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This is the official Window Maker source code git repository. It is based on the last known cvs
tree from April 2006 (kindly provided by Alfredo Kojima) and contains all its history.
More importantly, it contains many bug fixes, code cleanups and a few new features.

If you find that Window Maker does not behave as expected, please report it to the
development mailing list at
And if you have patches, even better.

2014-08-30 Carlos R. MafraWindow Maker 0.95.6masterwmaker-0.95.6
2014-08-29 David Maciejakwmaker: implement EWMH _NET_WORKAREA
2014-08-29 David Maciejakwmaker: make disable mouse actions a live set
2014-08-27 David MaciejakWPrefs: add new mouse buttons configuration support
2014-08-27 David Maciejakwmaker: add support for more mouse buttons
2014-08-26 David Maciejakwrlib: remove duplicate code from xpm support
2014-08-26 David Maciejakwrlib: add merged code for xpm support in 2 distinct...
2014-08-25 David Maciejakwmaker: update src/action.c coding style
2014-08-25 David Maciejakwmaker: fix control shortcut label in window menu
2014-08-25 David Maciejakwmaker: fix deiconify window on double-click
2014-08-24 David MaciejakWINGs: merge duplicate code from wtext
2014-08-22 David Maciejakwmaker: src/action.c merge duplicate code
2014-08-20 David Maciejakwmaker: fix src/dock.c code typo
2014-08-20 David Maciejakwmaker: update docked application balloon text
2014-08-20 David MaciejakWPrefs: fix key capture
2014-08-20 David Maciejakwmaker: change default app icon
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