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This repository contains the source code of the Window Maker homepage,

The idea is to encourage people to help keeping the homepage up-to-date and containing useful information, but with a NEXTish look not easily found in a wiki. Please contribute!

2013-10-13 Doug TorranceUpdated themes webpagemaster
2013-10-13 Doug TorranceAdded theme pack documentation
2013-09-28 Carlos R. Mafratypo fix
2013-09-28 Carlos R. MafraSmall update in installation.php
2013-09-28 Carlos R. MafraUpdate news section for 0.95.5
2013-09-13 Carlos R. MafraUpdate link to tarball
2013-09-08 Carlos R. MafraUpdate front page for 0.95.5
2013-06-02 Doug TorranceFixed broken links in the FAQ.
2013-02-07 Carlos R. MafraAdd guided tour
2013-01-27 Carlos R. MafraAdd one link
2013-01-09 Carlos R. MafraAdd link to tarball on frontpage
2013-01-04 Carlos R. MafraUpdates for 0.95.4
2012-05-22 Carlos R. MafraUpdate home page for 0.95.3
2012-05-16 Carlos R. Mafranews: Version 0.95.3 released
2012-02-19 Carlos R. MafraChange the screenshot and add links
2012-02-18 Carlos R. MafraMention wmvolman etc on docs.php
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