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Project Description Owner Last Change
Arachnida.git Arachnida embeddable HTTP... ronald@landheer... 5 years ago
cheatproxy.git A BitTorrent cheat proxy. 6 years ago
libundertow.git Media aggregator library 6 years ago
mereo.git Mereo 6 years ago
nginx.git nginx fast proxy server 3 years ago
ocurl.git Git mirror for OCaml libcurl... 6 months ago
rainbows.git Unicorn for slow clients and... 2 months ago
raindrops.git real-time stats for preforking... 3 months ago
simpleHTTP.git simple HTTP client to make... 5 years ago
unicorn.git Rack HTTP server for Unix... 3 days ago
wank.git A simple, small HTTP to SOCKS... 6 years ago
zbatery.git Rack HTTP server without a... 8 weeks ago