Change to the linux kernel coding style
[wmaker-crm.git] / src / framewin.c
2009-08-19 Carlos R. MafraChange to the linux kernel coding style
2004-10-14 dan- Removed support for legacy systems: OpenLook, KDE...
2004-10-14 kojimafixed cycling
2004-10-13 kojima- Removed legacy OFFIX_DND support code
2004-10-12 danchanged indentation to use spaces only
2004-10-12 dan- Check whether libXft is at least version 2.1.2 else...
2003-01-16 dan- Fixed crashing bug in menu.c
2002-11-04 dan- removed unnecessary include of WINGsP.h in some places
2002-10-28 dan- Fixed an issue with drawing AA fonts in titlebars
2002-10-18 danmade titlebars display titles with double buffering...
2002-10-18 dan- Added WMCreateNonAAFont() to WINGs
2002-10-17 dan- fixes for AA fonts
2002-10-08 dan- API change in WINGs for WMDraw*String().
2002-01-04 dan- Fixed text in info panel for multibyte (Seiichi SATO...
2001-06-06 kojimaadded None option to MoveDisplay and ResizeDisplay
2001-04-21 danFor libwraster:
2001-02-11 kojimanew appicon grouping stuff
2001-01-06 idremove drawstring plugins
2000-12-17 idfix
2000-12-17 idfix problem on solid
2000-12-17 idfix tiny thing
2000-12-11 idchanges related to plugin system & drawstring
2000-12-09 idfix fix
2000-12-09 idfix solid color for framewin with plugin
2000-12-09 idfix solid color when using plugin.
2000-12-06 idpass texture to plugin so it doesn't have to grab from...
2000-12-05 idpass pixmap to the plugin.
2000-12-03 iddrawstring plugin and a small change in vdesk
2000-11-30 idMake draw string plugin more extendable in future.
2000-11-28 idgnome panel patch code and pass full text to the plugin
2000-10-31 dan- Replaced all free() with wfree() where appropriate
2000-03-04 idput back TITLEBAR_EXTEND_SPACE but with default value...
2000-02-24 idremove default for titlebar_extend_space ( I've removed...
2000-01-14 kojimachanged geometry display stuff
2000-01-11 idchange Clearance to ExtendSpace. Also add ExtendSpace...
2000-01-11 idclearance for text on titlebar.
1999-08-23 idcleaning up plugin code.
1999-08-19 idRemoved titlebar drop shadow code and add plugin to...
1999-06-19 idfix a small bug relate to modelock.
1999-05-31 idTitle shadow relate.
1999-05-30 kojimafix compilation probs
1999-05-30 kojimafixed cvs messup
1999-05-30 kojimafixed cosmetic bug in geom. dpy window for 8bpp
1999-05-26 idModelock relate stuffs.
1999-05-23 idautomatic hide language button if window is not focusable.
1999-05-22 idFixes relate to modelock.
1999-05-20 idChanges relate to modelock.
1999-05-01 kojimaupdated menus for SHEXEC
1999-04-29 kojimabug fixes, performance enhancement for image rendering
1999-04-24 kojima- made deiconification not automatically focus window...
1999-04-14 kojimastyle file updates, gradiented clip arrows
1999-04-12 kojimaResizebarBack option
1999-04-03 kojimanew/changelog fix
1999-03-15 kojimaInitial update from my source tree. For 0.52.0
1999-02-17 dan0.51.1 pre snapshot. Be careful, it may be buggy. It...
1999-01-25 danUpdate for 0.51.0
1999-01-06 danCode update for Window Maker version 0.50.0
1998-10-21 danUpdating to version 0.20.2
1998-09-29 scottcInitial revision