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This is the official Window Maker source code git repository. It is based on the last known cvs
tree from April 2006 (kindly provided by Alfredo Kojima) and contains all its history.
More importantly, it contains many bug fixes, code cleanups and a few new features.

If you find that Window Maker does not behave as expected, please report it to the
development mailing list at
And if you have patches, even better.

12 days ago Carlos R. MafraWindow Maker 0.95.8masterwmaker-0.95.8
13 days ago Doug Torrancedoc: Add new --with-defsdatadir option to INSTALL-WMAKER.
13 days ago Doug Torrancedebian: Remove patch 51_wmaker_man.diff; applied upstream.
13 days ago Doug TorranceNEWS: Add note about new global defaults directory...
13 days ago AlwinTranslations: Frisian language file for WPrefs updated
13 days ago AlwinTranslations: Dutch language file for WPrefs updated
13 days ago Doug Torrancedoc: Add info about user icons directory to manpage.
13 days ago Doug Torrancedoc: Update global autostart/exitscript path in manpage.
13 days ago Doug Torrancedoc: Use new defsdatadir variable to specify defaults...
13 days ago Doug Torranceconfigure: Add option to specify global defaults directory.
13 days ago Doug Torrancewrlib: Bump soname version to 6.
13 days ago Doug TorranceChangeLog: Update with commits since v0.95.7.
2017-03-10 Doug Torrancedebian: Update with version 0.95.7-8 packaging.
2017-03-06 Cyrus Rahmanwmaker: Do not place icons under the dock
2017-02-25 Roman DoboszFixed couple of compilator warning and removed unused...
2017-02-25 Roman DoboszRemoved trailing whitespaces from readme files.
12 days ago wmaker-0.95.8 Window Maker 0.95.8
19 months ago wmaker-0.95.7 Window Maker 0.95.7
2 years ago wmaker-0.95.6 Window Maker 0.95.6
3 years ago wmaker-0.95.5 Window Maker 0.95.5
4 years ago wmaker-0.95.4 Window Maker 0.95.4
4 years ago wmaker-0.95.3 Window Maker 0.95.3
5 years ago wmaker-0.95.2 Window Maker 0.95.2
5 years ago wmaker-0.95.1 Window Maker 0.95.1
5 years ago wmaker-0.95.0-crm WindowMaker 0.95.0-crm
7 years ago wmaker-0.94.0-crm Window Maker 0.94.0-crm
7 years ago wmaker-0.93.0-crm Window Maker 0.93.0-crm
10 years ago wmaker-0.92.0+ Window Maker cvs 04.2006
11 years ago wmaker-0.92.0
12 years ago wmaker-0.91.0
12 years ago wmaker-0.90.0
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