Change to the linux kernel coding style
[wmaker-crm.git] / / FontSimple.c
2009-08-19 Carlos R. MafraChange to the linux kernel coding style
2006-04-25 danApplied patches from Stanislav Maslovski <stanislav...
2005-08-22 daneliminated gcc-4 compilation warnings
2004-10-26 dansmall fix for older fontconfig
2004-10-23 danworkaround for older fontconfig versions that do not...
2004-10-23 dan- Fixed all // comments
2004-10-23 dan- Sort font styles in this order: Normal, Normal Italic...
2004-10-22 dan- Changed fallback font to 'sans serif:pixelsize=12'
2004-10-20 danfixed font panel in wprefs to have the same height...
2004-10-20 kojimafixed bugs, re-enabled circulate raise
2004-10-19 danFixed the layout (WMLists to have the same height for...
2004-10-19 kojimachange layout
2004-10-18 kojimachanged default fonts
2004-10-16 kojima- Added support for NET_WM_NAME/NET_WM_ICON_NAME
2004-10-14 dan- removed some obsoleted function definitions
2004-10-14 kojimafixed layout
2004-10-14 kojimafixed bug
2004-10-13 kojimaadded Font Configuration