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descriptionMaarten's multimedia branch
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last changeMon, 10 Mar 2014 10:38:00 +0000
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Contains my various multimedia related patches
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstwinealsa: rewrite to be more mmdevapi-likemaster
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstdsound: fixup IDirectSoundCaptureBuffer_QueryInterface
2014-03-10 Maarten LankhorstRevert "winmm: Increase mmdevapi buffer sizes."
2014-03-10 Maarten LankhorstTESTING -- override pthreads to fix gstreamer v2
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstwinepulse: add support for IMarshal
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstwinepulse: use a pi-mutex for serialization.
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstdsound: kill unconditional memory allocation in mixing...
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstdsound: remove state machine from render buffer
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstdsound: fixup DSOUND_WaveQueue checks
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstdsound: fix format handling on invalid format to never...
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstdsound: mix float natively
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstdsound: rework ugly mixer logic
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstwinepulse v23: fixup a invalid free in mmdevapi
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstwinepulse: fix unneeded free in write..
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstwinepulse v21: return early if padding didn't update
2014-03-10 Maarten Lankhorstwinepulse: fixup IsFormatSupported calls
20 months ago for-julliard-20120813 winepulse v19 + other sound related...
20 months ago wine-1.5.10 Release 1.5.10
21 months ago wine-1.5.9 Release 1.5.9
21 months ago wine-1.5.8 Release 1.5.8
22 months ago wine-1.5.7 Release 1.5.7
22 months ago wine-1.4.1 Release 1.4.1
22 months ago wine-1.5.6 Release 1.5.6
22 months ago wine-1.5.5 Release 1.5.5
23 months ago wine-1.5.4 Release 1.5.4
23 months ago wine-1.5.3 Release 1.5.3
2 years ago wine-1.5.2 Release 1.5.2
2 years ago wine-1.5.1 Release 1.5.1
2 years ago wine-1.5.0 Release 1.5.0
2 years ago wine-1.4 Release 1.4
2 years ago wine-1.4-rc6 Release 1.4-rc6
2 years ago wine-1.4-rc5 Release 1.4-rc5
6 weeks ago master
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19 months ago dsoal-rebase
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20 months ago stable
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