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This repository contains the source code of the Window Maker homepage,

The idea is to encourage people to help keeping the homepage up-to-date and containing useful information, but with a NEXTish look not easily found in a wiki. Please contribute!

2015-04-15 Doug TorranceUpdate wmload on dockapps webpage.master
2015-04-07 Doug TorranceAdd wmload and update wmmemload on dockapps webpage.
2015-02-21 Doug TorranceUpdate wmbattery on dockapps webpage.
2015-01-24 Doug TorranceRename "Website" field on dockapps webpages to "Origina...
2015-01-24 Doug TorranceAdd wmmenu to dockapps webpage.
2015-01-22 Doug TorranceAdd wmfsm to dockapps webpage.
2015-01-17 Doug TorranceUpdate wmbattery on dockapps webpage.
2015-01-12 Doug TorranceFurther update wmnet on dockapps webpage.
2015-01-11 Doug TorranceUpdate wmnet on dockapps webpage.
2015-01-10 Doug TorranceAdd wmcalc to dockapps webpage.
2015-01-05 Doug TorranceUpdate wmtime on dockapps webpage.
2014-12-28 Doug TorranceFix broken links to and dockapps.windowmak...
2014-12-20 Doug TorranceUpdate wmitime on dockapps webpage.
2014-12-18 Doug TorranceAdd wmcdplay to dockapps webpage.
2014-12-12 Doug TorranceAdd wmclock to dockapps webpage.
2014-12-09 Doug TorranceUpdate wmifinfo on dockapps webpage.
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