Change to the linux kernel coding style
[wmaker-crm.git] / WINGs / wfilepanel.c
2009-08-19 Carlos R. MafraChange to the linux kernel coding style
2008-11-06 Carlos R. Mafrawmaker: Fix compiler warnings about pointer <--> intege...
2004-10-12 danchanged indentation to use spaces only
2003-04-02 dan- Fixed small memory leak in the WINGs' font panel...
2002-03-28 danfixed some Bool flags passed to WINgs functions to...
2001-07-23 kojima- s/sprintf/snprintf
2001-04-24 danRenamed WMGetApplicationIconBlendedPixmap() to
2001-04-21 danFor libwraster:
2001-04-19 dan- put back wmksize(), wmkrange() and wmkpoint() as...
2001-01-10 dan- updated code to use the new runmodal loop where neces...
2000-10-02 dan- Fixed some issues with WMBrowser and the file panel...
2000-09-23 dan- Fixed WMArray.
2000-05-10 danMade the floppy path in the file panel be configurable...
2000-03-29 kojimabag tree finished.. updated code to new bags
1999-10-27 kojimamultiview and vertical splitview
1999-10-23 dan- Fixed name completion problem in file panel.
1999-10-22 danSyncing the code for discussing it.
1999-10-09 kojimareplaced free() with wfree() everywhere
1999-10-03 kojimareplaced linked list with WMBag in WMList
1999-09-17 dan- Fixed the PPosition/PSize code (I hope) --Dan
1999-09-17 dan- Fixed function naming problem in WINGs.
1999-09-16 kojimareplaced linked lists with WMBag, added progress indicator
1999-06-09 idButtons in filepanel.
1999-06-06 idButtons!
1999-06-04 danFixed some problems in 0.60.0
1999-06-03 idAdd floppy button.
1999-06-03 idLogan points this out to me.
1999-06-03 idDelete button in file panel.
1999-05-16 danSome cleanup after the notification removal in textfields.
1999-05-15 kojimastarted Appearance update in WPrefs
1999-03-16 kojimaWPrefs appearance stuff update (shows preview)
1999-03-10 danSome fixes over 0.51.2-pre2, in WINGs, wwindow.c, and FAQ
1999-03-09 danUpdate for 0.51.2-pre2
1999-02-23 dansyncing with latst changes, because cvs will be moved
1999-02-17 dan0.51.1 pre snapshot. Be careful, it may be buggy. It...
1999-01-29 danLatest fixes for released 0.51.0
1999-01-25 danUpdate for 0.51.0
1999-01-06 danCode update for Window Maker version 0.50.0
1998-10-21 danUpdating to version 0.20.2
1998-09-29 scottcInitial revision