2014-10-14 Thomas PerlRemove stray ' character in initial messagemaster
2014-09-26 Thomas PerlFallback to using pwd if os.getlogin() fails (fixes #2)
2014-08-01 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.17 released1.17
2014-08-01 Thomas PerlFix resolving of relative URL filenames (fixes Debian...
2014-01-29 Thomas PerlFix lynx handing for relative URLs (fixes Debian bug...
2014-01-29 Thomas PerlHandle invalid encoding sent by server (fixes Debian...
2014-01-29 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.16 released1.16
2013-11-23 Thomas PerlFix a bug with parsing content-encoding headers
2013-03-14 Thomas PerlFix website URL printing
2013-03-11 Thomas PerlFix examples_dir location when not yet installed
2013-03-11 Thomas PerlNew, minimalistic setup.py script and restructuring
2012-09-19 Xavier IzardSupport for sending reports via SMTP
2012-08-30 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.15 released1.15
2012-08-30 Thomas Perlhtml2txt: Support for UTF-8
2011-11-15 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.14 released1.14
2011-11-15 Thomas PerlUnicode-related fixes
2011-08-22 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.13 released1.13
2011-08-22 Thomas PerlAdd script to convert to Python 3 format
2011-08-22 Thomas PerlCompatibility updates for Python 3
2011-08-22 Thomas PerlUse concurrent.futures for quicker job completion
2011-08-20 Thomas PerlSupport for POST requests
2011-02-10 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.12 released1.12
2010-11-28 Thomas PerlUpdate website URL and contact info
2010-08-16 Thomas PerlAllow None as return value for filters
2010-07-30 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.11 released1.11
2010-06-29 Thomas PerlDetect non-zero command exit codes
2010-05-10 Thomas PerlUpdate Copyright year for 2010
2010-05-10 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.10 released1.10
2010-05-04 Thomas PerlGet encoding from headers and convert to UTF-8
2009-10-02 Thomas PerlUpdate version + month in manpage
2009-09-29 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.9 (shell pipe and if-modified-since)1.9
2009-08-10 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.8 released1.8
2009-08-10 Thomas PerlHandle httplib errors (Debian bug 529740)
2009-08-01 Thomas PerlAdd error handling for socket timeouts
2009-07-27 Thomas PerlDetect IOErrors from FTP timeouts
2009-01-20 Thomas PerlSet the socket timeout to one minute to avoid hangs
2009-01-15 Thomas PerlAdd TODO list
2009-01-12 Thomas Perladd examples for ical2txt and html2txt to manpage
2009-01-07 Thomas PerlEven more output sanitizing for Lynx html2text mode
2009-01-05 Thomas PerlFix a problem with relative links in Lynx' dump mode
2009-01-03 Thomas PerlRelease 1.7 with support for html2txt1.7
2009-01-03 Thomas PerlAdd coding declaration to urlwatch (utf-8)
2008-12-23 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.6 released1.6
2008-12-23 Thomas PerlSupport hashlib for Python 2.5 and above
2008-11-18 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.5 (+add manpage to MANIFEST.in)1.5
2008-11-18 Thomas Perladd manpage
2008-11-18 Thomas Perlupdate ChangeLog and README for version 1.5
2008-11-18 Thomas Perladd option parsing and verbose logging mode
2008-11-18 Thomas Perlversion has to be a string :)
2008-11-18 Thomas Perlupdate copyright e-mail, finish off setup.py
2008-11-18 Thomas Perlupdated changelog
2008-11-18 Thomas PerlAdd examples, setup.py and remove makefile
2008-11-18 Thomas PerlRename files, update copyright, add examples
2008-11-18 Thomas PerlUpdate watch.py for new system-wide install version
2008-11-17 Thomas Perlonly change the version in one location (watch.py)
2008-11-14 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.5 (ical2txt, utidylib, documentation)1.4
2008-11-11 Thomas Perlmore fun with hooks and updated URL list
2008-05-16 Thomas PerlUser-Agent support and Version 1.31.3
2008-05-10 Thomas PerlMerge branch 'master' of /home/thp/lib/urlwatch
2008-05-10 Thomas PerlRelease 1.21.2
2008-05-10 Thomas PerlVersion 1.2
2008-05-10 Thomas PerlFix problems on Mac OS X; thanks to Lukas Upton
2008-03-22 Thomas Perlurlwatch 1.11.1
2008-03-17 Thomas PerlREADME, makefile, urlwatch 1.01.0
2008-03-04 Thomas PerlMake sure we land in the correct directory
2008-03-04 Thomas Perlinitial commit