2010-01-07 Bob Hiestandvcshg: Identify hg version control when not in the... v1.99.32
2009-12-10 Bob HiestandReplace system() with wrapper to protect quotes in...
2009-12-10 Bob HiestandCreated utility function Dictionary.
2009-12-10 Bob HiestandAdded s:Executable() function to all plugins.
2009-12-10 Bob Hiestandvcscvs: Made GetRevision() script-local.
2009-12-09 Bob HiestandRemoved -- from vcsgit implementation of blame commandl...
2009-12-09 Bob HiestandRemoved statement that extensions should be placed...
2009-12-08 Bob HiestandAdded -- to differentiate file names in system() calls.
2009-12-08 Michael WookeygitAnnotate.vim: match original commits in blame
2009-12-05 Bob Hiestandvcsbzr: moved setting of 'cpo' to after all finish...
2009-12-05 Ingo Karkatvcsbzr: Add VCSCommandDisableAll kill switch.
2009-12-05 Bob HiestandRemoved trailing white space in source.
2009-12-05 Benoît PIERREvcsbzr: use annotate split mode.
2009-10-30 Bob Hiestanddoc: Refer to VIM help for <Leader> where appropriate.
2009-10-30 Michael Wookeyvcshg: remove execute permissions
2009-07-21 Martin FelisInitial version of mercurial support.v1.99.31
2009-07-21 Bob HiestandMerge branch 'dev/bzr' into next
2009-07-21 Bob HiestandAdded VCSAnnotate! (and VCSBlame!) to split the resulti...
2009-07-21 Bob Hiestandvcsgit: Added syntax file for annotation buffer.
2009-07-21 Bob Hiestandvcsbzr: Narrowed effects of 'allowNonZeroExit' to...
2009-07-21 iacobsvcsbzr: added allowNonZeroExit to the options in DoCommand.
2009-07-21 neilmartinsenburrellvcsbzr: updated to work with latest VCSCommand.
2009-07-21 iacobsvcsbzr: Initial version of BZR plugin.
2009-07-20 Bob Hiestandvcscvs: Remove extraneous debug message issued by... v1.99.30
2009-06-01 Bob Hiestandvcscvs: Removed useless (and bug-inspiring) aunmenu.
2009-02-10 apcrh7Fixed typo in sample macro documentation.
2008-12-18 Bob HiestandDocumented the 'VCSCommandVCSTypeOverride' variable.v1.99.29
2008-12-18 Bob HiestandAdded 'VCSCommandVCSTypeOverride' option.
2008-11-10 Bob HiestandMode change on vcsgit.vim.
2008-09-16 Bob HiestandVCSVimDiff: fixed use of 'horizontal' in &diffopt.v1.99.28
2008-09-16 Bob HiestandMerge commit 'jamessan/master' into dev/use-diffopt
2008-09-16 Bob Hiestandvcssvn: prevent hangs caused by querying the user...
2008-08-29 Bob HiestandAdd 'VCSCommandDisableAll' variable to prevent the...
2008-08-28 Bob HiestandDo not fail out of plugin at first failed mapping.... v1.99.27
2008-07-01 James VegaConsolidate &diffopt parsing and update documentation.
2008-07-01 James VegaUse &diffopt to seed the default DiffSplit orientation.
2008-06-19 Bob Hiestandvcsgit: Quote the blob name for VCSReview to handle... v1.99.26
2008-06-05 Bob HiestandRemoved plugin version from documentation as it will...
2008-06-04 Bob Hiestandvcsgit: Set &ft correctly for VCSStatus buffers.
2008-06-03 Bob Hiestandbeta25: Fix cdpath error in VCSReview / VCSVimDiff.v1.99.25
2008-05-20 Bob HiestandBumped release version to 'Beta 24'.v1.99.24
2008-05-20 Bob HiestandDon't execute autocommands when naming VCS command...
2008-05-20 Bob HiestandUse 'enew' followed by 'file' instead of 'edit' when...
2008-05-20 Bob HiestandUse 'setlocal' instead of 'set' for all buffer option...
2008-05-20 Bob HiestandRevert "Call subversion with the '--non-interactive...
2008-05-02 Bob HiestandCall subversion with the '--non-interactive' switch... v1.99.23
2008-03-17 Bob HiestandAdded VCSCommandGitDescribeArgList option to control... v1.99.22
2008-03-11 Bob HiestandBumped version to 'Beta 21'.v1.99.21
2008-03-11 Bob HiestandMoved CHANGES.txt content into help file.
2008-03-11 Bob HiestandMark git identification as inexact.
2008-03-11 Bob HiestandDistinguish between exact and inexact identifications...
2008-03-11 Bob HiestandConverted to leading tab style.
2008-03-05 Bob HiestandAllow non-zero exit status for 'git status'.
2008-03-05 Bob HiestandCorrected parentheses nesting bug for VCSStatus call...
2008-03-05 Bob HiestandCorrected signature of s:DoCommand in SVK and SVN plugins.
2008-03-03 Bob HiestandImplemented VCSStatus for git as (repository-wide)...
2008-03-03 Bob HiestandAllow non-zero vcs command exit status when 'allowNonZe...
2008-03-03 Bob HiestandAdded 'options' Dict to VCSCommandDoCommand for tweakin...
2008-03-03 Bob HiestandDon't clobber &cp when testing for a vcs command.
2008-02-26 Bob HiestandTweaked buffer info for git buffers.
2008-02-02 Bob HiestandBumped version to Beta 20 for release.v1.99.20
2008-02-02 Bob HiestandImplemented first pass of vcsgit.
2008-02-02 Bob HiestandRemoved buffer status/command verification scheme.
2008-02-02 Bob HiestandAdded documentation for VCSBlame and VCSRemove (alias...
2008-02-02 Bob HiestandAdded VCSRemove as alias for VCSDelete.
2008-02-02 Bob HiestandSave and restore 'foldlevel' with VCSVimDiff.
2008-02-02 Bob HiestandAdded VCSBlame as alias for VCSAnnotate.
2007-07-31 Bob HiestandUpdated version to 'Beta 19'.v1.99.19
2007-07-31 Bob HiestandForce nocompatible for plugins.
2007-05-15 Bob HiestandAdded 'VCSCommandDisableMappings' and 'VCSCommandDisabl... v1.99.18
2007-05-15 Bob HiestandBumped version to beta17.v1.99.17
2007-05-14 Bob HiestandUse 'executable' to test for presence of VCS tools.
2007-05-14 Bob HiestandAlways pass current revision in VCSAnnotate for CVS.
2007-05-14 Bob HiestandAdded note that chdir() was CVS-specific.
2007-05-14 Bob HiestandRemoved extraneous whitespace.
2007-04-30 Bob HiestandVCSLog accepts passthrough options.v1.99.16
2007-04-24 Bob HiestandMerged /tags/beta14@38 /branches/release/beta15@43.v1.99.15
2007-04-12 Bob HiestandMerged /tags/beta13@28 /branches/release/beta14@36.v1.99.14
2007-03-12 Bob HiestandBumped version number to beta 13.v1.99.13
2007-03-12 Bob HiestandCorrected new parameter to s:ExecuteVCSCommand in VCSRe...
2007-03-12 Bob HiestandCorrected new parameter to s:ExecuteVCSCommand in follo...
2007-02-28 Bob Hiestand r23@localhost: bob | 2007-02-28 11:34:12 -0600v1.99.12
2007-02-28 Bob Hiestand r22@localhost: bob | 2007-02-28 11:32:42 -0600
2007-02-28 Bob Hiestand r21@localhost: bob | 2007-02-28 11:32:06 -0600
2007-02-28 Bob Hiestand r20@localhost: bob | 2007-02-28 11:31:47 -0600
2007-02-28 Bob Hiestand r19@localhost: bob | 2007-02-28 09:35:06 -0600
2007-02-28 Bob Hiestand r18@localhost: bob | 2007-02-28 09:32:57 -0600
2007-02-20 Bob Hiestand r14@localhost: bob | 2007-02-20 09:51:19 -0600v1.99.11
2007-02-19 Bob Hiestand r11@localhost: bob | 2007-02-19 16:06:17 -0600
2007-02-19 Bob Hiestand r8@localhost: bob | 2007-02-08 11:02:13 -0600
2007-02-06 Bob HiestandAdded 'tags' to svn:ignore of doc directory.
2007-02-06 Bob HiestandUpdated copyright to 2007.
2007-02-06 Bob HiestandAdded VCSCommandSVNDiffExt option to allow external...
2006-11-06 Bob HiestandInitial import of vcscommand (Beta 10).v1.99.10
2006-11-06 Bob HiestandInitial directory structure.