2011-06-09 Eric Wongunicorn 3.7.0 - minor feature updatev3.7.0
2011-06-07 Eric Wongconfigurator: add :ipv6only directive
2011-06-07 Eric Wongbuild: ensure gem and tgz targets build manpages
2011-06-07 Eric Wongexamples/nginx.conf: better wording for ipv6only comment
2011-06-07 Eric Wongexamples/nginx.conf: add ipv6only comment
2011-06-06 Eric WongDocumentation: remove --sanitize-html for pandoc
2011-06-06 Hongli Lai... Document the method for building the Unicorn gem.
2011-05-23 Eric Wongisolate_for_tests: use rake 0.8.7
2011-05-23 Eric Wonggemspec: use latest Isolate (3.1)
2011-05-23 Eric Wonghttp: call rb_str_modify before rb_str_resize
2011-05-23 Eric Wongstrip trailing and leading linear whitespace in headers
2011-05-23 Eric Wongdoc: add Links page to help folks find relevant info
2011-05-23 Eric WongGNUmakefile: locale-independent grep invocation
2011-05-08 Eric Wongdoc: PHILOSOPHY: formatting fixes
2011-05-05 Eric Wonghttp_parser: add max_header_len accessor
2011-05-05 Eric Wongt0002-parser-error: fix race conditions
2011-05-05 Eric Wongdoc: remove redundant "of" typo
2011-05-05 Eric Wonghttp_parser: new add_parse method
2011-05-04 Eric Wongreturn 414 for URI length violations
2011-04-30 Eric WongSandbox: update doc for latest Bundler versions
2011-04-30 Eric Wongunicorn 3.6.2 - fix Unicorn::OobGC modulev3.6.2
2011-04-30 Eric WongMerge commit 'v1.1.7'
2011-04-30 Eric WongTUNING: more minor doc updates
2011-04-30 Eric Wongunicorn 1.1.7 - major fixes to minor components1.1.x-stablev1.1.7
2011-04-30 Eric Wongoob_gc: reimplement to fix breakage and add tests
2011-04-29 Eric WongTUNING: document worker_processes tuning
2011-04-29 Eric Wongoob_gc: reimplement to fix breakage and add tests
2011-04-29 Eric WongTUNING: original sentence was incomplete
2011-04-29 Eric Wongexamples/big_app_gc: fix comment
2011-04-29 Eric Wongexamples/big_app_gc: update this example
2011-04-27 Eric Wongconfigurator: attempt to clarify :tcp_nopush/:tcp_nodelay
2011-04-27 Eric Wongexamples/nginx.conf: clarify proxy_buffering for Rails 3.1
2011-04-26 Eric Wongunicorn 3.6.1 - fix OpenSSL PRNG workaroundv3.6.1
2011-04-26 Eric Wongproperly reseed OpenSSL::Random after forking
2011-04-21 Eric Wongunicorn 3.6.0 - small fixes, PRNG workaroundsv3.6.0
2011-04-21 Eric Wonghttp_server: fix Rainbows! compatibility
2011-04-20 Eric WongKNOWN_ISSUES: document PRNG changes in 3.6.0
2011-04-18 Eric Wongdocumentation cleanup/reduction
2011-04-18 Eric Wongreseed OpenSSL PRNG upon fork() of workers
2011-04-18 Eric Wongreinitialize PRNG for latest Ruby 1.8.7 releases
2011-04-13 Eric Wongfix some 1.9.3dev warnings
2011-04-13 Eric Wongconfigurator: fix broken local variable
2011-04-13 Eric WongGNUmakefile: s/Config/RbConfig/
2011-04-13 Eric Wonghttp_server: workers die on log reopen failures
2011-04-13 Eric Wonghttp_parser: remove RDoc
2011-04-13 Eric Wongconfigurator: miscellaneous RDoc improvements
2011-04-13 Eric Wongworker: improve RDoc, point users to Configurator#user
2011-04-13 Eric Wongconfigurator: remove outdated user example in after_fork
2011-04-12 Emmanuel GomezDocument "user" directive in example unicorn conf
2011-04-01 Eric Wongutil: allow relative paths to be rotated
2011-04-01 Eric Wongbump dependencies for testing
2011-04-01 Eric Wongdrop Rails 2.3.x tests
2011-03-29 Eric Wongadd examples/logrotate.conf
2011-03-28 Eric Wongtmpio: do not redefine size method under 1.9.2+
2011-03-23 Eric WongDESIGN: fix redundant wording
2011-03-23 Eric WongREADME: s/Gemcutter/RubyGems.org/
2011-03-15 Eric Wongunicorn 3.5.0 - very minor improvementsv3.5.0
2011-03-08 Eric Wonggemspec: update kgio dependency to 2.3.2
2011-03-08 Eric Wonggemspec: no need for require_paths
2011-02-25 Eric Wongtee_input: remove old *BSD stdio workaround
2011-02-19 Eric Wongclear listeners array on SIGQUIT
2011-02-16 Eric WongREADME: clarify the versions of "Ruby license"
2011-02-10 Eric WongRevert "test_helper: simplify random port binding"
2011-02-10 Eric Wongremove unnecessary &block usage
2011-02-08 Eric Wongtest_helper: avoid FD leakage/waste
2011-02-04 Eric Wongunicorn 3.4.0 - for people with very big LANsv3.4.0
2011-02-04 Eric Wongbump dependency on kgio
2011-02-03 Eric Wongtest/unit: fix tests under Ruby 1.9.3dev
2011-02-03 Eric WongFix Ruby 1.9.3dev warnings
2011-02-03 Eric Wongtest_helper: simplify random port binding
2011-02-03 Eric Wongsocket_helper: cleanup leftover debugging statement
2011-02-02 Eric Wongsocket_helper: export tcp_name as a module_function
2011-02-02 Eric Wongallow binding on IPv6 sockets with listen "[#{addr...
2011-02-02 Eric Wonghttp: parser handles IPv6 bracketed IP hostnames
2011-02-01 Eric Wongforce socket options to defaults if unspecified
2011-01-31 Eric Wongenable TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK by default
2011-01-31 Eric Wongtest_upload: check size in server
2011-01-28 Eric WongKNOWN_ISSUES: document broken RNG+fork in newer Ruby 1.8
2011-01-25 Eric Wongexamples/nginx.conf: use try_files directive
2011-01-25 Eric Wongexamples/nginx: avoid unnecessary listen directive
2011-01-25 Eric WongKNOWN_ISSUES: split old stuff into its own section
2011-01-25 Eric WongKNOWN_ISSUES: FreeBSD 8 and sendfile can be buggy
2011-01-21 Eric Wonggit.bogomips.org => bogomips.org
2011-01-21 Eric Wongexec_cgi: handle Status header in CGI response
2011-01-21 Eric Wongexec_cgi: handle Status header in CGI response
2011-01-21 Eric Wongexec_cgi: make output compatible with IO.copy_stream
2011-01-20 Eric Wongconfigurator: undocument trust_x_forwarded_for
2011-01-07 Eric Wonghttp_response: do not skip Status header set by app
2011-01-06 Eric Wongunicorn 3.3.1 - one minor, esoteric bugfixv3.3.1
2011-01-06 Eric Wongunicorn 1.1.6 - one minor, esoteric bugfixv1.1.6
2011-01-06 Eric Wongclose client socket after closing response body
2011-01-06 Eric Wongclose client socket after closing response body
2011-01-05 Eric Wongunicorn 3.3.0 - minor optimizationsv3.3.0
2011-01-05 Eric Wonghttp_parser: add clear method, deprecate reset
2011-01-05 Eric Wonghttp_response: simplify the status == 100 comparison
2011-01-05 Eric Wonghttp_server: remove unnecessary 'nil'
2011-01-05 Eric Wongsocket_helper: expose more defaults in DEFAULTS hash
2011-01-05 Eric Wonghttp_response: implement httpdate in C
2010-12-30 Eric Wonghttp_response: do not account for $, being set
2010-12-30 Eric Wongtests: test parser works with keepalive_requests=0