descriptionEmacs major-mode for editing WML
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Wesnoth Mode is a major mode for Emacs which assists in the editing of Wesnoth Markup Language (WML) files. Currently, this major-mode features syntax highlighting support, automatic indentation, context-sensitive completion and WML checking.

Wesnoth Mode can be byte-compiled with:

$ make

If texinfo installed, the manual can be produced in PDF and info format using:

$ make doc

Otherwise, an online version of the manual can be found here:

For the latest updates and information or if you have any questions, problems or suggestions regarding Wesnoth Mode, please direct them to:

2009-12-31 Chris MannAdd 2010 to copyright periodmaster
2009-09-29 Chris MannAdd type and group information to `wesnoth-allow-accura...
2009-09-29 Chris MannUpdate syntax table.
2009-09-29 Chris MannMinor improvements to documentation.
2009-07-29 Chris MannAdd support for alternate completion functions. Ido...
2009-07-29 Chris Mann*WML* buffer can now be buried via 'q'.
2009-03-24 Chris Mann* wesnoth-mode.texi: Minor rewording.
2009-03-24 Chris Mann* wesnoth-mode.el (wesnoth-allow-accurate-validation...
2009-03-16 Chris Mann* wesnoth-mode.texi: Improved formatting.
2009-03-16 Chris Mann* wesnoth-mode.el (wesnoth-font-lock-keywords, wesnoth...
2009-03-12 Chris Mann* wesnoth-mode.el (wesnoth-mark-block): Ensure point...
2009-03-12 Chris Mann* wesnoth-mode.el (wesnoth-kill-block): Add support...
2009-03-06 Chris Mann* wesnoth-mode.texi: Fix referencing and add section...
2009-03-04 Chris Mann* wesnoth-mode.el (wesnoth-element-completion): Fix...
2009-03-02 Chris Mann* wesnoth-mode.el (wesnoth-complete-macro): No longer...
2009-03-01 Chris Mann* wesnoth-mode.el (wesnoth-parent-tag): Fixed a bug...
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