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This repository contains the source code of the Window Maker homepage,

The idea is to encourage people to help keeping the homepage up-to-date and containing useful information, but with a NEXTish look not easily found in a wiki. Please contribute!

33 hours ago Doug TorranceUpdate wmbattery on dockapps webpage.master
5 days ago Doug TorranceUpdate wmifs,, and wmsun on dockapps webpage.
7 days ago Doug TorranceUpdate wmbattery, wmload, and wmtime on dockapps webpage.
8 days ago Doug TorranceUpdate wmcalc on dockapps webpage.
10 days ago Doug TorranceUpdate wmfsm and wmitime on dockapps webpage.
13 days ago Carlos R. Mafraupdate version number on home.php
2015-08-16 Doug TorranceUpdate wmgeneral dockapps on dockapps webpage.
2015-08-15 Doug TorranceUpdate libdockapp, wmmon, and wmtime on dockapps webpage.
2015-08-15 Carlos R. Mafraadd more links
2015-08-14 Doug TorranceUpdate wmmon and wmtime on dockapps webpage.
2015-08-13 Carlos R. Mafraadd link to OneStepBack Gnome theme
2015-08-11 Carlos R. MafraUpdate home page
2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd wmforecast, wmstickynotes, and wmweather+ to dockap...
2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd new "hosted" field to dockapps.db for all existing...
2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd support for dockapps not hosted in the git repository.
2015-06-15 Doug TorranceAdd wmsun and update other wmgeneral dockapps on dockap...
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