2009-08-24 Martin DietzeUp the version number for the GIT version to 0.93.0-prewmaker-0.93.0-crm
2009-08-23 Tamas TEVESZFix format strings
2009-08-23 Alexey Voinovswpanel: Consider also the release of FOCUSPREV
2009-08-23 Carlos R. MafraRemove LITE config option
2009-08-23 Carlos R. MafraAdd spaces to gcc 'case' range extension
2009-08-23 Carlos R. MafraFix function prototype declaration
2009-08-22 Pedro MartellettoWPrefs: Fix crash due to wtokenfree() memory leak fix
2009-08-22 Tobias StoeckmannWINGs: Fix memory leak in wtokenfree()
2009-08-22 Nicolas Bonifasswpanel: Start with the first window when all are minimized
2009-08-22 Carlos R. Mafraswpanel: Fix stacking issue with swpanel escape handling
2009-08-22 Carlos R. Mafraswpanel: Factor out if (swpanel) test
2009-08-22 Carlos R. Mafraswpanel: Clean up "case ButtonRelease"
2009-08-22 Carlos R. Mafraswpanel: Clean up StartWindozeCycle() a bit more
2009-08-21 Tobias StoeckmannFix multiple errors in findfile.c
2009-08-21 Daniel DéchelotteRemove useless tests
2009-08-21 Carlos R. MafraFix use of uninitialized variable
2009-08-21 Vladimir NadvornikLess strict font requirements
2009-08-20 Vladimir NadvornikFix findBestIcon()
2009-08-20 Daniel DéchelotteFix "smart" placement bug when there are shaded windows...
2009-08-20 Daniel DéchelotteFix focus issues with the switch panel and auto-focus
2009-08-20 Carlos R. MafraEscape key handling in switchpanel
2009-08-20 Carlos R. MafraUse helper function in StartWindozeCycle()
2009-08-20 Carlos R. MafraClean up coding style in StartWindozeCycle()
2009-08-20 Carlos R. MafraClean up StartWindozeCycle()
2009-08-19 Carlos R. MafraChange to the linux kernel coding style
2009-08-19 Carlos R. MafraMake drawIconProc() static
2009-08-19 Carlos R. MafraClean up case switching in handleKeyPress()
2009-08-18 Carlos R. MafraRemove unsigned type from 'mask'
2009-08-18 Carlos R. MafraSanitize calling sites of wDefaultsCheckDomains()
2009-08-18 Carlos R. MafraMake loop variable be unsigned int
2009-08-18 Carlos R. MafraFix variable shadowing
2009-08-18 Carlos R. MafraWMCreateFont: Add missing wfree()'s
2009-08-17 Carlos R. MafrahandleKeyPress: Fix shadowing of global 'index' variable
2009-08-17 Carlos R. MafrainotifyHandleEvents: Reduce buffer size to avoid huge...
2009-08-17 Carlos R. Mafrareal_main: Use setenv() instead of putenv() in remainin...
2009-08-17 Carlos R. Mafrareal_main: Use setenv() instead of putenv()
2009-08-17 Carlos R. MafraFix improper use of function sentinel
2009-08-17 Carlos R. MafraWPrefs: Remove unused function updateThemeList()
2009-08-17 Carlos R. MafraRemove unused variables
2009-08-17 Carlos R. MafraMake compilation even less verbose
2009-08-16 Carlos R. MafraRemove prototype of unused function StartLogShell
2009-08-15 Tamas TEVESZFix buffer overflow in SendHelperMessage()
2009-08-15 John H. Robinson, IVRemove unused StartLogShell function.
2009-08-15 Tobias StoeckmannCheck for argc==0 when calling wtokensplit()
2009-08-15 Iain Pattersonxinerama switchpanel corruption fix
2009-08-15 David BenbennickFix mixing pixels when maximizing borderless windows
2009-08-09 Samir SAADAFix workspace limit segfault
2009-08-08 Tamas TEVESZavoid integer overflow
2009-08-08 Tamas TEVESZSync comment with reality
2009-08-08 Samir SAADAFix menu positioning bug
2009-08-08 Carlos R. MafraTrivial cleanup
2008-11-10 Carlos R. MafraFix gcc warnings
2008-11-09 Carlos R. MafraCompilation: Add a few spaces in the output
2008-11-09 Carlos R. MafraFix buffer overflows in shortcut and workspace name...
2008-11-06 Carlos R. Mafrawmaker: Fix compiler warnings about pointer <--> intege...
2008-11-05 Carlos R. Mafraautomake: Fix warnings about underquoted calls to AC_DEFUN
2008-11-05 Carlos R. MafraMakefile: Beautify compilation messages
2008-08-09 Rodney PadgettUse inotify to check for changes to the defaults databa...
2008-06-26 Pedro GimenoFix periodic focus bug
2008-05-03 Paulo Cesar... Workaround for Composite problems when default depth...
2008-05-02 Carlos R. MafraWINGs/wfont.c: Avoid returning font=NULL in WMCreateFont()
2008-05-02 Carlos R. Mafrawmaker: Reduce wakeups to zero
2008-05-02 Carlos R. MafraAdd .gitignore to git repository
2006-04-27 danFixed segfault when unhiding an application in certain... wmaker-0.92.0+
2006-04-27 danupdated todo with ideas for post 1.0
2006-04-27 danEnhanced the cursor positioning/selecting text using...
2006-04-26 danRemoved WINGs' dependency on rgb.txt (from X11).
2006-04-25 danApplied patches from Stanislav Maslovski <stanislav...
2006-04-25 danmore fixes for missing linking flags in some cases
2006-04-25 danreplaced windowmaker.org with windowmaker.info everywhere
2006-04-25 dan- Improved Info panel display.
2006-04-25 danyet another cvs commit notification test
2006-04-25 dananother cvs commit notification test
2006-04-25 dancvs commit notification test
2006-04-25 dancvs commit notification test
2006-03-28 dantest cvs commit notifications
2006-01-23 dantest cvs commit notifications
2006-01-22 dan- updated the XDND code in WINGs to work with GDK based...
2006-01-22 danupdated estonian translation
2006-01-22 dan- release colors to avoid issues with the reference...
2006-01-22 dan- fixed issue with invisible modal windows from Qt...
2006-01-22 dantest
2006-01-22 dantest
2006-01-22 danApplied some patches from Balaton Zoltan <balaton@eik...
2005-08-22 daneliminated gcc-4 compilation warnings
2005-08-22 dan- fixed gcc-4 compilation issues (Vladimir Nadvornik...
2005-07-17 danFixed WPrefs.app to find its icons when not installed...
2005-07-05 danupdated german translations
2005-07-05 dantry to work around some user's IQ level
2005-07-03 danupdated news file (part 2)
2005-07-03 danupdated news file
2005-07-03 dan- new algorithm for placing miniwindows after unhiding... wmaker-0.92.0
2005-07-03 dan- try fixed font for the technical drawing font if...
2005-07-02 danFixed issue with GNUstep applications losing focus...
2005-05-15 dan- fixed bug with windows shrinking to very small sizes...
2005-05-09 danremoved obsolete file
2005-05-08 danImproved hide/unhide animation for applications with...
2005-04-08 dan- Fixed switch panel default value in defaults.c
2005-03-22 danFixed bug that caused wmaker to crash when kplayer...
2005-03-13 danfixed issue with window being moved by 1 pixel up and...