descriptionA small footprint PHP5 web framework
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2010-01-14 Habar Nam* making the fracking paginator workmaster
2009-06-01 Marius Orcsik* this fixes some problems with closing db when having... newideasvsc/newideas
2009-06-01 Marius Orcsik* made nullSql implement some remaining abstract methods
2009-06-01 Marius Orcsik* various small changes
2009-05-13 Marius Orcsik* begining work on entity joining
2009-05-13 Marius Orcsik+ added some other placeholders, one for enum fields...
2009-05-04 Marius Orcsik* it seems that I forgot to change the name of the...
2009-05-04 Marius Orcsik* moved the fixtures in a specific folder
2009-05-04 Marius Orcsik* modified the tests
2009-05-04 Marius Orcsik* refactored the property names of an entity
2009-05-04 Marius Orcsik+ added the integer field tests
2009-05-04 Marius Orcsik* implemented the toArray method and test
2009-05-04 Marius Orcsik* moved the abstract classes and field interface
2009-05-04 Marius Orcsik* implemented the loadFromArray method (and test)...
2009-05-04 Marius Orcsik* changed the dummytable entity
2009-05-04 Marius Orcsik* tests modifications for getters and setters of the...
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