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This is the official Window Maker source code git repository. It is based on the last known cvs
tree from April 2006 (kindly provided by Alfredo Kojima) and contains all its history.
More importantly, it contains many bug fixes, code cleanups and a few new features.

If you find that Window Maker does not behave as expected, please report it to the
development mailing list at
And if you have patches, even better.

2015-08-02 Carlos R. MafraWindow Maker 0.95.7masterwmaker-0.95.7
2015-07-27 Amadeusz SławińskiAllow using numpad Enter key in dialogs for confirmation
2015-07-27 Amadeusz SławińskiAllow using keypad Enter to commit move/resize
2015-07-25 Carlos R. MafraDisable pager by default
2015-07-15 Carlos R. MafraRevert "wmaker: fix clearing of window attribute that...
2015-06-28 Rodolfo García... configure: fixed incorrect variable name that prevented...
2015-06-28 AlwinTranslations: Frisian updates for WPrefs
2015-06-28 AlwinTranslations: Dutch updates for WPrefs
2015-06-26 Doug TorranceWPrefs: Add snap edge and corner detect to Expert panel.
2015-06-26 Doug TorranceWPrefs: Add ability to set integer values in Expert...
2015-06-23 Doug Torrancewmaker: Allow configuration of window snapping detect...
2015-06-23 Doug Torrancewmaker: Allow window snapping and linked workspaces...
2015-06-20 Christophe... WPrefs: fix conversion of old "Apercu" setting to the...
2015-06-20 Christophe... wmaker: fix detection of legacy Apercu configuration...
2015-06-20 Josip Deanovicconfigure: Fix output of libdir directory in summary
2015-06-20 Christophe... Configure: increased the version of Automake requested
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