wmgenmenu: Add French and Spanish translations
[wmaker-crm.git] / configure.ac
2011-02-13 Camille d'Alméraswmgenmenu: Add French and Spanish translations
2010-10-18 Brad JorschFix pkgdatadir
2010-10-07 Brad JorschFix path substitutions
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZAdd LCOV support to generate coverage information
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Modernize wusleep()
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Dead code removal
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZMore precise information on unknown systems
2010-10-07 Brad JorschClean up library linking
2010-10-07 Brad JorschUse -lbsd for strlcat/strlcpy, if needed and available
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Less ad-hoc approach for __wmessage()
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Add detection and local copy for strlcat()/strlcpy()
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZWINGs: Small assorted formatting changes
2010-10-07 Carlos R. MafraRemove assembly/optimized code
2010-10-07 Carlos R. Mafraconfigure: Do not warn about unused parameters
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZReduce noise in WUtil
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZKill wstrerror
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZRepair TEST_WITH_GC
2010-10-07 Brad JorschFix --with-gnustepdir
2010-10-07 Tamas TEVESZRemove local strcasecmp implementation
2010-10-07 Carlos R. Mafraconfigure: Disable XRandR by default
2010-09-11 Alexey I. FroloffMenu translation support
2010-08-29 Andreas MetzlerAdd version script versioning for libwraster
2010-08-29 Andreas MetzlerSet library version in configure.ac
2010-08-29 Andreas MetzlerPass tarname argument to AC_INIT
2010-08-29 Carlos R. MafraWINGs: Remove private snprintf() implementation
2010-08-29 Carlos R. Mafraconfigure: Remove --disable-verbose-compile hack
2010-08-29 Carlos R. Mafraconfigure: Remove gcc warning about signed x unsigned
2010-08-29 Carlos R. Mafraconfigure: Replace obsolete macros
2010-08-29 Carlos R. Mafraconfigure: Use AS_HELP_STRING macro to print messages
2010-08-22 Carlos R. MafraMake wmaker XRandR aware
2010-08-21 NIR GinkoAdd Russian manpages
2010-08-01 Andreas Metzlerlink libWINGs against libm if necessary
2010-08-01 Andreas Metzlerlink libWINGs against libfontconfig
2010-04-12 Brad JorschFix "make dist"
2010-04-12 Tamas TEVESZKill contribs
2010-04-09 Tamas TEVESZFix out-of-tree builds
2010-04-01 Tamas TEVESZAutoconf mods
2010-03-27 Tamas TEVESZSwitch file ops to stdio
2010-03-26 Tamas TEVESZAdd Cygwin to GCFB() (it is just like linux)
2010-03-26 Tamas TEVESZRemove old unused Red Hat-specific configure checks
2010-03-26 Tamas TEVESZRemove looking for libxpg4 on FreeBSD
2010-03-26 Tamas TEVESZRemove network support from WINGs
2010-03-26 Tamas TEVESZHalf-assed fix to make autoconf bend
2010-03-26 Tamas TEVESZRemove wmlib
2010-03-26 Tamas TEVESZRemove some dead weight from configure.ac and debian...
2010-03-26 Tamas TEVESZRemove texture plugins
2010-03-23 Tamas TEVESZMake inotify optional
2010-03-20 Tamas TEVESZRemove long-dead plugins.
2010-02-21 Carlos R. Mafrawmgenmenu: A Window Maker menu generator
2010-01-09 Carlos R. MafraRemove VIRTUAL_DESKTOP code
2010-01-09 Carlos R. Mafrawmaker-0.94.0-crmwmaker-0.94.0-crm
2009-09-24 Norayr ChilignaryanWindow Maker armenian translation
2009-09-19 Alexey VoinovWINGs shared library generation
2009-09-14 Alexey Voinovx86_64 mmx fixes
2009-09-13 Tamas TEVESZRemove bundled wrlib stuff
2009-09-03 Alexey I. FroloffRemove alloca(3)
2009-08-24 Martin DietzeUp the version number for the GIT version to 0.93.0-prewmaker-0.93.0-crm
2009-08-23 Carlos R. MafraRemove LITE config option
2009-08-17 Carlos R. MafraMake compilation even less verbose
2008-11-09 Carlos R. MafraCompilation: Add a few spaces in the output
2008-11-05 Carlos R. MafraMakefile: Beautify compilation messages
2005-08-22 dan- fixed gcc-4 compilation issues (Vladimir Nadvornik...
2005-07-05 dantry to work around some user's IQ level
2005-01-06 danfix to allow parallel builds on SMP systems using make -j
2004-11-14 danfixed issue with path assignment
2004-11-06 danfixed bug with infinite loop in some circumstances...
2004-11-01 kojimaRemoved --with-appsdir option and replaced it with...
2004-10-31 danDetect if gcc is able to compile x86 asm and if it...
2004-10-31 danfixed some compilation issues with gcc-2.9x
2004-10-27 kojimaadded option to disable switchpanel
2004-10-26 kojima0.91.0, disable unfinished vdesk
2004-10-26 kojima0.90.1
2004-10-23 danCleaned up some documentation
2004-10-20 kojimafixed bugs, re-enabled circulate raise
2004-10-14 dan- Removed support for legacy systems: OpenLook, KDE...
2004-10-13 kojima- Removed legacy OFFIX_DND support code
2004-10-12 kojimamoved -fno-strict-aliasing flag to configure, so it...
2004-10-12 dan- Check whether libXft is at least version 2.1.2 else...
2004-07-16 danreverted the last test commit (duh)
2004-07-16 dananother test for cvs notifications
2004-04-07 dan- Added xdnd v3 support in WINGs (Sylvain Reynal <sreyn...
2003-08-14 danwide char support
2003-08-07 dansmall fix
2003-08-07 danStarted to move towards using xft2 only, for a unified...
2003-06-10 dansupport for compiling with xft2
2003-06-04 kojimasolaris xinerama fixes, wmsetbg updated for xinerama
2003-06-04 kojimasmall fix in description
2003-06-04 kojimaxinerama stuff for solaris
2003-04-18 danadded support fo generating pkgconfig files for WINGs...
2003-04-06 danAdded bulgarian translations
2003-02-24 danReverted German translations
2003-02-23 kojimaupdated german translation
2002-12-20 dan- Fixed focus handling for windows that set WM_HINTS...
2002-12-02 dansmall update to display if xinerama is supported in...
2002-12-02 dan- Fixed Window Maker to compile with xinerama disabled.
2002-11-29 danfixed a memleak in the font panel in WINGs
2002-11-28 kojima- Fixed sloppy focus bug (Pawel S. Veselov <pv76716...
2002-10-25 dan- Eliminated the double no-position-display gap when...
2002-10-09 danAdded Xft support in WINGs (for drawing antialiased...
2002-10-08 dan- API change in WINGs for WMDraw*String().