when using --main
2011-01-29 Thomas LeonardShow downloading in progress when fetching key information
2011-01-29 Thomas LeonardDelay opening the key confirmation box