Change to the linux kernel coding style
[wmaker-crm.git] / src / switchpanel.c
2009-08-19 Carlos R. MafraChange to the linux kernel coding style
2009-08-15 Iain Pattersonxinerama switchpanel corruption fix
2006-01-22 dan- release colors to avoid issues with the reference...
2004-10-30 danfixed another spot where compiling on solaris with...
2004-10-27 kojimaadded option to disable switchpanel
2004-10-26 kojimachanged alt-tab behaviour
2004-10-26 kojimafixed crash bug with alt-tab + run-dialog (or internal...
2004-10-26 kojimaupdated Makefiles files for po dirs
2004-10-25 kojimabug fix
2004-10-25 kojimaadded themable, pixmap background switch panel
2004-10-23 kojimaadded some netwm support in WINGs
2004-10-23 kojimafix flicker
2004-10-23 kojimaenhacnced mouse alt-tabbing
2004-10-22 kojimaadded mouse seelction of window to focus
2004-10-20 kojimafixed bugs, re-enabled circulate raise
2004-10-19 kojimamore bug fixes..
2004-10-19 kojimainclude minimized windows in switch panel
2004-10-18 kojimafixed a crash
2004-10-18 kojimafixed a bug with switch panel
2004-10-17 kojimaonly scale down icons (not up)
2004-10-15 kojimafixed crash in empty workspaces
2004-10-15 kojimafix
2004-10-14 kojimafixed cycling
2004-10-14 kojimaenhanced icon highlighting in window switcher
2004-10-14 kojimafixed bug in window switching
2004-10-14 kojima- MacOS X style window switching panel (navigate throug...