2013-04-12 Danielle Churchhandle ignored files in GetBufferInfomasterv1.99.47
2013-04-12 Bob Hiestandapply "edit" during 2-parameter VCSVimDiff
2013-04-12 Bob Hiestandre-enable executable quoting removed in 1.99.43.
2011-12-05 Bob Hiestanddon't split nested windows in split annotatev1.99.46
2011-12-05 Bob Hiestanddon't restore cursorbind if it doesn't exist
2011-10-19 Bob Hiestanddon't even try to source vcscommand.vim againv1.99.45
2011-10-18 Bob Hiestandidentify via 'svn info'
2011-10-18 Bob Hiestanddon't query the server for GetBufferInfo
2011-10-03 Ingo Karkathandle &sel of 'exclusive' in split annotation
2011-10-03 Ingo Karkatuse case-insensitive tests for VCS file types
2011-10-03 Ian Liu Rodriguesfix HG :VCSAnnotate in VCSAnnotate buffer
2011-10-03 Bob HiestandEncode commit messages as &tencv1.99.44
2011-10-03 Bob Hiestandrespect fenc when reviewing, annotating, or diffing
2011-09-29 Bob HiestandRemove OverrideOption functionality.
2011-09-29 Bob HiestandSwitch from OverrideOption to execution context.
2011-09-29 Bob HiestandAdded execution context stack.
2011-09-27 Bob HiestandProtect against systems without +mbyte.
2011-07-07 Bob Hiestandadd 'VCSCommandVCSTypeExplicitOverride' for a more...
2011-07-07 Bob Hiestandadded 'VCSCommandVCSTypePreference' to documentation
2011-07-07 Bob Hiestandallow 'VCSCommandVCSTypePreference' to be a List
2011-07-07 Bob Hiestanduse VCSCommandVCSTypePreference before exact match
2011-07-07 Bob Hiestandrefactor VCSCommandGetVCSType() to clean up multiple...
2011-07-06 Bob Hiestanduse case-insenstive operator instead of altering comparands
2011-07-06 Bob Hiestandallow VCSCommandVCSTypePreference to be specified at...
2011-07-06 Bob Hiestandremove debugging output
2011-07-06 Bob Hiestandclean up white space
2011-07-06 Will Palmerallow "preferred vcs" in case of ambiguity
2011-06-30 Bob HiestandProtect against versions of VIM that don't have fnamees...
2011-06-02 Bob HiestandRespect 'no_plugin_maps'.v1.99.43
2011-06-02 Philipp Edelmannfix escaping in VCSCommandChdir
2011-06-02 Bob HiestandAccount for space used by 'number' option when performi...
2011-06-02 Frederic ChanalRestore cursorbind as part of vimdiff restore.
2011-02-23 Xavier WangHandle a difference between &enc and &tenc
2011-02-11 Bob HiestandAlways use [bang] after :normal to avoid user remaps.
2011-02-11 Bob HiestandAdded VCSCommandSetVCSType()
2010-11-12 Bob HiestandDon't try to escape executable names for shell execution.
2010-09-02 Christian Ebertvcshg: correct message for empty commitv1.99.42
2010-09-02 Bob HiestandAdded menu configuration documentation to help file.
2010-09-02 Bob HiestandFactored menu addition into a single function and share...
2010-09-02 David BarsamProvide menu configuration.
2010-09-01 Bob HiestandRemoved copyright dates.
2010-09-01 Bob HiestandHandle 1 vimdiff session per tab.
2010-08-30 Bob Hiestandsvnannotate: leading spaces are optional
2010-06-30 Bob HiestandChanged buflisted() to bufexists() when creating scratc... v1.99.41
2010-06-16 Bob Hiestandvcsgit: show correct message for empty commit.
2010-06-16 Christian Ebertvcshg: hg add --verbose to open a feedback buffer
2010-06-16 Christian Ebertvcshg: let hg populate the resultBuffer for commit
2010-06-08 Christian Ebertvcshg: change status default option to -A/--all
2010-06-08 Christian Ebertvcshg: make status respect given options
2010-06-08 Christian Eberthgannotate: remove executable bit
2010-05-20 Bob HiestandVCSStatus: fix inverted option logic
2010-03-30 Bob Hiestandvcssvn: Handle newer SVN 'status -vu' format.v1.99.40
2010-03-30 Christian EbertDo not write to bzr log when identifying
2010-03-29 Bob HiestandVCSCommit: removed use of 'shellslash' option in VCSFi... v1.99.39
2010-03-29 Bob HiestandVCSCommit: call the 'VCSBufferCreated' user auto-comma...
2010-02-19 Bob HiestandVCSVimDiff: Preserve filetype in review buffers.v1.99.38
2010-02-02 Bob Hiestandconsistency: always use lower case for filetype.v1.99.37
2010-01-28 Bob Hiestandvcsgit: Remove redundant positioning command in annotate.v1.99.36
2010-01-28 Bob HiestandRemoved explicit filetype setting in extensions.
2010-01-28 Bob HiestandCentralize file type setting for VCSDiff and VCSReview.
2010-01-28 Bob HiestandVCSAnnotate: jump to current line.
2010-01-12 Adam LickelIf svk thinks we're interactive (eg macvim), tell it... v1.99.35
2010-01-11 Bob Hiestandvcshg: Added annotate syntax file for HG.v1.99.34
2010-01-08 Bob Hiestandvcshg: Added split annotate view.v1.99.33
2010-01-08 Bob Hiestandvcshg: Add username to blame output.
2010-01-08 Bob Hiestandvcshg: Fixed variable assignment bug in GetBufferInfo.
2010-01-07 Bob Hiestandvcshg: Identify hg version control when not in the... v1.99.32
2009-12-10 Bob HiestandReplace system() with wrapper to protect quotes in...
2009-12-10 Bob HiestandCreated utility function Dictionary.
2009-12-10 Bob HiestandAdded s:Executable() function to all plugins.
2009-12-10 Bob Hiestandvcscvs: Made GetRevision() script-local.
2009-12-09 Bob HiestandRemoved -- from vcsgit implementation of blame commandl...
2009-12-09 Bob HiestandRemoved statement that extensions should be placed...
2009-12-08 Bob HiestandAdded -- to differentiate file names in system() calls.
2009-12-08 Michael WookeygitAnnotate.vim: match original commits in blame
2009-12-05 Bob Hiestandvcsbzr: moved setting of 'cpo' to after all finish...
2009-12-05 Ingo Karkatvcsbzr: Add VCSCommandDisableAll kill switch.
2009-12-05 Bob HiestandRemoved trailing white space in source.
2009-12-05 Benoît PIERREvcsbzr: use annotate split mode.
2009-10-30 Bob Hiestanddoc: Refer to VIM help for <Leader> where appropriate.
2009-10-30 Michael Wookeyvcshg: remove execute permissions
2009-07-21 Martin FelisInitial version of mercurial support.v1.99.31
2009-07-21 Bob HiestandMerge branch 'dev/bzr' into next
2009-07-21 Bob HiestandAdded VCSAnnotate! (and VCSBlame!) to split the resulti...
2009-07-21 Bob Hiestandvcsgit: Added syntax file for annotation buffer.
2009-07-21 Bob Hiestandvcsbzr: Narrowed effects of 'allowNonZeroExit' to...
2009-07-21 iacobsvcsbzr: added allowNonZeroExit to the options in DoCommand.
2009-07-21 neilmartinsenburrellvcsbzr: updated to work with latest VCSCommand.
2009-07-21 iacobsvcsbzr: Initial version of BZR plugin.
2009-07-20 Bob Hiestandvcscvs: Remove extraneous debug message issued by... v1.99.30
2009-06-01 Bob Hiestandvcscvs: Removed useless (and bug-inspiring) aunmenu.
2009-02-10 apcrh7Fixed typo in sample macro documentation.
2008-12-18 Bob HiestandDocumented the 'VCSCommandVCSTypeOverride' variable.v1.99.29
2008-12-18 Bob HiestandAdded 'VCSCommandVCSTypeOverride' option.
2008-11-10 Bob HiestandMode change on vcsgit.vim.
2008-09-16 Bob HiestandVCSVimDiff: fixed use of 'horizontal' in &diffopt.v1.99.28
2008-09-16 Bob HiestandMerge commit 'jamessan/master' into dev/use-diffopt
2008-09-16 Bob Hiestandvcssvn: prevent hangs caused by querying the user...
2008-08-29 Bob HiestandAdd 'VCSCommandDisableAll' variable to prevent the...
2008-08-28 Bob HiestandDo not fail out of plugin at first failed mapping.... v1.99.27