2007-12-03 Michał JanuszewskiUpdate the ChangeLog with the 0.1.3 entryv86d-0.1.3
2007-12-03 Michał JanuszewskiFix VBE IB retrieval from the Video ROM.
2007-12-02 Michał Januszewskitestvbe: Clean the registers before doing VBE calls.
2007-12-02 Michał JanuszewskiInclude the video mode list location in the debug messages.
2007-11-04 Michał JanuszewskiUpdate ChangeLog with 0.1.2 entry.v86d-0.1.2
2007-11-04 Michał JanuszewskiAdd the --with-debug configure option.
2007-11-04 Michał JanuszewskiFormatting fixes for testvbe info display.
2007-10-22 Michał JanuszewskiUpdate testvbe to display basic information about the... 0.1.1
2007-10-18 Michał JanuszewskiAdd support for filtering log levels.
2007-10-18 Michał JanuszewskiRefactor code to properly use log levels.
2007-10-18 Michał Januszewskilrmi: Map the IVTBDA as shared.
2007-09-16 Michał JanuszewskiFail x86emu autodetection if a supported arch isn't...
2007-09-16 Michał JanuszewskiAdd info about supported arches.
2007-08-07 Michał JanuszewskiFix compiler warnings in v86_lrmi.
2007-08-07 Michał JanuszewskiAdd support for the new memory access functions to...
2007-08-07 Michał JanuszewskiUse our own memory access functions in x86emu.
2007-07-22 Michał JanuszewskiMove ioperm and iopl declarations to v86.h.
2007-07-21 Michał JanuszewskiMap the IVTBDA as a shared.0.1-rc4
2007-07-21 Michał Januszewskiv86_x86emu.c cleanup. Change default EFLAGS.
2007-07-21 Michał Januszewskitestvbe: remove unused headers
2007-07-21 Michał Januszewskix86emu: add support for the rdtsc opcode
2007-07-21 Michał Januszewskix86emu: remove unused defines from the Makefile
2007-07-21 Michał JanuszewskiFix compilation warnings.
2007-07-21 Michał JanuszewskiCompile with -g by default.
2007-07-07 Michał JanuszewskiFix a bug in the code used to retrieve the OEM strings
2007-07-03 Michał JanuszewskiDon't use sys/io.h as it's broken on x86_64 in klibc.
2007-06-22 Michał JanuszewskiFix minor bugs, use v86_regs to pass reg values from...
2007-06-22 Michał JanuszewskiAdd licensing info.
2007-06-10 Michał JanuszewskiMake the kernel dir overridable.
2007-06-10 Michał JanuszewskiCode cleanup.
2007-06-09 Michał JanuszewskiFix compilation issues after removal of the kernel...
2007-06-09 Michał JanuszewskiRemove uvesafb.
2007-06-09 Michał JanuszewskiAdd basic documentation (README).
2007-06-09 Michał JanuszewskiMake the C library and x86 emulation configurable.
2007-06-09 Michał JanuszewskiAdd preliminary support for the x86emu backend.
2007-06-07 Michał Januszewskiv86d: add support for ESBX buffers
2007-05-27 Michał JanuszewskiAdd support for uvesafb_open() and uvesafb_release().
2007-05-27 Michał JanuszewskiAdd support for blanking and panning.
2007-05-27 Michał JanuszewskiRemove debugging printk's.
2007-05-27 Michał JanuszewskiDon't open tty1 in v86d.
2007-05-22 Michał JanuszewskiAdd support for video mode switching.
2007-05-22 Michał JanuszewskiAdd command line option parsing.
2007-05-21 Michał JanuszewskiAdd preliminary support for monitor limits.
2007-05-20 Michał JanuszewskiAdd initial support for the LRMI v86 backend.
2007-05-14 Michał JanuszewskiInitial commit