Change to the linux kernel coding style
[wmaker-crm.git] / src / client.c
2009-08-19 Carlos R. MafraChange to the linux kernel coding style
2005-03-13 danfixed issue with window being moved by 1 pixel up and...
2004-10-16 kojima- Added support for NET_WM_NAME/NET_WM_ICON_NAME
2004-10-14 dan- Removed support for legacy systems: OpenLook, KDE...
2004-10-12 danchanged indentation to use spaces only
2004-10-12 dan- Check whether libXft is at least version 2.1.2 else...
2003-07-16 danfixes to comply to ANSI C
2003-01-16 dan- Fixed crashing bug in menu.c
2002-11-28 kojima- Fixed sloppy focus bug (Pawel S. Veselov <pv76716...
2002-01-04 dan- Fixed text in info panel for multibyte (Seiichi SATO...
2001-12-21 dan- Fixed problem with shared appicon on clients having...
2001-12-17 dansmall update
2001-12-17 dan- improved behaviour for the shared appicon thing.
2001-12-17 dan- removed the collapse appicons thing
2001-02-11 kojimanew appicon grouping stuff
2000-09-25 danUse wfree instead of free.
2000-09-25 kojimafixed bug fix for WM_COMMAND
2000-09-25 danFixed a pointer deallocation problem
2000-03-10 kojimaer.. dunno
2000-03-10 kojimamade restore from winspector.c automatically apply
2000-03-07 richardFix bug in coordinates reported after a window configure
2000-01-14 kojimachanged geometry display stuff
1999-09-22 kojimafixed font bug in WINGs
1999-09-18 danmisc bug fixes.
1999-09-17 dan- Fixed the PPosition/PSize code (I hope) --Dan
1999-09-17 danChanged "Keep Inside Screen" user option with "Ignore...
1999-09-17 danChanged PPosition fix a little.
1999-09-16 dan- Fixed some compilation problems, which could lead...
1999-05-19 kojimafixed brothr menu texture update bug
1999-04-24 kojima- made deiconification not automatically focus window...
1999-04-11 kojimaMenuStyle option
1999-03-20 kojimakde 1.1 update
1999-03-18 kojimaFix some bugs, DisableMiniwindows, _KWM_WIN_ICON_GEOMETRY..
1999-03-17 kojimaer.. WPrefs Appearance section update
1999-03-16 kojimaWPrefs appearance stuff update (shows preview)
1999-03-09 danUpdate for 0.51.2-pre2
1999-02-17 dan0.51.1 pre snapshot. Be careful, it may be buggy. It...
1999-01-25 danUpdate for 0.51.0
1999-01-11 danUpdate to Window Maker 0.50.2
1999-01-06 danCode update for Window Maker version 0.50.0
1998-11-27 danWindow Maker 0.20.3
1998-11-03 danBug fixes for 0.20.3 pre-release 2
1998-10-21 danUpdating to version 0.20.2
1998-09-29 scottcInitial revision