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This is a git repository of the official Vim sources from Additionally it offers a branch with the source tree including the latest runtime and message files.

Documentation: README_gitrepo.txt from the stuff branch

NOTE: This repository was originally based on Vim's subversion repository with git-svn, but now uses the official patches for updating. For the sake of cleanness it will definitely be completely rewritten some time. Because Vim, including the latest runtime files, is officially available via a Mercurial repository since the beginning of 2010, vim_mainline.git will be discontinued in the near future. Please keep this in mind when using this repository as base for your work.

Maintainer: Markus Heidelberg

Branch Description
master Official Vim with latest runtime and message files
Merges vim, vim-runtime and vim-messages branches.
vim Official Vim
Based on and the offical patches from
Originally based on
The only modification is .gitignore and deletion of src/auto/config.{h,mk}
vim-runtime Vim's latest runtime files
Updated with rsync from
Excludes dos/ and spell/*.{spl,sug} except for the English spell files.
vim-messages Vim's latest message files
Updated with rsync from
stuff Scripts and documentation for using and managing this repository
2010-08-11 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim-runtime'master
2010-08-11 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim'
2010-08-11 Bram Moolenaarupdate runtime filesvim-runtime
2010-07-12 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.446] Crash in GUI when closing the last window... vim
2010-07-07 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.445] Crash when using undo/redo and a FileChangedR...
2010-06-13 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim'
2010-06-13 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.444] Can't build with GTK 1, gtk_selection_clear_t...
2010-06-12 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.443] Using taglist() on a tag file with duplicate...
2010-06-07 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim'
2010-06-05 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.442] Copy/paste with OpenOffice doesn't work.
2010-05-30 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim'
2010-05-30 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.441] When using ":earlier" undo information may...
2010-05-28 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.440] Calling a function through a funcref, where...
2010-05-28 Bram Moolenaar[7.2.439] Invalid memory access when doing thesaurus...
2010-05-28 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim'
2010-05-27 Markus HeidelbergMerge branch 'vim'
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