2012-05-21 Thomas LeonardMerge app branchapps
2012-05-21 Thomas LeonardUpdated @since epydoc for new release
2012-05-20 Anders F BjorklundFix broken msgstr syntax
2012-05-20 Thomas LeonardUpdated translations
2012-05-19 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.8-post
2012-05-19 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.8v1.8
2012-05-19 Thomas LeonardWhen solving for the command 'test', include use='testi...
2012-05-17 Dave AbrahamsAdded 'build' to .gitignore
2012-05-17 Dave AbrahamsSSL support: Use the "certifi" library's certificate...
2012-05-13 Thomas LeonardMore unit-tests for apps
2012-05-13 Thomas LeonardSave requirements (e.g. --not-before) with apps
2012-05-13 Thomas LeonardAdded app/last-check-attempt timestamp
2012-05-13 Thomas LeonardUpdated man-pages for applications
2012-05-13 Thomas LeonardBackground updates for apps
2012-05-13 Thomas LeonardCheck for staleness
2012-05-13 Thomas LeonardKeep a history of past selections
2012-05-13 Thomas Leonard"0install update" works on apps
2012-05-13 Thomas LeonardAdded experimental app support
2012-05-13 Thomas Leonard.gitignore update
2012-05-12 Thomas LeonardFixed remove-feed for the case where the file no longer...
2012-05-12 Thomas LeonardFixed mirror code to work on Windows
2012-05-10 Thomas LeonardLimit number of concurrent downloads from a single...
2012-05-09 Thomas LeonardInclude ID in explanation if versions are identical
2012-05-09 Thomas LeonardImproved explanation strings
2012-05-08 Thomas LeonardAvoid modifying existing restrictions list in justify_d...
2012-05-08 Thomas LeonardMerged "Explain this decision" branch
2012-05-08 Thomas LeonardBetter message when forcing a version means not using...
2012-05-08 Thomas LeonardExplain why one version was ranked above another
2012-05-08 Thomas LeonardExplain why the selected set of versions was better
2012-05-08 Thomas LeonardAdded "Explain this decision" menu item
2012-05-08 Thomas LeonardAdded SATSolver.justify_choice
2012-05-08 Thomas LeonardAdded solver.solve_for() convenience method
2012-05-07 Thomas LeonardFixed handling of missing local feeds
2012-04-29 Thomas LeonardAdded two-argument form of add-feed
2012-04-26 Thomas LeonardRemoved unused imports
2012-04-26 Dave Abrahams/dev/null => os.devnull, for portability
2012-04-24 Thomas LeonardRecognise "../" as the start of a relative path too
2012-04-24 Thomas LeonardAdded Selection.get_path()
2012-04-16 Thomas LeonardAllow command_name to be None if user_command is given
2012-04-15 Anders F BjorklundUse terminal instead of xterm, when running with quartz
2012-04-15 Thomas LeonardAssume everything supports POSIX (except Windows)
2012-04-15 Thomas LeonardBetter error reason "Not source code"
2012-04-15 Anders F BjorklundRelax distribution version numbers
2012-04-13 Thomas LeonardFixed epydoc
2012-04-10 Thomas LeonardTry x-terminal-emulator first for <needs-terminal>
2012-04-06 Thomas LeonardUpdated old code from Policy to Driver API
2012-04-06 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.7-post
2012-04-06 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.7v1.7
2012-04-05 Thomas LeonardFixed error solving with optional dependencies
2012-03-31 Thomas LeonardUpdated background updater to use driver API
2012-03-31 Thomas LeonardDon't keep trying to check failed feeds that we never had
2012-03-27 Thomas LeonardMake sure the temporary .new files are cleaned up if...
2012-03-26 Thomas LeonardChanged PackageKit warning to info
2012-03-25 Thomas LeonardWarn about replaced interfaces in "0install update"
2012-03-25 Thomas LeonardAttempting to create an alias to a replaced feed uses...
2012-03-23 Thomas LeonardBetter error handling in packagekit
2012-03-21 Thomas LeonardAllow <command> inside <package-implementation>
2012-03-19 Thomas LeonardFixed some file descriptor leaks
2012-03-16 Thomas LeonardTry new PackageKit API before old one
2012-03-13 Thomas LeonardFixed PackageKit / DBus problem
2012-03-11 Thomas LeonardTry to build .mo files automatically if not present
2012-03-11 Thomas LeonardDeprecation warning for run.execute
2012-03-10 Thomas LeonardCleanups for pylint
2012-03-04 Thomas LeonardAdded ZeroInstallFeed.local_path
2012-02-26 Thomas LeonardUse our _runenv when testing, not the system one
2012-02-12 Thomas LeonardMerged Cygwin support branch
2012-02-12 Thomas LeonardAvoid second warning when dbus isn't available
2012-02-12 Thomas LeonardNew FSF address
2012-02-12 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.6-post
2012-02-12 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.6v1.6
2012-02-11 Anders F BjorklundAdd Cygwin distribution support
2012-02-11 Anders F BjorklundOnly python 2.7 has _tunnel_host
2012-02-11 Thomas LeonardAdded fallback CA certificate
2012-02-05 Anders F BjorklundCan't move read-only dirs on HFS+
2012-02-02 Thomas LeonardBetter directory selection when running 0alias as root
2012-01-28 Anders F BjorklundCheck for empty dpkg status file
2012-01-22 Anders F BjorklundBugfix: support non-Linux debarch
2012-01-22 Anders F BjorklundUse Fink distribution prefix for Fink injector/python
2012-01-22 Anders F BjorklundRefactor: rename non-const variable
2012-01-22 Anders F BjorklundOnly use MacPorts distribution for MacPorts injector...
2012-01-19 Thomas LeonardFixed SSL certificate validation (again)
2012-01-17 Thomas LeonardNotify the user about newer unselected versions in...
2012-01-17 Thomas LeonardAllow file:path syntax for relative paths
2012-01-17 Thomas LeonardMention alias: syntax in man-page
2012-01-16 Thomas LeonardRefuse to create an alias named "0launch"
2012-01-08 Thomas LeonardMerged Arch Linux support
2012-01-08 Anders F BjorklundAdd correct arch to arch :-)
2012-01-08 Anders F BjorklundAdd arch distro implementation
2012-01-07 Thomas LeonardUpdated man-pages
2012-01-05 Thomas LeonardAdded DownloadScheduler
2011-12-31 Thomas LeonardUpdated epydoc
2011-12-31 Thomas LeonardIgnore .ui.h files generated by Glade
2011-12-31 Thomas LeonardRemoved deprecated Handler.get_download
2011-12-30 gfxmonkAdd include_packages flag to Selections.download_missing
2011-12-30 Thomas LeonardMoved DialogResponse, ButtonClickedBlocker and MixedBut...
2011-12-29 Thomas LeonardStart development series 1.5-post
2011-12-29 Thomas LeonardRelease 1.5v1.5
2011-12-18 Thomas LeonardHandle HTTP redirects manually
2011-12-18 Thomas LeonardRemoved download.start()
2011-12-18 Thomas LeonardAdded test for HTTP redirects