Change to the linux kernel coding style
[wmaker-crm.git] / WINGs / wtabview.c
2009-08-19 Carlos R. MafraChange to the linux kernel coding style
2004-10-12 danchanged indentation to use spaces only
2002-10-08 dan- API change in WINGs for WMDraw*String().
2002-09-29 dansmall fix in wtest
2002-03-28 danfixed some Bool flags passed to WINgs functions to...
2002-03-14 danadded ability to enable/disable individual WMTabViewItems
2001-10-04 dan- Finished moving to the new proplist handling code...
2001-04-19 dan- put back wmksize(), wmkrange() and wmkpoint() as...
2001-01-10 kojimafixed various bugs
2001-01-02 kojimavarious table widget updates
2000-11-13 kojimafixed tab view clicking
2000-11-11 kojimafixed bugs of resized widgets
2000-11-09 dan- fixed uncompilable tree.
2000-11-09 kojimaadded WMAddTabViewItemWithVie()
2000-07-10 kojima- added WMGetLabelText()
2000-04-03 kojimadrag and drop!
2000-03-29 kojimabag tree finished.. updated code to new bags
2000-03-04 kojima*** empty log message ***
1999-12-01 danFixed wrealloc() to be consistent with the wmalloc...
1999-10-09 kojimareplaced free() with wfree() everywhere
1999-05-29 kojimamany bug fixes, finished some delegate code, updated...
1999-05-17 danbug fixes.
1999-05-17 kojimaadded colorwell updating through colorpanel
1999-05-16 danAdded WMSetTabViewFont().
1999-05-16 kojimaadded notification in colorpanel
1999-05-15 kojimafixed crash bug
1999-05-15 kojimafixed crash bug
1999-05-15 kojimastarted Appearance update in WPrefs