2012-02-22 David LichteblauFix "for each hash-key in ... using" orderingmaster
2011-05-06 David LichteblauFix initial homepage generation in Makefile
2009-10-18 David Lichteblaumove defstructs around, patch by Raymond Wiker
2009-04-05 David Lichteblaumore release work
2009-04-04 David Lichteblaurelease
2008-11-16 David Lichteblaubuild order fix
2008-05-25 David LichteblauAdded an XSLT profiler.
2008-04-27 David LichteblauDocstrings
2008-04-27 David LichteblauPackage docstring
2008-04-27 David Lichteblaus/xpath/xpattern/
2008-04-27 David LichteblauObserve doctype in xuriella:document
2008-04-27 David LichteblauReimplemented keys
2008-04-27 David Lichteblaudefstruct source-document refactoring
2008-04-27 David LichteblauReplaced the base URI kludge in generate-id
2008-04-27 David LichteblauMarked remaining failures as known bugs
2008-04-27 David LichteblauAdded an extension element API
2008-04-27 David LichteblauFixed non-strings in format-number
2008-04-27 David LichteblauFixed keys matching the root element
2008-04-27 David LichteblauCheck attributes on xsl:template
2008-04-27 David Lichteblauxsl:extension-element-prefixes also applies to the...
2008-04-27 David LichteblauDocumentation update
2008-04-27 David LichteblauUpdated TEST for current Plexippus
2008-04-27 David LichteblauDisallow empty attributes in xsl:sort
2008-04-27 David LichteblauRecover from invalid PI names
2008-04-27 David LichteblauImplemented output/@media-type
2008-04-26 David LichteblauUpdated TEST for current chtml
2008-04-26 David LichteblauTry a plain text comparison when we can't parse test...
2008-04-26 David LichteblauCheck xsl:output/@method properly
2008-04-26 David LichteblauCheck xsl:output/standalone
2008-04-26 David LichteblauDisallow method=""
2008-04-26 David LichteblauDubious namespace alias workarounds:
2008-04-26 David Lichteblaunamespace-alias fixes
2008-04-26 David LichteblauDetect missing namespaces in named templates
2008-04-26 David LichteblauCheck xsl:key attributes
2008-04-26 David LichteblauFixed multiple keys
2008-04-26 David LichteblauMarked include tests as whitespace issues
2008-04-26 David LichteblauCheck position of import
2008-04-26 David Lichteblauentity-resolver fixes
2008-04-26 David LichteblauDon't leak namespaces into the included stylesheet
2008-04-26 David LichteblauMarked import tests as whitespace issues
2008-04-26 David LichteblauAllow id and xml:space on stylesheet
2008-04-26 David LichteblauFixed non-strings in system-property()
2008-04-26 David LichteblauFixed comment workaround
2008-04-26 David LichteblauIn forwards compatibleprocessing, delay XPath errors...
2008-04-21 David LichteblauAllow suffix-only pictures
2008-04-21 David LichteblauCheck choose body
2008-04-20 David LichteblauDisallow multiple decimal points in format-number
2008-04-20 David LichteblauCheck boolean attributes
2008-04-20 David LichteblauFixed condition type in call-template
2008-04-20 David LichteblauCheck sort/@order
2008-04-20 David LichteblauCheck sort/@data-type
2008-04-20 David LichteblauCheck case-order
2008-04-20 David LichteblauParse output/@cdata-section-elements (still not impleme...
2008-04-20 David LichteblauCheck namespace-alias attributes
2008-04-20 David LichteblauDisallow variables in key use
2008-04-20 David LichteblauCheck for href on import and include
2008-04-20 David LichteblauDisallow apply-imports in for-each
2008-04-20 David LichteblauDisallow elements in xsl:text
2008-04-20 David LichteblauFixed Errors_err037
2008-04-20 David LichteblauFixed Errors_err036
2008-04-20 David LichteblauFixed Errors_err035
2008-04-20 David LichteblauRestrict function calls in pattern predicates
2008-04-20 David LichteblauCheck the name in call-template
2008-04-20 David LichteblauCheck included attribute sets at compile time like...
2008-04-20 David LichteblauCheck for attribute set names
2008-04-20 David LichteblauCheck for xsl:version
2008-04-20 David LichteblauMissing namespace check
2008-04-20 David LichteblauEmpty body checks
2008-04-20 David LichteblauTest pathname workaround
2008-04-20 David Lichteblaustrip-/preserve-space conflict resolution
2008-04-20 David LichteblauUpdated TEST for current Plexippus
2008-04-20 David LichteblauPriorities are double-floats
2008-04-20 David LichteblauFixed priority parsing
2008-04-19 David Lichteblauxsl:number: Don't print zero
2008-04-19 David LichteblauSome xsl:number fixes
2008-04-13 David Lichteblau#default can be aliased
2008-04-13 David LichteblauFixed scope in wrap-namespaces
2008-04-13 David LichteblauMore test tweaks
2008-04-13 David LichteblauMore encoding tweaks
2008-04-13 David LichteblauOutput encoding support, using Babel
2008-04-06 David LichteblauRe-enabled some tests
2008-04-06 David LichteblauDisabled cerror for now
2008-04-06 David LichteblauUse the plexippus pattern API.
2008-04-05 David LichteblauFixed variable import
2008-03-30 David LichteblauCheck for decimal-format collisions
2008-03-30 David LichteblauCheck apply-templates child nodes
2008-03-30 David Lichteblaufoo:xmlns is okay
2008-03-30 David LichteblauCheck top-level nodes
2008-03-30 David LichteblauFixed } escaping in AVTs after XPath
2008-03-30 David LichteblauCheck for disallowed attributes on <stylesheet>
2008-03-30 David LichteblauCheck for disallowed attributes on <stylesheet>
2008-03-30 David LichteblauCheck for non-elements in attribute sets
2008-03-30 David LichteblauResignal stylesheet parse errors as XSLT errors
2008-03-30 David Lichteblaufixed message with terminate
2008-03-30 David LichteblauMore checks for disallowed attributes
2008-03-30 David LichteblauLiteral Result Element as Stylesheet
2008-03-30 David LichteblauCheck for various disallowed attributes
2008-03-30 David LichteblauForwards compatible processing: Unknown instruction...
2008-03-25 David LichteblauFixed lexical scope of param
2008-03-25 David Lichteblauxsl:sort parameters are AVTs