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A modular utility that gathers information about a local user. Kind of like a bunch of well known tools rolled into one. The output is separated with a field delimitor making it easy to integrate into shell scripts. The included modules gather mail, login and password file information. It's easy to write your own modules and there are a couple of examples included (kill: kill a users login process, and fexists: see if a file exists in a users home directory (think .rhosts)).
2013-04-06 Ben KibbeyVersion 2.4.masterv2.4
2013-04-06 Ben KibbeyFix 'smatch' warnings.
2013-04-06 Ben KibbeyRevert "Cleaner safe_strncat()."
2013-04-06 Ben KibbeyCheck for getlastlogx().
2013-04-06 Ben OpenBSD fixes.
2013-04-06 Ben KibbeyCheck for setutxent().
2013-04-06 Ben KibbeyUpdate copyright year.
2013-04-06 Ben KibbeyCleaner safe_strncat().
2013-04-06 Ben KibbeyCheck for getgrent() and other struct passwd members.
2013-04-06 Ben KibbeyMore checks for limits.h and LINE_MAX.
2012-07-01 Ben KibbeyCreate the m4/ directory.
2012-06-30 Ben KibbeyFix compile time warning.
2011-02-20 Ben KibbeyCompilation fix for Solaris > 4 (untested).
2011-01-16 Ben KibbeyVersion 2.3.v2.3
2011-01-16 Ben KibbeyMake safe_strncat() conform to strlcpy() usage by retur...
2011-01-15 Ben KibbeyMake a note about multiple loading of the same module.
20 months ago v2.4 Userinfo version 2.4.
3 years ago v2.3 Release
7 years ago v2.2 Release
9 years ago v2.1
20 months ago master