2008-04-02 Thomas ZanderDon't allow to unrecord past the branch pointmob
2008-04-02 Thomas ZanderAdd a getter Commit::firstCommitInBranch()
2008-03-31 Michail PishchaginAdded ignore file.
2008-03-31 Michail PishchaginWe don't want vng executable to be placed inside Vng...
2008-03-30 Thomas ZanderMake the cursor movements over commits work better...
2008-03-30 Thomas ZanderAdd a readme for people that are new to qmake projects
2008-03-30 Thomas ZanderFix outdated comments
2008-03-30 Thomas ZanderBetter reporting
2008-03-29 Thomas ZanderBe more aware of empty repos (no HEAD present)
2008-03-29 Thomas ZanderAdd 'initialize' command.
2008-03-28 Thomas ZanderFurther work on commits, implement the commits cursor...
2008-03-28 Thomas ZanderRefactor the cursor interface to have an 'invalid'...
2008-03-28 Thomas ZanderInitial import