2008-09-06 Steven Waltercmd_unstage: give a more helpful messagev0.2
2008-08-25 Steven WalterCorrect users of for-each-ref
2008-08-24 Steven Waltercmd_help: properly detect failure of get_attr
2008-08-24 Steven Waltercmd_help: use get_attr to find the usage for a command
2008-08-22 Steven WalterMerge branch 'svn-log'
2008-08-22 Steven Waltersvn: store keys for all svn-remotes
2008-08-22 Steven Waltercmd_status: properly strip the common prefix
2008-08-20 Steven WalterMerge branch 'progress'
2008-08-19 Steven Waltercmd_switch: show progress
2008-08-19 Steven Waltercmd_point: show status output from read-tree
2008-08-19 Steven Waltersvn: avoid calls to resolve_svn_rev when possible
2008-08-19 Steven Waltersvn: don't call resolve_rev directly
2008-08-19 swalterdo_commit: simplify popen use
2008-08-17 swaltersvn: implement filter_log
2008-08-17 swalterget_pager_cmd: use 'less', not 'more'
2008-08-17 swaltercmd_log: implement in terms of rev-list and show
2008-08-17 swaltersvn: fix the case in resolve_rev when git-svn works
2008-08-17 swaltertcommit: fix copy/paste bug
2008-08-17 swaltercmd_cherry_pick: use resolve_rev
2008-08-16 swaltersvn: don't disable metadata
2008-08-16 swaltersvn: recognize file:// URLs
2008-08-16 Steven Waltercmd_repo: additionally list remote branches
2008-08-16 Steven WalterMerge branch 'svn-rev'
2008-08-16 Steven Waltercmd_log and cmd_show: go through the resolve_rev interface
2008-08-16 Steven Waltersvn: accept subversion revisions
2008-08-16 Steven Walterresolve_rev: factor into a new utility function
2008-08-16 Steven Walterunstage_one: accept relative paths
2008-08-16 Steven Waltercmd_status: show relative paths
2008-08-16 Steven Waltershow unstaged and unmerged files for the entire repository
2008-08-16 Steven Walterget_unstaged_files: don't double-account for new files
2008-08-16 Steven Waltertcommit: forget a branch if the user deletes it
2008-08-16 Steven Walteryap.zsh: flesh out completions
2008-08-16 Steven Waltercmd_version: use an autogenerated version
2008-08-11 Steven Waltercmd_repo: delete the refs belonging to a deleted repo
2008-08-11 Steven Waltercmd_repo: fix typo
2008-08-11 Steven Waltersvn: create the svn "repo" when cloning a cache repo
2008-08-08 Steven Walterclear_state: don't bail out if one of the files doesn... v0.1
2008-08-08 Steven WalterUpdate TODO
2008-08-08 Steven Waltersvn: make the tagged metadata blob more robust
2008-08-08 Steven Waltersvn: remove hack in metadata blob
2008-08-08 Steven Walterbackup: be quiet if the file doesn't exist
2008-08-08 Steven Waltersvn: be careful not to hijack non-SVN clones
2008-08-08 Steven WalterMerge branch 'plugins2'
2008-08-06 Steven Walterunstage_one: don't fail when there are staged and unsta...
2008-08-06 Steven Waltercmd_unstage: don't mark conflicting files as resolved
2008-08-06 Steven WalterImplement the merge subcommand
2008-08-05 Steven WalterReimplement cmd_plugins
2008-08-05 Steven WalterRefactor load_plugins() out of yap_metaclass
2008-08-05 Steven Waltersvn: factor out the "applicable" helper
2008-08-05 Steven WalterAllow plugins to inherit from other plugins
2008-08-05 Steven WalterProperly descend the ancestry for help/usage/options
2008-08-05 Steven WalterPort plugins to the new plugin API
2008-08-04 Steven Waltercmd_resolved: obvious fix
2008-07-29 Steven WalterImplement a new plugin system using multiple-inheritance
2008-07-29 Steven WalterClear out awkward manual inheritance system
2008-07-29 Steven Waltersvn: remove branch@rev remotes
2008-07-28 Steven Waltersvn: be tolerant of branches without metadata
2008-07-27 Steven WalterREADME: Add a "features" sectionmob
2008-07-27 Steven WalterCreate new README file
2008-07-27 Steven WalterMove "README" out of the way for a better one
2008-07-27 Steven Waltercmd_history: make sure the index is clean before running am
2008-07-27 Steven WalterAdd descriptions to the plugins
2008-07-27 Steven Waltercmd_help: show commands provided by plugins
2008-07-27 Steven Waltersvn: be tolerant of multiple fetch lines
2008-07-27 Steven Waltersvn: don't set branches/tags to fetch from trunk
2008-07-27 Steven WalterChange the interface for pre- and post- hooks
2008-07-27 Steven Waltersvn: setup git-svn after cloning an SVN mirror
2008-07-27 Steven Waltersvn: create a tagged blob with vital repository information
2008-07-27 Steven Waltersvn: give configure_repo an optional parameter for...
2008-07-27 Steven Waltersvn: fix stupid bug in clone
2008-07-27 Steven Walterremove_new_file: don't assume "new-files" exists
2008-07-27 Steven Waltertcommit: don't die if yap's data directory already...
2008-07-27 Steven Waltercmd_history: use check_commit to prepare the index
2008-07-27 Steven Walterunstage_one: fail more logically when there are no...
2008-07-27 Steven WalterUpdate README
2008-07-22 Steven Waltercmd_help: fallback to the base method if the plugin...
2008-07-22 Steven Waltersvn: do not use metadata
2008-07-22 Steven Waltersvn: support creating svn branches
2008-07-22 Steven WalterPlugins can only add to flags, not reduce them
2008-07-21 Steven Walterget_tracking: clean-up API
2008-07-21 Steven Waltercmd_track: fix wording in error message
2008-07-21 Steven Waltersvn: enforce a slightly non-standard git-svn layout
2008-07-21 Steven Waltercmd_fetch: fix the no-arguments usage
2008-07-21 Steven Waltercmd_commit: fix initial commit
2008-07-21 Steven WalterUpdate README
2008-07-21 Steven Waltercmd_point: unwind tags more cleanly
2008-07-17 Steven Waltersvn: account for side-effects of git-svn dcommit
2008-07-17 Steven Waltersvn: refactor push_svn
2008-07-17 Steven Waltersvn: rebase after push
2008-07-17 Steven WalterExtend DEBUG mode to YapError exceptions
2008-07-16 Steven Waltercmd_switch: don't let stat differences prevent a switch
2008-07-15 Steven Waltersvn: list_remotes belongs to Yap, not SvnPlugin
2008-07-14 Steven Waltercmd_push: fix obvious typo
2008-07-14 Steven Waltersvn: check for uncommitted changes before pushing
2008-07-14 Steven Waltercmd_help: fall back to base help if the plugin doesn...
2008-07-14 Steven Waltercmd_push is not easily undone
2008-07-14 Steven Waltersvn: show current branch during push
2008-07-14 Steven Waltersvn: fetch from r1 by default
2008-07-14 Steven WalterMerge branch 'svn'
2008-07-14 Steven Walterfirst pass for svn plugin