2002-07-01 dan- fixed a frame size in WPrefs menu editorrelease-0.80.1
2002-05-25 kojimaapplied patch from Ryosuke Nanba <rna@cyber.email.ne.jp>
2002-05-11 kojimafixed typo in menus...
2002-04-11 danupdated some .cvsignore files
2002-04-11 danfixed a buffer overflow
2002-04-03 dan- Added WMGetTextFieldDelegate()
2002-03-29 dan- Added WMSetButtonImageDimsWhenDisabled() and WMGetBut...
2002-03-28 danAdded 2 functions to retrieve the default system fonts:
2002-03-28 danfixed some Bool flags passed to WINgs functions to...
2002-03-24 kojimaupdated spanish po
2002-03-24 dancommented out some declared but never defined functions...
2002-03-24 kojima- Fixed bug with windows that have WM_HINTS.take_focus...
2002-03-20 danremoved update-autoconf. use autogen.sh
2002-03-14 danfixed textfields regarding interpretation of special...
2002-03-14 danadded ability to enable/disable individual WMTabViewItems
2002-03-04 dan- Fixed WMGetViewScreenPosition() to consider the windo...
2002-03-04 danfixed autogen.sh to include deps in Makefile.in
2002-03-03 danfixed autoconf warning
2002-03-01 dangah! the putenv() stuff was not causing memleaks. Only...
2002-03-01 danfixed some memleaks (1 serious, 5 minor)
2002-02-28 danfixed bug in WMSetButtonEnabled and WMSetButtonSelected
2002-02-26 kojimaadded french po
2002-02-23 danfixed a bug in wdread
2002-02-20 kojimalittle change on menus
2002-02-20 dan- removed configure.in. use only autoconf 2.5x fom now
2002-02-20 kojimaupdate danish translations
2002-02-20 kojimafixed segfault with incomplete WM_CLASS
2002-02-18 kojimaadded czech translations
2002-02-17 danreverted latest german update.
2002-02-16 kojimacleanup oops
2002-02-16 kojimasome incomplete xinerama stuff
2002-02-15 kojimacleaning the house today
2002-02-15 kojimafix for soemthing wrong with piped menus
2002-02-15 kojimasomething i dont remember
2002-02-15 kojimaupdated german pots
2002-02-15 kojimafixed icon scaling
2002-02-01 dan- Fixed a bug that crashed wmaker when selecting the...
2002-01-31 idfix my mail, maliwan is dead
2002-01-27 idfix an icon
2002-01-27 idadd an icon
2002-01-26 idadd and fix icons
2002-01-26 idadd and fix icons
2002-01-26 idadd an icon
2002-01-25 danforgot this
2002-01-25 danadded better proplist warnings when reading non-digit...
2002-01-25 kojimaadded greek flag pixmap
2002-01-25 kojimaadded contrib patch for resizing/moving windows with...
2002-01-23 kojimafixed non-transparent bug of xrender transparent windows
2002-01-17 dan- fixed crash when saving window attributes
2002-01-11 danupdated german wprefs translation
2002-01-11 danFixed problem with not saving all windows in a session...
2002-01-10 danupdated de.po and fixed a typo
2002-01-07 dana few changes in the selection code
2002-01-05 danFixed some focus related problems when switching worksp...
2002-01-05 dan- Fixed labels not to display '\n' as a character if...
2002-01-04 dan- Fixed text in info panel for multibyte (Seiichi SATO...
2002-01-04 danAdded "Hide Others" to the window menu
2002-01-04 danFixed problem with kcalc not having a miniaturize button
2002-01-02 danmisc selection and textfield fixes
2002-01-02 kojimaadded malay translation
2002-01-01 dan- german po file for WINGs (Guido Scholz <guido.scholz...
2001-12-31 idok
2001-12-31 idfix again, perfect.
2001-12-31 idfix an icon
2001-12-30 dancode cleanup
2001-12-30 danupdated makefile for new icons.
2001-12-30 dan- Really fixed problem with keyboard shortcuts executed...
2001-12-29 idchange an icon
2001-12-29 idadd a jabber icon
2001-12-28 dan- Fixed a bug that crashed wmaker when closing a window...
2001-12-26 kojimaupdated chinese translation
2001-12-26 idSorry, my heart was broken real bad. I am going to...
2001-12-22 dansmall update
2001-12-21 dan- removed kbd shortcuts active during mouse window... release-0.80.0
2001-12-21 danupdated NEWS
2001-12-21 danfew updates
2001-12-21 dana fix for the definable cursor code
2001-12-21 dan- Fixed problem with shared appicon on clients having...
2001-12-20 danfixed bug with improper setting of root/titlebar cursor...
2001-12-20 dan- Saving a domain file will first strip all entries...
2001-12-20 kojimakbd shortcuts active during mouse window drag
2001-12-20 danupdated slovak locale files
2001-12-18 dan- Fixed problem with unhiding taht mapped windows from...
2001-12-18 dan- Fixed xmms problem with shared appicons
2001-12-17 danupdated estonian translation
2001-12-17 dansmall update
2001-12-17 dan- Made dock/clip steal appicons of applications that...
2001-12-17 dan- improved behaviour for the shared appicon thing.
2001-12-17 dan- removed the collapse appicons thing
2001-12-04 kojimaadded || pipe menu for non-cached generated menus
2001-11-30 danupdated po file list in configure.ac
2001-11-30 kojimaadded estonian translation
2001-11-25 danfixed a bug introduced by the previous commit
2001-11-24 dan- Mapping a new window that belongs to a running applic...
2001-11-23 dan- made the definable cursors feature available by defau...
2001-11-20 dan- Deminiaturizing a window that is also shaded, will...
2001-11-17 dan- added strcasecmp() to WINGs (only on systems that...
2001-11-16 dan- SIGTERM is now handled and saves the internal state...
2001-11-15 dan- Changelog update about latest fixes.
2001-11-14 kojimafixed crash bug with empty menus