2010-09-15 Brad JorschImprove dockapp recognition
2010-09-12 Carlos R. MafraWPrefs: Add ShowClipTitle config option
2010-09-12 Alexey I. FroloffOption to disable clip title
2010-09-11 Carlos R. Mafrawconfig: Define BOUNCE_APP and NEWAPPICON
2010-09-11 Alexey I. FroloffHighlite current window's appicon
2010-09-11 Alexey I. FroloffBouncing appicon effect
2010-09-11 Alexey I. FroloffNew titlebar button style
2010-09-11 Alexey I. FroloffOpen window menu on right-click in window list menu
2010-09-11 Carlos R. MafraWPrefs: Add MinimizeAllKey shortcut configuration
2010-09-11 Alexey I. FroloffAdd key binding to minimize all windows
2010-09-11 Alexey I. FroloffMenu translation support
2010-09-11 Alexey I. FroloffLuxi Sans doesn't have cyrillic
2010-09-11 Alexey I. FroloffRaise shaded window frame when unhiding
2010-09-05 Andreas MetzlerMove debugging symbols to new wmaker-dbg package
2010-08-29 Andreas MetzlerAdd version script versioning for libwraster
2010-08-29 Andreas MetzlerImport ld-version-script.m4 from gnulib
2010-08-29 Andreas MetzlerSet library version in configure.ac
2010-08-29 Andreas MetzlerPass tarname argument to AC_INIT
2010-08-29 Andreas MetzlerBuild Debian packages with RandR support
2010-08-29 Carlos R. MafraWINGs: Remove private snprintf() implementation
2010-08-29 Carlos R. Mafraconfigure: Remove --disable-verbose-compile hack
2010-08-29 Carlos R. Mafraconfigure: Remove gcc warning about signed x unsigned
2010-08-29 Carlos R. Mafraconfigure: Replace obsolete macros
2010-08-29 Carlos R. Mafraconfigure: Use AS_HELP_STRING macro to print messages
2010-08-29 Carlos R. MafraAvoid more gcc warnings
2010-08-29 Carlos R. MafraAdd /usr/local/share/WindowMaker dir to wmgenmenu
2010-08-29 Andreas MetzlerFix build failure on missing randr
2010-08-22 Carlos R. MafraMake wmaker XRandR aware
2010-08-21 Andreas MetzlerCorrect .TH header
2010-08-21 NIR GinkoAdd Russian manpages
2010-08-19 Martin DietzeMade Debian autobuild work again
2010-08-18 Andreas MetzlerSelectWindowsMouseButton -> MouseLeftButtonAction
2010-08-18 Andreas MetzlerAdd some bug closers
2010-08-18 Andreas MetzlerUse automake instead of automake1.4.
2010-08-17 Andreas Metzlerupdate debian/changelog.
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerTypo fixes
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerEscape minus sign ("-") in manpages.
2010-08-17 Andreas Metzlerinvoke dh_installdeb after dh_makeshlibs
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerShip libWUtils and libWINGs in dedicated packages
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerDrop dead code from debian rules
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerRemove unneeded directory creation
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerGenerate symlink with dh_link instead of ln -s
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerInvoke dh_link only once.
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerInvoke dh_installman only once.
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerUse dh_lintian.
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerDrop code for generating debian/conffiles
2010-08-17 Andreas Metzlerstop removing debian/files manually
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerUse static debian/libwraster*.files.
2010-08-17 Andreas MetzlerUse static debian/libwings-dev.files.
2010-08-17 Andreas Metzlerremove dead outdated code from debian/rules
2010-08-17 Andreas Metzlerdo not run complete debian build under fakeroot
2010-08-17 Andreas Metzlerpatch management with dpkg-source v3
2010-08-17 Andreas Metzlerremove cruft from debian/rules
2010-08-07 Andreas MetzlerRemove ./libtool on clean
2010-08-07 Andreas MetzlerUse ${binary:Version} instead of ${Source-Version}
2010-08-07 Andreas MetzlerUse dh_prep instead of "dh_clean -k"
2010-08-07 Andreas MetzlerInvoke ./configure with correct --build argument.
2010-08-07 Andreas MetzlerMove homepage from description text to homepage field.
2010-08-07 Andreas MetzlerAdd ${misc:Depends} to all package dependencies.
2010-08-07 Andreas MetzlerAdd libxmu-dev to build-depends.
2010-08-07 Andreas Metzlerline wrap build-depends for enhanced readability.
2010-08-01 Andreas MetzlerFix duplicate entry in manpage.
2010-08-01 Andreas Metzlerfloppy mountpoint is /media/floppy
2010-08-01 Andreas Metzlerlink libWINGs against libm if necessary
2010-08-01 Andreas Metzlerlink libWINGs against libfontconfig
2010-08-01 Andreas Metzlerlink libWINGs against libXft
2010-08-01 Andreas Metzlerlink libWINGs against libwraster
2010-08-01 Andreas Metzlerlink libWINGs against libWUtil
2010-05-11 Tamas TEVESZwrlib: Use snprintf() instead of sprintf()
2010-04-26 Brad JorschFix wheel resizing with resize increments
2010-04-26 Brad JorschDon't grab Ctrl+Wheel if ResizeIncrement is 0
2010-04-26 Brad JorschFix mouse button grab swallowing
2010-04-16 Carlos R. MafraRemove NEWSTUFF #ifdef's
2010-04-14 Carlos R. MafraAdd include guards
2010-04-14 Carlos R. MafraRemove unneeded extern's in .c files
2010-04-14 Carlos R. MafraAddress some sparse warnings
2010-04-12 Tamas TEVESZAdd missing initializers
2010-04-12 Tamas TEVESZAdd i18n labels to wmgenmenu
2010-04-12 Carlos R. MafraAdd more pretty names for wmgenmenu apps
2010-04-12 Tamas TEVESZAdd nice labels to wmgenmenu
2010-04-12 Brad JorschFix loading saved states on 64-bit systems
2010-04-12 Carlos R. MafraFix 'make install' from silent compilation
2010-04-12 Brad JorschRemove apparently-unused files
2010-04-12 Brad JorschIgnore build files
2010-04-12 Brad JorschFix "make dist"
2010-04-12 Brad JorschRename INSTALL.pt
2010-04-12 Tamas TEVESZKill contribs
2010-04-12 Tamas TEVESZFix CRLF files
2010-04-12 Tamas TEVESZFix Debian builds
2010-04-12 Brad JorschFix enable-modelock warnings
2010-04-12 Tamas TEVESZPlug leak
2010-04-12 Brad JorschFix uninitialized vars
2010-04-12 Brad JorschXShapeEvent strict aliasing violation
2010-04-12 Tamas TEVESZFix PO files breaking build
2010-04-09 Brad JorschFix internationalized format string warnings
2010-04-09 Brad JorschFix trivial warnings
2010-04-09 Tamas TEVESZFix out-of-tree builds
2010-04-09 Carlos R. MafraRemove install-sh, missing and mkinstalldirs from the...
2010-04-09 Carlos R. MafraRename wmaker INSTALL file
2010-04-08 Carlos R. MafraDo not skip windows in the switchpanel