Change to the linux kernel coding style
[wmaker-crm.git] / src / dock.c
2009-08-19 Carlos R. MafraChange to the linux kernel coding style
2009-08-15 Tobias StoeckmannCheck for argc==0 when calling wtokensplit()
2004-10-23 dan- Fixed all // comments
2004-10-13 kojima- Removed legacy OFFIX_DND support code
2004-10-12 danchanged indentation to use spaces only
2004-10-12 dan- Check whether libXft is at least version 2.1.2 else...
2003-08-02 dandoc update; don't use clip's inactive collors for arrow...
2003-07-16 danfixes to comply to ANSI C
2003-06-06 dan- Fixed sloppy focus bug
2003-02-28 dan- Fixed Clip's workspace menu mapping to be consistent...
2003-01-16 dan- Fixed crashing bug in menu.c
2002-11-28 kojima- Fixed sloppy focus bug (Pawel S. Veselov <pv76716...
2002-11-04 dan- removed unnecessary include of WINGsP.h in some places
2002-10-18 dan- More cleanups for obsoleted xxx_gc's and xxx_pixel...
2002-10-17 dan- fixes for AA fonts
2002-10-08 dan- API change in WINGs for WMDraw*String().
2002-09-29 dansmall fix in wtest
2002-09-12 dan- Fixed dock's menu mapping position when dock is on...
2002-09-09 dan- new function in WINGs: WMSetConnectionShutdownOnClose()
2002-02-20 dan- removed use only autoconf 2.5x fom now
2002-01-04 dan- Fixed text in info panel for multibyte (Seiichi SATO...
2001-12-18 dan- Fixed problem with unhiding taht mapped windows from...
2001-12-18 dan- Fixed xmms problem with shared appicons
2001-12-17 dan- Made dock/clip steal appicons of applications that...
2001-12-17 dan- improved behaviour for the shared appicon thing.
2001-12-17 dan- removed the collapse appicons thing
2001-10-04 dan- Finished moving to the new proplist handling code...
2001-09-03 kojimafixed crash bug on startup
2001-07-23 kojima- s/sprintf/snprintf
2001-05-19 dan- fixed problem with WINGs based apps exiting with...
2001-05-13 dan- A few additions and enhancements to the Install script.
2001-04-18 dan- Fixed crashing bug when name and class were empty...
2001-04-15 dan- added WMRemoveFromArrayMatching(array, match, cdata...
2001-04-10 dan- made "Keep on Top" in the dock/clip menu a checked...
2001-02-11 kojimanew appicon grouping stuff
2001-01-18 danApplied patch from Largo to update sound related stuff...
2000-11-01 dan- renamed wstrappend() to wstrconcat().
2000-10-31 dan- Replaced all free() with wfree() where appropriate
2000-09-26 dan- Added WMSetWindowUserPosition()
2000-06-21 kojimarenamed ParseCommand() to TokenizeString()
2000-03-30 kojimafixed bug with bag sorting
2000-03-29 kojimafixed memory leaks and crash with deminiaturization
2000-02-24 kojima*** empty log message ***
2000-02-16 kojimaadded icon tile hint
2000-01-14 kojimachanged geometry display stuff
1999-12-03 danFixed a crashing bug
1999-12-01 danFixed a function name.
1999-10-24 kojimaadded new sound events
1999-10-21 dan- Fixed a bug in dock, and a typo.
1999-10-20 kojimaadded nana stuff
1999-10-14 danRemoved some #if 0 ... #endif surrounded code, related...
1999-10-13 danRemoved "Keep Attracted Icons" from Clip's menu.
1999-09-27 dansyncing trees
1999-09-26 danFixed crashing bug related to omnipresent icons in...
1999-09-16 kojimafixed many bugs, removed linked list
1999-07-03 danVarious bug fixes.
1999-06-04 danFixed some problems in 0.60.0
1999-06-02 danChanges for omnipresent icons in clip (menu entries...
1999-06-02 danMoved the omnipresent setting from settings panel to...
1999-06-01 danOmnipresent appicon mark
1999-05-30 kojimafixed cosmetic bug in geom. dpy window for 8bpp
1999-05-25 danSome enhancements to the look of the clip menu entry...
1999-05-17 danFixed a bug related to omnipresent icons in Clip
1999-05-17 danBug fixes related to global icons in Clip.
1999-05-15 danFixed a bug in Clip's omnipresent icons code.
1999-05-14 danAdded ability to set omnipresent icons in Clip.
1999-05-14 kojimabug fixes
1999-05-01 kojimaadded contrib/ directory, updated WPrefs and wmsetbg...
1999-04-30 kojimabug fixes in icon placement, attribute inspector, ballo...
1999-04-28 kojimabug fix in wbutton.c, made mouse pointer go invisible...
1999-04-22 danSome cleanup in the dock.c code.
1999-04-22 danFixed a bug with icon position calculation when redocki...
1999-04-19 danRedraw the Clip arrows to be slightly larger.
1999-04-19 danFixed some problems with WMGetDefaultsFromPath().
1999-04-18 kojimavarious bug fixes
1999-04-18 danSOme fixes, and added WMGetDefaultsFromPath().
1999-04-18 kojimaclip arrow bevel
1999-04-16 kojimadunno
1999-04-16 danAdded the crash dialog panel
1999-04-14 kojimastyle file updates, gradiented clip arrows
1999-04-10 kojima*** empty log message ***
1999-03-21 danSome stuff I forgot to clean after modifing the Clip...
1999-03-21 danFixed Clip regarding auto raise/lower and autocollapse...
1999-03-20 danFixed Clip's autoraise/lower behavior regarding attched...
1999-03-09 danUpdate for 0.51.2-pre2
1999-02-17 dan0.51.1 pre snapshot. Be careful, it may be buggy. It...
1999-01-25 danUpdate for 0.51.0
1999-01-11 danUpdate to Window Maker 0.50.2
1999-01-06 danCode update for Window Maker version 0.50.0
1998-11-23 danThis update includes the 0.20.3pre3 code
1998-11-03 danBug fixes for 0.20.3 pre-release 2
1998-10-21 danUpdating to version 0.20.2
1998-09-29 scottcInitial revision