2011-10-11 Carlos R. MafraWindowMaker 0.95.0-crmwmaker-0.95.0-crm
2011-10-09 Rodolfo Gara... debian: problem with spaces and forget autogenerated...
2011-10-07 Martin Dietzedebian: Version bump in nightly build script.
2011-10-07 Rodolfo García... debian: add back wmlib folder
2011-10-05 Rodolfo García... Debian full patch migration
2011-08-24 Carlos R. MafraWINGs: Add back wprogressindicator.c
2011-08-24 Carlos R. MafraRevert "WINGs: Remove wruler and wtext"
2011-08-24 Rodolfo García... debian: lots of updates
2011-08-16 Rodolfo García... doc: Fix error in Russian wmaker.1x manpage (lintian...
2011-08-13 Carlos R. MafraIncrease height of 'Attributes' window
2011-08-11 Carlos R. MafraMake 'no miniaturizable' window property user-configurable
2011-08-11 Carlos R. MafraIncrease width of 'Attributes' window
2011-08-09 Brad JorschFix some "'var' may be used uninitialized" warnings
2011-08-09 Brad JorschRemove warning in wmagnify.c (correctly)
2011-08-08 Christophe... Fix possible missing NUL at end of string
2011-08-08 Carlos R. MafraRemove Netscape icon
2011-08-08 Carlos R. MafraUse wmgenmenu to create WMRootMenu during installation
2011-08-01 Carlos R. Mafrautil: Fix wmagnify
2011-07-20 Christophe... Added mailing list address in the parfect-patch file
2011-06-29 Carlos R. MafraFix make-gzip
2011-04-18 Tamas TEVESZPlug some (possible) memleaks
2011-04-18 Tamas TEVESZPartial fix for focus stealing
2011-04-11 Tamas TEVESZAmend recent wmgenmenu changes
2011-04-11 Tamas TEVESZFix app behaviour on Xinerama displays
2011-04-09 Christoph Soehngenwmgenmenu: Update German translation
2011-04-09 Christoph Soehngenwmgenmenu: Add more apps
2011-04-09 Ambrus SzaboBugfix: java menu problem after resize, maximize
2011-03-30 Ambrus Szaboopaque resize
2011-03-27 Ambrus SzaboFix makefiles bug.
2011-03-24 Tamas TEVESZRemove warnings
2011-03-24 Tamas TEVESZAdapt for libpng changes
2011-03-14 Szabó AmbrusFix compilation in FreeBSD
2011-02-17 Haroldo Santosswitchpanel: Add skip_switchpanel advanced option
2011-02-13 Camille d'Alméraswmgenmenu: Add French and Spanish translations
2011-01-31 Carlos R. MafraWPrefs: Update ballon text for "Window Focus Preferences"
2011-01-31 Carlos R. MafraWPrefs: Update po/Makefile.am to reflect file deletion
2011-01-31 Carlos R. Mafrawmgenmenu: Add more apps
2010-11-29 Andrea GelminiRemove duplicated #includes
2010-11-17 Brad JorschDisplay modifiers in window menu
2010-11-01 Andreas MetzlerUpdate documentation of ABI/API changes again.
2010-10-18 Brad JorschFix pkgdatadir
2010-10-18 Andreas Metzlerpkgconfig - minimize direct linking
2010-10-18 Andreas MetzlerSimplify/fix pkgconfig installation
2010-10-12 Brad JorschDon't save app settings proplist when nothing changed
2010-10-12 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Add wshellquote()
2010-10-12 Brad JorschReset bouncing app icon position when bounce ends
2010-10-10 Tamas TEVESZwmmenugen: Finish the XDG parser
2010-10-10 Tamas TEVESZwmmenugen: Add file name validator function
2010-10-10 Tamas TEVESZwmmenugen: Add executable detection, make Wmconfig...
2010-10-10 Tamas TEVESZwmmenugen: Finish Wmconfig parser, touch up PropList...
2010-10-08 Brad JorschOnly cache pixmaps for docked icons
2010-10-08 Brad JorschPaint app icons when updated
2010-10-08 Brad JorschFix wIconUpdate logic
2010-10-08 Brad JorschFix handling of NET_WM_ICON
2010-10-08 Brad JorschFix some warnings
2010-10-08 Alexey I. Froloffwmaker.inst: quote shell variables
2010-10-08 Alexey I. Froloffwmaker.inst: better locale check
2010-10-08 Tamas TEVESZUpdate local copy of GPLv2 and FSF address in copyrights
2010-10-08 Tamas TEVESZAdd wmmenugen, an extensible PropList-format menu generator
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: tree enhancements
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZAdd back WINGs/tree.c that was removed in c9d0c7c
2010-10-07 Brad JorschCleanup .gitignore
2010-10-07 Adam HokaWINGs: fts() -> nftw() in wrmdirhier()
2010-10-07 Brad JorschFix stuck appicon from embedded apps
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZMissed a piece in tree.c removal
2010-10-07 Andreas MetzlerDocument ABI/API changes
2010-10-07 Brad JorschMinor fixes to appicon highlighting
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZMake OPEN_MENU be able to include PropList menus
2010-10-07 Brad JorschFix wusleep
2010-10-07 Carlos R. MafraRemove translations of INSTALL-WMAKER, README and FAQ...
2010-10-07 Brad JorschFix path substitutions
2010-10-07 Brad JorschFix "make dist"
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZAdd LCOV support to generate coverage information
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZSilence a few warnings
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Bounded string ops
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Remove #ifdef OLD_CODE
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Modernize wusleep()
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWPrefs: Remove dead code
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Reorg headers to mark items' locations in source...
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Remove wprogressindicator and tree
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Dead code removal
2010-10-07 Brad JorschIgnore shared_appicon if an appicon already exists
2010-10-07 Andreas MetzlerRename libwutil1 to libwutil2
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZRepair wgethomedir(), broken a little while back
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Remove wruler and wtext
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Do not look static information up every time
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Plug potential segfault
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZFix some double newlines
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Make w*() print message origins
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZPreparing to do exactly as FIXME says
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZRemove wsyserrorwithcode, rename wsyserror to werror
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZMore precise information on unknown systems
2010-10-07 Andreas MetzlerDocument ABI and API changes
2010-10-07 Andreas MetzlerFix typo enviroment
2010-10-07 Andreas MetzlerDo not mark product names as translatable
2010-10-07 Andreas MetzlerBuild-Depend on automake 1.11 or later.
2010-10-07 Andreas MetzlerAdd function declaration for wIconSetHighlited
2010-10-07 Brad JorschClean up library linking
2010-10-07 Brad JorschUse -lbsd for strlcat/strlcpy, if needed and available
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZRepair defaults for new titlebar button style