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This repository contains the source code of the Window Maker homepage,

The idea is to encourage people to help keeping the homepage up-to-date and containing useful information, but with a NEXTish look not easily found in a wiki. Please contribute!

2016-04-20 Doug TorranceUpdate wmifs on dockapps webpage.master
2016-02-09 Doug TorranceUse single quotes so we get a literal dollar sign on...
2016-02-09 Doug TorranceAdd wmtop to dockapps webpage.
2016-02-08 Doug TorranceShow link to Tower's dockapps on main dockapp page...
2016-02-08 Doug TorranceAdd wmget to dockapps webpage.
2016-02-01 Doug TorranceUpdate wmtv on dockapps webpage.
2015-11-13 Doug TorranceAdd link to external dockapps.
2015-10-26 Doug TorranceUpdate wmbiff on dockapps webpage.
2015-10-22 Doug TorranceUpdate libdockapp, wmacpi, and wmmenu on dockapps webpage.
2015-10-18 Doug TorranceUpdate libdockapp on dockapps webpage.
2015-10-11 Doug TorranceUpdate libdockapp on dockapps webpage.
2015-09-24 Doug TorranceUpdate wmclock on dockapps webpage.
2015-09-24 Doug TorranceUpdate wmix on dockapps webpage.
2015-08-30 Doug TorranceUpdate wmbattery on dockapps webpage.
2015-08-26 Doug TorranceUpdate wmifs,, and wmsun on dockapps webpage.
2015-08-24 Doug TorranceUpdate wmbattery, wmload, and wmtime on dockapps webpage.
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