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Project Description Owner Last Change
0verkill.git 0verkill, a game in ASCII-Art 4 years ago
asterisk-bristuff.git Open Source Private Branch... 7 years ago
bcusdk.git eibd (EIB/KNX network stack... mkoegler@auto.tuwien... 4 years ago
brdnet.git [WIP] P2P messaging and file... 5 weeks ago
cnet.git simple async network library... 8 years ago
cnetworkmanager.git Command line interface for... 5 years ago
dabba.git emmanuel.roullit... 2 years ago
dragonfly/netmp.git MP support for (parts of)... 7 years ago
dumbwifi.git The stupid but effective netwo... 5 years ago
elgg.git Elgg Social Networking Platform 8 years ago
flowgrind.git generate traffic among hosts... daniel.schaffrath... 7 years ago
gearbox.git Bringing network DMA/zero... 4 years ago
getmangos.git MaNGOS is a free, Open Source... 3 weeks ago
gostyle.git determine playing style in... 2 years ago
iii.git i (je) ii (irc it), some modif... je@ne.regrette.rien 4 years ago
kdenetwork.git kdenetwork experimental stuff 6 years ago
lumina.git C rendition of Apache Mina... 7 years ago
mldonkey.git mldonkey - cross-platform... 3 months ago
netwalk.git A puzzle game: connect all... 15 months ago
nmdb.git A multiprotocol network database albertito@blitiri... 3 years ago
nsca-ng.git NSCA-ng is an add-on for trans... 5 months ago
nut.git Network UTility 7 years ago
pgbouncer.git Lightweight connection pooler... 5 years ago
s3d.git S3D is a 3d network display... s3d-devel@lists... 4 years ago
Samba.git Samba GIT mirror 2 hours ago
sch_dtht.git Linux kernel deep thought... 4 years ago
tairon.git Tairon is a set of libraries... 7 years ago
tsunagari.git Tsunagari Tile Engine 5 years ago
viking.git GPS data editor and analyzer 6 years ago
wine/hacks.git useful hacks and other patches... 5 years ago
wvstreams.git C++ networking library optimiz... 6 years ago