2009-10-11 Johann HaarhoffMod+Wheel Window Resize
2009-10-11 Carlos R. MafraHOWTO: The perfect Window Maker patch
2009-10-10 Carlos R. MafraIncrease granularity of 'shrink/zoom' animation
2009-10-10 Carlos R. MafraRemove MINIATURIZE_ANIMATION_DELAY_{Z,F,T} tests
2009-10-10 Carlos R. MafraAdd function prototypes in action.h and include it...
2009-10-10 Carlos R. MafraRemove 'hiding' parameter from animateResize()
2009-10-10 Carlos R. MafraDelete WINDOW_BIRTH_ZOOM and default to WINDOW_BIRTH_ZOOM2
2009-10-09 Carlos R. MafraRemove 'ghost window move' code
2009-10-09 Carlos R. MafraRemove SPEAKER_SOUND dead code
2009-10-09 Carlos R. MafraRemove sound support
2009-09-24 Carlos R. MafraClean up contrib/ folder
2009-09-24 John H. Robinson, IVUpdated documentation
2009-09-24 Iain PattersonFix msgfmt error with Armenian translation.
2009-09-24 Norayr ChilignaryanWindow Maker armenian translation
2009-09-24 Carlos R. MafraAnsify function declarations
2009-09-24 Martin DietzeFix automatic Debian builds
2009-09-19 Carlos R. Mafraswpanel: Fix focus issue when alt-tabbing
2009-09-19 Carlos R. MafraMaximus: Some cleanups and bug fixes
2009-09-19 Carlos R. MafraMaximus: Avoid a window list order issue
2009-09-19 Carlos R. MafraFix --disable-verbose-compile
2009-09-19 Alexey VoinovWINGs shared library generation
2009-09-16 Carlos R. MafraMaximus: Consider the full_maximize window attribute
2009-09-16 Carlos R. MafraSimplify wMaximizeWindow() a little bit
2009-09-16 Carlos R. MafraIncrease the readability of SlideWindow()
2009-09-15 Alexey I. FroloffFix race condition during workspace changes
2009-09-15 Carlos R. MafraYet another trivial coding style cleanup
2009-09-15 Carlos R. MafraFix the call to XChangeProperty() in 64-bit mode
2009-09-14 Carlos R. MafraTrivial coding style fix
2009-09-14 Iain PattersonMac OS X-style window cycling.
2009-09-14 Iain PattersonSupport Xinerama in wmsetbg.
2009-09-14 Iain PattersonPad workspace name display.
2009-09-14 Iain PattersonConstrain switching workspace name to one head.
2009-09-14 Carlos R. MafraAdd Maximus key back in WPrefs.app
2009-09-14 Carlos R. MafraFix the use of uinptr_t
2009-09-14 Alexey Voinovx86_64 mmx fixes
2009-09-13 Nicolas BonifasUn-maximize window inside current head
2009-09-13 Nicolas BonifasMaximus: Use unsigned int for width/height variables
2009-09-13 Nicolas BonifasRemove commented code in xinerama.c
2009-09-13 Tamas TEVESZRemove bundled wrlib stuff
2009-09-13 Nicolas BonifasMaximizing a resized window
2009-09-13 Carlos R. MafraMake left/right maximization work again
2009-09-13 Carlos R. MafraAnsify function declaration
2009-09-13 Carlos R. MafraDelete stale .cvsignore files
2009-09-11 BERTRAND JoelFix miniwindows auto-arranging bug
2009-09-09 Andreas TscharnerFix compilation failure
2009-09-06 Alexey VoinovFix session saving for apps with shared appicons
2009-09-04 Carlos R. MafraReduce the number of simultaneous inotify events
2009-09-03 Alexey VoinovChristmas does not last forever
2009-09-03 Carlos R. Mafrawmrlib: Avoid code duplication
2009-09-03 Alexey I. FroloffRemove alloca(3)
2009-09-03 Alexey I. FroloffAtomic save for session
2009-09-03 Alexey VoinovAdd history to some dialog boxes
2009-09-03 Sebastien BauerAdd option to allow starting DockApps with a single...
2009-09-02 Carlos R. MafraClean up maximization and un-maximization logic
2009-09-02 Carlos R. MafraMaximus: Tiled Maximization
2009-09-01 Daniel DéchelotteFix for omnipresent AppIcon bug at startup
2009-09-01 Tamas TEVESZClean up #ifdef mess
2009-09-01 Daniel DéchelotteGobble "spurious" EnterNotify events when moving an...
2009-09-01 klaasvakieFix half_scr_width calculation
2009-08-30 Carlos R. MafraUse half_scr_width instead of computing it each time
2009-08-29 Carlos R. MafraIncrease the readability of wUnshadeWindow() and wShade...
2009-08-29 Carlos R. MafraTrivial coding style changes
2009-08-29 Tamas TEVESZk&r->ansi some stuff
2009-08-29 Johann HaarhoffLeft Half / Right Half Maximize
2009-08-28 Carlos R. MafraDefine TITLEBAR_HEIGHT in default configuration file
2009-08-28 Carlos R. MafraMake wmaker 0.11% smaller by avoiding code duplication
2009-08-28 Martin DietzeNightly Build script can now deal with testing and...
2009-08-27 Gilbert AshleyShow app name in Kill Application dialog
2009-08-27 Vladimir NadvornikMiscellaneous fixes from OpenSuse
2009-08-26 Carlos R. MafraAdd config option to supress focus requests across...
2009-08-26 Martin DietzeAdapted nightly build script to coexist with new 'next...
2009-08-24 Martin DietzeFix NULL pointer dereference
2009-08-24 Martin DietzeDo not switch workspace to follow new windows in others
2009-08-24 Martin DietzeAdd debianisation code and automatic build script
2009-08-24 Martin DietzeAdd two menu files from the Debian package
2009-08-24 Martin DietzeAdd GLOBAL_DEFAULTS_SUBDIR and fix a syntax error in...
2009-08-24 Martin DietzeUp the version number for the GIT version to 0.93.0-prewmaker-0.93.0-crm
2009-08-23 Tamas TEVESZFix format strings
2009-08-23 Alexey Voinovswpanel: Consider also the release of FOCUSPREV
2009-08-23 Carlos R. MafraRemove LITE config option
2009-08-23 Carlos R. MafraAdd spaces to gcc 'case' range extension
2009-08-23 Carlos R. MafraFix function prototype declaration
2009-08-22 Pedro MartellettoWPrefs: Fix crash due to wtokenfree() memory leak fix
2009-08-22 Tobias StoeckmannWINGs: Fix memory leak in wtokenfree()
2009-08-22 Nicolas Bonifasswpanel: Start with the first window when all are minimized
2009-08-22 Carlos R. Mafraswpanel: Fix stacking issue with swpanel escape handling
2009-08-22 Carlos R. Mafraswpanel: Factor out if (swpanel) test
2009-08-22 Carlos R. Mafraswpanel: Clean up "case ButtonRelease"
2009-08-22 Carlos R. Mafraswpanel: Clean up StartWindozeCycle() a bit more
2009-08-21 Tobias StoeckmannFix multiple errors in findfile.c
2009-08-21 Daniel chelotteRemove useless tests
2009-08-21 Carlos R. MafraFix use of uninitialized variable
2009-08-21 Vladimir NadvornikLess strict font requirements
2009-08-20 Vladimir NadvornikFix findBestIcon()
2009-08-20 Daniel DéchelotteFix "smart" placement bug when there are shaded windows...
2009-08-20 DanielchelotteFix focus issues with the switch panel and auto-focus
2009-08-20 Carlos R. MafraEscape key handling in switchpanel
2009-08-20 Carlos R. MafraUse helper function in StartWindozeCycle()
2009-08-20 Carlos R. MafraClean up coding style in StartWindozeCycle()
2009-08-20 Carlos R. MafraClean up StartWindozeCycle()