2013-02-10 Andreas BierfertAdd OPEN_PLMENU option to parse command generated propl...
2013-02-10 Andreas BierfertWINGS: New function WMReadPropListFromPipe
2013-02-08 BALATON ZoltanWPrefs: Fix single click activation button in Icon...
2013-01-31 Carlos R. Mafrawmgenmenu: Add XBMC entry
2013-01-26 Rodolfo García... Sanitize 'Ignore client supplied icon' logic
2013-01-26 Wade Berrierautoconf: add remaining parameter for AC_SEARCH_LIBS
2013-01-22 Rodolfo García... Simplify the application appicon creation
2013-01-22 Rodolfo García... New function set_icon_image_from_database
2013-01-22 Rodolfo García... Update docked icon after kill dockapp
2013-01-22 Carlos R. MafraWindow placement: Enforce center position
2013-01-12 Rodolfo García... WINGs: New function W_setconf_doubleClickDelay
2013-01-12 Rodolfo García... Don't access to private WINGs info
2013-01-12 Rodolfo García... WINGs: Functions to read the Mouse Wheel conf
2013-01-12 Rodolfo García... New shutdown.h file
2013-01-12 Rodolfo García... Removed XRANDR externs
2013-01-08 SJSREADME capitalization fix
2013-01-07 Andreas BierfertInclude LGPL with correct FSF address
2013-01-07 Andreas BierfertFix incorrect FSF address
2013-01-06 Carlos R. MafraSet mod+wheel to OFF by default
2013-01-05 Kamil RytarowskiFix underlinking
2013-01-03 Carlos R. MafraWindow Maker 0.95.4wmaker-0.95.4
2013-01-03 Kamil RytarowskiFix build with automake-1.13 and modernize .am files.
2013-01-03 Rodolfo García... Debian changes for final 0.95.4
2012-12-22 Carlos R. MafraWINGs: Enable cursor blinking in text fields
2012-12-18 Carlos R. MafraRevert "Maximized windows appear misplaced"
2012-12-18 Carlos R. MafraRevert "Prevent windows from drifting on restart."
2012-12-18 Carlos R. MafraRevert "Fixed regression when placing windows."
2012-12-18 Carlos R. MafraRevert "Prevent border drifting."
2012-11-29 Rodolfo García... Avoid icon change to default on winspector save
2012-11-29 Rodolfo García... winspector: Save iconpath if icon will be used
2012-11-29 Rodolfo García... winspector: Don't use text input if NULL
2012-11-29 Rodolfo García... winspector.c: Full clean patch
2012-11-27 Rodolfo García... Avoid crash on icon move without command
2012-11-27 Martin FrydlAdded option to ignore minimized windows during cycling.
2012-11-24 Amadeusz SławińskiFix Maximize/Unmaximize in window menu
2012-11-19 John H. Robinson, IVMakefile: Add forgotten .h files
2012-11-18 Rodolfo García... stacking.h removed white lines
2012-11-18 Rodolfo García... window.c clean code 1
2012-11-18 Rodolfo García... create_stdcmap is never used
2012-11-18 Christophe... Moved parameters of WPrefs's expert check-buttons to...
2012-11-17 Rodolfo García... applySettings icon set updated
2012-11-17 Rodolfo García... get_rimage_icon_from_wm_hints returns image
2012-11-17 Rodolfo García... wIconChangeImageFile set the file image
2012-11-17 Rodolfo García... wIconUpdate wwin checks
2012-11-17 Rodolfo García... update_icon_pixmap don't paint dock icon
2012-11-17 Rodolfo García... wIconUpdate image preselected
2012-11-17 BALATON ZoltanWPrefs: Fixed handling of options which default to...
2012-11-17 BALATON ZoltanMade highlighting the AppIcon of the active app configu...
2012-11-17 Iain PattersonPrevent border drifting.
2012-11-17 Iain PattersonFixed regression when placing windows.
2012-11-16 Iain PattersonPrevent windows from drifting on restart.
2012-11-16 Christophe... Added option to 'configure' to control debug informatio...
2012-11-15 BALATON ZoltanWPrefs: More moving around of options and tweaks to...
2012-11-15 Christophe... Fixed wrong count to release temporary memory
2012-11-15 Christophe... Changed handling of quoted strings in the menu parser...
2012-11-14 Rodolfo García... wIconUpdate removed scr variable
2012-11-14 Rodolfo García... get_default_image resize image
2012-11-14 Rodolfo García... wIconValidateIconSize checks the width and height
2012-11-14 Rodolfo García... get_wwindow_image_from_wmhints scale image
2012-11-14 Rodolfo García... Remove dup set icon file to NULL
2012-11-14 Christophe... Added reset of pointer after memory free to avoid doubl...
2012-11-14 Carlos R. Mafraappicon: Avoid double 'Hide' entry
2012-11-14 BALATON ZoltanWPrefs: Move around some options between pages
2012-11-13 BALATON ZoltanWPrefs: Update translations
2012-11-12 Carlos R. MafraWPrefs: Remove pointless 'this is annoying' warning
2012-11-12 Carlos R. MafraRemove last QUIET hack from Makefiles
2012-11-12 BALATON ZoltanFixed out of source dir build
2012-11-11 Rodolfo García... Window comments cleanup
2012-11-11 Rodolfo García... wAppIconPaint argument removed
2012-11-11 Rodolfo García... Update icon images before calling wIconUpdate
2012-11-11 Rodolfo García... force_paint removed
2012-11-11 Rodolfo García... wAppIconPaint paint argument
2012-11-11 Rodolfo García... wDockAttachIcon paint argument
2012-11-10 Rodolfo García... get_default_image_path unused argument
2012-11-10 Rodolfo García... wDefaultGetImage renamed to get_icon_image
2012-11-10 Rodolfo García... get_default_icon_filename rewritten
2012-11-10 Rodolfo García... wDockAttachIcon icon_editing is common in if else
2012-11-09 Iain PattersonMaximized windows appear misplaced
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... appearanceObserver doesn't create icon again
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... wIconSetHighlited: Do not create the icon again
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... New function update_icon_pixmap
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... wIconUpdate create rimage and then pixmap
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... Split get_pixmap_icon_from_icon_win()
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... Solved bug if icon doesn't exists
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... get_pixmap_icon_from_icon_win rewritten
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... Make get_wwindow_image_from_x11() take Window as argument
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... New functions get_*_icon_from_x11
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... Split get_pixmap_icon_from_wm_hints() into two
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... Split get_pixmap_icon_from_user_icon() into two
2012-11-04 Rodolfo García... Split get_pixmap_icon_from_default_icon() into two
2012-11-03 Rodolfo García... New helper function unset_icon_image()
2012-10-31 Rodolfo García... get_pixmap_icon_from_wm_hints rewritten
2012-10-31 Rodolfo García... get_pixmap_icon_from_wm_hints uses getSize
2012-10-31 Rodolfo García... getSize returns XGetGeometry exit
2012-10-31 Rodolfo García... CachedPixmaps added as pixmap folder
2012-10-31 Rodolfo García... wIconChangeImageFile change image only if found
2012-10-31 Rodolfo García... wIconChangeImageFile removed dup code
2012-10-31 Rodolfo García... wIconChangeImageFile don't update without file
2012-10-31 Rodolfo García... Removed dup code at get_default_image
2012-10-30 Iain PattersonAllow struts from all windows.