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Project Description Owner Last Change
fjfix.git fjfix is a tool for handling FileJoin (FJSYS... 5 years ago
imt.git Helper tool to invoke Microsoft's build tools... 8 years ago
NewAppDB.git Development site for Wine AppDB Upgrades 7 years ago
wine.git Windows API implementation 8 hours ago
wine/dcerpc.git widl and rpcrt4 development 7 years ago
wine/dibdrv.git GDI DIB driver 8 years ago
wine/gsoc_cpanel.git Control Panel improvements (Summer of Code) 7 years ago
wine/gsoc_dplay.git DirectPlay implementation for GSoC 6 years ago
wine/hacks.git useful hacks and other patches not (yet)... 5 years ago
wine/kumbayo.git various (hopefully) useful wine hacks 8 years ago
wine/multimedia.git Maarten's multimedia branch 4 months ago
wine/testsucceed.git Quick hack tree for wine patches julliard... 2 years ago
wine/warcraft3.git WINE with "Warcraft 3"-patches. 6 years ago
wine/wine-griswold.git Andrew Riedi's Wine patches 8 years ago
wine/wine-jacek.git My Wine tree 7 years ago
wine/wine-kai.git Work in progress by Kai Blin 7 years ago
wine/winequartzdrv.git quartzdrv for OS X 8 years ago
wine/winhttp.git winhttp implementation - (Zac Brown & Roy... 7 years ago
WineLauncher.git A gui for using multiple versions of wine. WineLauncher.Jonathan... 6 years ago
winelib-gnu-make.git GNU make based build system for Winelib appli... 7 years ago