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last changeSat, 27 Dec 2008 20:18:38 +0000 (27 21:18 +0100)
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Experimental 64 bits tree
2008-12-27 Maarten Lankhorststashmaster
2008-12-27 Maarten Lankhorstkernel32: Make __wine_emulate_instruction CDECL and...
2008-12-27 Maarten Lankhorstincludes: Fix alignment for 64-bits
2008-12-27 Maarten Lankhorstntdll,winecfg: Don't add pre-winxp versions for wine64
2008-12-27 Maarten Lankhorstdeferwindowpos commit
2008-12-27 Maarten Lankhorstuser32: Fix compiler warning
2008-12-27 Maarten Lankhorstuser32: Fix user_thread_info for 64-bits
2008-12-27 mlankhorstserver: Add support for 64-bits client/server
2008-12-27 mlankhorstHACK: Make ntdll not handle crashes
2008-12-27 mlankhorstdlls: Fix va_list -> ms_va_list for variadic api calls
2008-12-27 mlankhorstkernel32: Immediately return on failing to start wineboot
2008-12-27 mlankhorstuser32: Dont create 16 bits heap in 64-bits mode
2008-12-27 Ricardo Filipeoleacc: Add stub for AccessibleObjectFromPoint.origin
2008-12-27 Ricardo Filipeoleacc: Fix LresultFromObject return type.
2008-12-27 Gerald Pfeiferwpp: Add missing #include <ctype.h>.
2008-12-27 Gerald Pfeifercomctl32: Simplify NATIVEFONT_Create.
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