descriptionA Window Maker dockapp for laptop users
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wmlaptop2 is a Window Maker dockapp which is useful for the specific needs of laptop users.

It displays the battery charge (percentage and graphical bar) and the remaining time until depletion. The estimate is computed using real-time information about power consumption and battery charge. The power display appears in red if battery is discharging and green otherwise.

The CPU load, frequency and temperature are also displayed.

wmlaptop2 can also manage the lcd brightness, reducing it to 20% if the X session is idle and on battery and increasing it to 100% upon activity. These values can be dinamically changed -- if the laptop is on battery and running at 100% brightness and the user changes it to 80%, this sets the new maximum value. Similar behavior applies to setting the minimum value.

The keyboard light on some Apple laptops can also be handled, and wmlaptop2 takes the battery status into consideration when turning it on or off.

2013-01-18 Carlos R. MafraChange behavior of printing settingsmaster
2013-01-18 Carlos R. MafraClean up handling of global variables
2013-01-18 Carlos R. MafraUpdate usage message to include new options
2013-01-17 Carlos R. MafraImprove brightness control
2013-01-15 Carlos R. MafraRemove screensaver action on right click
2013-01-14 Carlos R. MafraRemove set but unused variable
2013-01-14 Carlos R. MafraSupport reading cpu temperature on Macbook
2013-01-14 Carlos R. MafraAdd support for keyboard backlight on Apple laptops
2013-01-14 Carlos R. MafraChange backlight according to session's idle time
2013-01-14 Carlos R. MafraRevert "Adjust LCD brightness with mouse wheel"
2011-05-05 Carlos R. MafraFix battery charging status
2010-09-13 Carlos R. MafraAdjust LCD brightness with mouse wheel
2009-10-11 Nicolas BonifasRestore --dontblink option
2009-10-11 Nicolas BonifasFix function parameter
2009-10-10 Carlos R. MafraInitial repository for wmlaptop2
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