2011-01-16 Ben KibbeyVersion 2.3.v2.3
2011-01-16 Ben KibbeyMake safe_strncat() conform to strlcpy() usage by retur...
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyMake a note about multiple loading of the same module.
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyIncrease the argument length for a line in an rc file.
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyFixed Valgrind warnings: make the modules array an...
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyFixed configure warning on FreeBSD (6.3). Don't test...
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyMinor cleanup of lastlogfd.
2011-01-15 Ben Kibbey'make distcheck' fix.
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyUpdated NEWS.
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyRevert "Added module function ui_module_exec2(). This...
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyAdded module function ui_module_exec2(). This differs...
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyMake safe_strncat() available to modules.
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyFancy-pants safe_strncat().
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyUse PATH_MAX rather than FILENAME_MAX where appropriate.
2011-01-14 Ben KibbeyFreeBSD 9.0 compile time fix. Found a tester. :)
2011-01-13 Ben cannot be an error if there is no hostname...
2011-01-13 Ben more than one file can be specified. Specif...
2011-01-13 Ben Kibbeycppcheck fixes.
2011-01-12 Ben use a safer strncat().
2011-01-12 Ben KibbeyUpdated the copyright year.
2011-01-12 Ben KibbeyDon't add DEAD_PROCESS's to the utmpx entry list.
2011-01-12 Ben KibbeyRemove DEBUG lines.
2011-01-12 Ben KibbeyUse safe_strncat() to prevent overrunning the destinati...
2011-01-12 Ben Kibbeyutmp[x] fixes and cleanups. This was prompted by a...
2011-01-09 Ben KibbeyNew homepage at
2011-01-09 Ben KibbeyCreate a bzip2 archive. Portability fix for autogen...
2007-03-17 Ben KibbeyAdded homepage to README.v2.2
2007-03-17 Ben KibbeyRemoved ChangeLog.old as it's redundant. Oops.
2007-03-17 Ben KibbeyRenamed LICENSE to COPYING.
2007-03-17 Ben KibbeyLoad module symbols immediately (RTLD_NOW).
2007-03-15 Ben KibbeyUpdate ui.1 and the -L switch.
2007-03-15 Ben KibbeyAdded 'version' Makefile target.
2006-10-14 Ben KibbeyFix command line help usage text.
2006-10-14 Ben KibbeyUpdated email address and copyright.
2006-03-10 Ben Kibbeychmod 0700
2006-03-10 Ben KibbeyChanged follow-symlink option -l to -L.
2006-03-10 Ben KibbeyAdded example module contrib/fexists.c. This tests...
2006-03-10 Ben KibbeySwitch from CVS to GIT.
2005-07-30 bjkRelease version 2.1.v2.1
2005-07-30 bjkFix for utmp hostname corruption on NetBSD.
2005-07-30 bjkSolaris doesn't have strsep() or warn[x]() or err[x...
2005-07-30 bjkUpdate usage for verbosity.
2005-07-30 bjkMore updates.
2005-07-30 bjkprintf()'s not fprintf(stderr, ...)'s.
2005-07-30 bjkShow which option the module requires from
2005-07-30 bjkFix for '-d'.
2005-07-30 bjkUpdate verbosity.
2005-07-30 bjkFix for modules which take no options at all. Getopt...
2005-07-30 bjkFix for a segfault when munmap()'ing the alias file.
2005-07-30 bjkReally fix the dup warning.
2005-07-30 bjkDon't ouput the module duplicate warning more than...
2005-07-30 bjk*** empty log message ***
2005-07-30 bjkUpdates for 2.1.
2005-07-30 bjkFixed module chaining of more than two modules.
2005-07-30 bjkUpdate for 2.1.
2005-07-30 bjkRefer to INSTALL for details on configure.
2005-07-30 bjkUpdate for version 2.1.
2005-07-30 bjkModules are located in src/modules.
2005-07-24 bjkInitial commit.
2005-07-24 bjkRemoved configurable strings UNKNOWN, NONE, YES and...
2005-07-24 bjkRemoved configurable strings UNKNOWN, NONE, YES and...
2005-07-24 bjkRemoved configurable strings UNKNOWN, NONE, YES and...
2004-12-05 bjkInitial revision