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2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd wmforecast, wmstickynotes, and wmweather+ to dockap...
2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd new "hosted" field to dockapps.db for all existing...
2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd support for dockapps not hosted in the git repository.
2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd wmsun and update other wmgeneral dockapps on dockap...
2015-06-14 Doug TorranceRemove wmstickynotes from dockapps webpage.
2015-06-13 Doug TorranceAdd wmshutdown to dockapps webpage.
2015-05-28 Doug TorranceUpdate wmifs and other wmgeneral dockapps on dockapps...
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2015-01-24 Doug TorranceRename "Website" field on dockapps webpages to "Origina...
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2015-01-22 Doug TorranceAdd wmfsm to dockapps webpage.
2015-01-17 Doug TorranceUpdate wmbattery on dockapps webpage.
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2015-01-10 Doug TorranceAdd wmcalc to dockapps webpage.
2015-01-05 Doug TorranceUpdate wmtime on dockapps webpage.
2014-12-28 Doug TorranceFix broken links to dockapps.org and dockapps.windowmak...
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2014-12-12 Doug TorranceAdd wmclock to dockapps webpage.
2014-12-09 Doug TorranceUpdate wmifinfo on dockapps webpage.
2014-12-04 Doug TorranceUpdate AlsaMixer.app on dockapps webpapge.
2014-11-28 Doug TorranceAdd libdockapp to dockapps webpage.
2014-11-24 Doug TorranceUpdate wmacpi on dockapps webpage.
2014-11-23 Doug TorranceAdd wmcpufreq and wmcliphist to dockapps webpage.
2014-11-08 Doug Torrancedockapps/dockapps.db: Add new version of wmbiff.
2014-10-23 Doug TorranceAdd wmifs to dockapps webpage.
2014-10-10 Doug Torrancedockapps/dockapps.db: Add new version of wmmemload.
2014-10-05 Doug TorranceUpdate dockapp versions.
2014-10-04 Doug TorranceAdd wmmemload to dockapps webpage.
2014-09-21 Doug TorranceAdd wmbattery to dockapps webpage.
2014-09-15 Doug Torrancedockapps/dockapps.db: Add new version of wmppp.app.
2014-09-04 Carlos R. Mafrafew updates to News section
2014-09-04 Carlos R. MafraMinimal update for the new release
2014-08-27 Doug Torrancedockapps/dockapps.db: Add new version of wmtime.
2014-08-22 Doug Torrancedockapps/index.php: Remove redundant sort; let the...
2014-08-22 Doug Torrancedockapps/dockapps.db: Update for wmacpi and wmacpi-ng.
2014-08-13 Doug Torrancedockapps.db: Update wmacpiload, wmbatteries, and wmnotify.
2014-08-11 Doug TorranceAdd dockapps section.
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2013-01-04 Carlos R. MafraUpdates for 0.95.4
2012-05-22 Carlos R. MafraUpdate home page for 0.95.3
2012-05-16 Carlos R. Mafranews: Version 0.95.3 released
2012-02-19 Carlos R. MafraChange the screenshot and add links
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2012-02-17 Carlos R. MafraUpdate installation.php
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2012-02-15 Martin DietzeThemes page now has thumbnail/realsize images, README...
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2012-02-14 Carlos R. Mafraupdate text to 0.95.2
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2012-02-11 Carlos R. Mafradev: Small updates
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2012-02-06 Carlos R. MafraUser Guide
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