2012-01-12 Chris RobinsonUpdate to handle the completed AL_SOFT_buffer_samplesdsound-openal-git
2012-01-12 Chris RobinsonAdd EAX 2.0 buffer properties
2011-10-29 Chris RobinsonUnset the thread-local context when the thread is detac...
2011-09-24 Chris RobinsonFix a format in a trace
2011-08-12 Chris RobinsonAdd and use EAX_MAX_ENVIRONMENT
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonTrace some playback notification information
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonTrace the buffer status when queried
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonReference the format where it's used and make it const
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonAvoid holding the device lock when it isn't needed
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonRemove some unneeded variables
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonCleanup GetDeviceID formatting
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonUse DSPROPERTY_EAXLISTENER_NONE instead of 0
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonCheck for AL errors after setting all parameters
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonRemove an unnecessary lock
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonRename a couple primary and secondary buffer fields
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonOnly set buffer flags that should be updated
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonUse a separate function to set listener params
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonUse a separate function to set all buffer parameters
2011-08-11 Chris RobinsonAvoid some temporary vars when getting all buffer param...
2011-08-09 Chris RobinsonFix applying deferred rolloff factor
2011-08-09 Chris RobinsonFix some primary buffer locking
2011-08-07 Chris RobinsonFix a trace
2011-08-07 Chris RobinsonRename the primary buffer's ThreadProc
2011-08-07 Chris RobinsonAdd a hack to help make sure WM_QUIT gets received...
2011-08-07 Chris RobinsonAdd a missing newline to an ERR message
2011-08-07 Chris RobinsonUse hidden visibility by default
2011-08-06 Chris RobinsonStop the timer when there's no buffers with notificatio...
2011-08-06 Chris RobinsonReorganize some code
2011-08-06 Chris RobinsonFix a call to IDirectSound3DListener_GetDopplerFactor
2011-08-06 Chris RobinsonRemove some unnecessary locks
2011-08-06 Chris RobinsonReduce the scope of some locks
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonAdd a missing break
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonMake the effect object part of the primary buffer
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonReorder and comment some struct members
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonConstify some pointers that won't change after initiali...
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonRename DS8Primary_Create and DS8Primary_Destroy
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonProperly retrieve the IDirectSound interface when requested
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonAvoid using the IDirectSound8 iface when creating IDire...
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonMake the primary buffer a non-pointer member of the...
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonUse a separate object for shared device resources
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonDon't capture more samples after stopping
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonProperly handle when the capture device is using the...
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonDon't use a full length capture buffer with OpenAL
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonImprove capture buffer locking
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonRefactor capture buffer format handling
2011-08-05 Chris RobinsonImprove some traces
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonAccept GUID_NULL to get the default capture device
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonCleanup formatting
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonUse a separate thread to do the capture instead of...
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonAvoid casting an interface
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonCOM cleanup for IDirectSoundCapture
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonAvoid a duplicate function
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonCall the right method
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonFix indentation
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonAvoid some casts, and cleanup
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonRename getALError/getALCError to checkALError/checkALCError
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonOnly set the defer/process update extension functions...
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonRemove unnecessary traces
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonUse a switch instead of a series of else ifs
2011-08-04 Chris RobinsonRemove commented out code
2011-08-03 Chris RobinsonFix __wine_(un)register_resources calls for latest...
2011-08-03 Chris RobinsonUninline debugstr_guid
2011-08-03 Chris RobinsonTrace the parameters to DS8Buffer_Play
2011-08-03 Chris RobinsonClear the source queue when flushing
2011-08-03 Chris RobinsonRemove DllRegisterServer and DllUnregisterServer from...
2011-08-03 Chris RobinsonRemove some unnecessary casts
2011-08-03 Chris RobinsonAdd a LONGFMT macro to propery handle LONG-based types
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonAdd an IDirectSound interface
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonMake sure to handle the right interface when creating...
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonAdd a IDirectSoundBuffer vtable and remove some unsight...
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonMinor cleanup for buffer creation
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonRename a parameter
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonAboid using the global mutex for device access
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonPrevent possible deadlock from lock order inversion
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonPrint an error if the thread fails to exit
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonUse clamping functions instead of the min/max macros
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonAvoid the mutex for the Lock and Unlock methods
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonRemove some locks
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonRemove some useless default switch statements
2011-08-02 Chris RobinsonCheck for the extension to determine support instead...
2011-08-01 Chris RobinsonConstify the format when unlocking
2011-08-01 Chris RobinsonFix return value of DS8Buffer_SetFX
2011-08-01 Chris RobinsonTrace the position set in DS8Buffer_SetCurrentPosition
2011-08-01 Chris RobinsonThe buffer's in_type field is only set when using the...
2011-08-01 Chris RobinsonFix possible race condition
2011-08-01 Chris RobinsonUse the correct iface call
2011-08-01 Chris RobinsonAvoid an upcast
2011-08-01 Chris RobinsonWrap the wide-char enumerating functions instead of...
2011-08-01 Chris RobinsonAdd a comment to clarify some code
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonBetter handle some error codes
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonUse a separate path for the buffer_samples extension
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonDon't allow duplicating lost buffers
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonAvoid some casts
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonProtect the primary buffer when modifying it during...
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonLet stop notifies get triggered when the thread notices...
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonUse double the resolution for the timer
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonUse a separate thread to handle timer events
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonDon't hold the global mutex while destroying the primar...
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonCheck the primary buffer pointer before dereferencing it
2011-07-31 Chris RobinsonImprove the winegcc command lines