2011-04-25 Markus Heidelbergvim_mainline and vim_extended are discontinuedstuff
2010-05-22 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: change the patch URLs to diff the feature...
2010-05-02 Markus HeidelbergMerge ../ into stuff
2010-05-02 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: the feature branches are now based on...
2010-05-02 Markus Heidelbergupdate the NOTE with the future of these repositories
2010-05-02 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add feat/tagfunc
2009-12-30 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: feat/persistent-undo is merged into master
2009-12-29 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add feat/persistent-undo
2009-10-29 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: indicate whether a branch is merged into...
2009-10-29 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: combine the description for feature and...
2009-10-25 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: revive feat/var-tabstops
2009-10-07 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add feat/quickfix-title
2009-06-15 Markus Heidelbergupdate-vim-{runtime,messages}: show a summary for e...
2009-03-23 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: not every features is in master any more
2009-03-19 Markus Heidelbergupdate-vim: use +0000 as UTC offset for patches
2009-03-13 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: disable feat/var-tabstops
2009-03-01 Markus HeidelbergREADME: adjust description of the vim-with-runtime...
2009-03-01 Markus Heidelbergadd the new vim-messages branch
2009-03-01 Markus Heidelbergadd scripts for managing the message files
2009-03-01 Markus Heidelberggit-merge-vim-runtime: add description for the other...
2009-03-01 Markus HeidelbergREADME: add section for managing Vim's message files
2009-03-01 Markus HeidelbergREADME: use +1 level of subsections in "For developers"
2009-02-24 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add feat/indent-wrap-lines
2009-02-24 Markus Heidelbergupdate-vim: remove SPACE character in sed command
2009-02-22 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: remove Link to the patch for 'master'
2009-02-22 Markus Heidelbergshell scripts: don't use variable assignment and export...
2009-02-22 Markus HeidelbergREADME: add section for the official patches
2009-02-22 Markus HeidelbergREADME: move "Getting runtime" to the top
2009-02-15 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add paragraph for feature authors
2009-02-15 Markus HeidelbergREADME: add paragraph for feature authors
2009-02-15 Markus HeidelbergREADME: enhance the description for updating local...
2009-02-15 Markus HeidelbergREADME: move git-mergetool description to the 'master...
2009-02-15 Markus HeidelbergREADME: "git commit" is necessary after "git mergetool"
2009-02-15 Markus HeidelbergREADME: explain how to handle own adjustments
2009-02-15 Markus HeidelbergREADME: move "custom branch" part to "Basic use"
2009-02-14 Markus HeidelbergREADME: only cover git's configuration in the first...
2009-02-14 Markus HeidelbergREADME: add git editor configuration
2009-02-14 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add [count] reference to relativenumber...
2009-02-14 Markus Heidelbergmention, that the svn repo is no longer used
2009-02-11 Markus fix output of the commit message for...
2009-02-11 Markus Heidelbergshell scripts: fix use of dash at variable assignments
2009-02-05 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add fix-fast-join
2009-02-05 Markus Heidelbergadd script for updating Vim with official patches
2009-02-05 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add section for fix/* branches
2009-02-04 Markus Heidelbergupdate-vim-runtime: die if not inside a working tree
2009-02-04 Markus Heidelbergupdate-vim-runtime: test for dirty tree and untracked...
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergupdate-vim-runtime: take Bram as author and committer
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergupdate-vim-runtime: also add deleted files to the index
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add missing newline <br />
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: remove "Use Vim extended" chapter
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergadd gitweb-link to README_gitrepo.txt in the stuff...
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergchange the idiom for the stuff branch description
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergadd maintainer with name and email address
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergsynchronize with the description from README_gitrepo.txt
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: adjust the feature branch names
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add stuff and vim-runtime branch
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergvim_mainline: adjust description for the stuff branch
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergadd README to document the Vim git repositories
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelbergupdate-vim-runtime: don't check the current branch
2009-02-02 Markus Heidelberggit-merge-vim-runtime: change comment for the standard...
2008-12-25 Markus Heidelbergupdate-vim-runtime: use {} instead of () for grouping
2008-12-22 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: adjust hin to "Modified by" change
2008-12-22 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add the NOTE from vim_mainline
2008-12-22 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: change the refs to vim_mainline.git
2008-12-22 Markus Heidelbergvim_mainline: add description for each branch
2008-12-22 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: put the description into paragraphs
2008-12-22 Markus Heidelbergadd readme for vim_mainline repo at
2008-12-22 Markus Heidelbergvim_extended: add trailing slash to URL
2008-12-22 Markus Heidelbergrename vim_extended's HTML readme file
2008-12-22 Markus Heidelbergadd script for updating the runtime files
2008-12-22 Markus Heidelbergadd helper script to use with git-merge-index
2008-12-09 Markus Heidelbergadd ecl interface to feature branches
2008-12-09 Markus Heidelbergadd variable tabstops to feature branches
2008-12-09 Markus Heidelberg"make -C src autoconf" is not necessary anymore
2008-11-13 Markus Heidelbergadd link to the Vim patches site on Google vim_dev
2008-10-16 Markus Heidelbergchange order of h and hp in gitweb URL
2008-10-16 Markus Heidelbergadjust title in gitweb links
2008-10-16 Markus Heidelbergadd "Download patch" as link title (-> tooltip)
2008-10-16 Markus Heidelbergput the gitweb links in an own line
2008-10-16 Markus Heidelbergadd gitweb links for patch downloading
2008-10-16 Markus Heidelbergfix validation errors and change <br/> to <br />
2008-10-16 Markus Heidelbergstate from the announce mail from 13.10.2008