2013-01-22 Eric Wongignore normal Rack response at request-time hijackhijack
2013-01-22 Eric Wongsupport for Rack hijack in request and response
2013-01-22 Eric Wongtests: version bumps for rack, kgio, and raindrops
2013-01-07 Eric Wongtests: bump tests to use rack 1.4.3
2012-12-07 Eric Wongunicorn 4.5.0 - check_client_connection optionv4.5.0
2012-12-04 Peter Marshgemspec: enable licenses metadata attribute
2012-12-04 Eric WongREADME: clarify license and copyright
2012-12-04 Eric Wongfix const error responses for Rainbows!
2012-11-29 Eric Wongunicorn 4.5.0pre1 - check_client_connection optionv4.5.0pre1
2012-11-29 Eric Wongcheck_client_connection: document local-only requirement
2012-11-29 Tom BurnsBegin writing HTTP request headers early to detect...
2012-11-13 Eric Wongtests: remove assert_nothing_raised (part 2)
2012-10-11 Eric WongRakefile: fm_update task updated for HTTPS
2012-10-11 Eric Wongunicorn 4.4.0 - minor updatesv4.4.0
2012-10-02 Eric Wongutil: only consider regular files as logs
2012-08-06 Eric Wongavoid assert_nothing_raised in unit tests
2012-08-06 Eric Wongdo not touch TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK at all by default
2012-08-02 Eric Wongbind listeners after loading for preload_app users
2012-07-28 Eric Wongremove Rails-oriented integration testspu
2012-04-29 Eric Wongunicorn 4.3.1 - shutdown() fixesv4.3.1
2012-04-29 Eric Wongisolate_for_tests: upgrade to kgio-monkey 0.4.0
2012-04-27 Eric Wongstream_input: call shutdown(2) if a client EOFs on us
2012-04-27 Eric Wonghttp_server: ignore ENOTCONN (mostly from shutdown(2))
2012-04-17 Eric Wongunicorn 4.3.0 - minor fixes and updatesv4.3.0
2012-04-17 Eric Wongtests: set executable bit on integration shell scripts
2012-04-17 Eric Wonghttp: increase REQUEST_PATH maximum length to 4K
2012-04-13 Eric Wongshutdown client socket for apps which fork in background
2012-04-13 Eric Wongt/sslgen.sh: use larger keys for tests
2012-04-11 Eric Wongmisc documentation spelling fixes
2012-03-26 Eric Wongunicorn 4.2.1 - minor fix and doc updatesv4.2.1
2012-03-24 Eric Wongtests: depend on kgio 2.7.4
2012-03-20 Eric Wonglog EPERM errors from invalid pid files
2012-03-20 Eric WongKNOWN_ISSUES: document signal conflicts in libs/apps
2012-03-20 Eric Wongexamples/nginx.conf: use $scheme instead of hard-coded...
2012-03-20 Eric Wongexamples/nginx.conf: remove redundant word
2012-02-29 Graham BleachStart the server if another user has a PID matching...
2012-01-28 Eric Wongunicorn 4.2.0v4.2.0
2012-01-28 Eric Wongdoc: update doc for Ruby 2.0.0dev CoW-friendliness
2012-01-27 Eric Wongscript/isolate_for_tests: disable sqlite3-ruby for...
2012-01-27 Eric Wongdisable old Rails tests for Ruby 2.0.0
2012-01-27 Eric Wongscript/isolate_for_tests: update to kgio 2.7.2
2012-01-24 Eric Wongupdate tests for Rack 1.4.1
2012-01-08 Eric WongRakefile: swap freshmeat.net URL for freecode.com
2011-12-28 Eric Wongupdate tests for rack 1.4.0
2011-12-17 Eric Wonghttp: test case for "Connection: TE"
2011-12-13 Eric Wongcleanup exception handling on SIGUSR1
2011-12-13 Eric Wongquiet possible IOError from SIGUSR1 (reopen logs)
2011-12-05 Eric Wongsocket_helper: fix grammerr fail
2011-12-05 Eric Wongsocket_helper: set SO_KEEPALIVE on TCP sockets
2011-12-05 Eric Wongsocket_helper: remove out-of-date comment for TCP_NODELAY
2011-12-05 Eric Wongbump dependencies
2011-11-16 Eric Wongtests: try to set a shorter path for Unix domain sockets
2011-11-15 Eric Wongtests: just use the sha1sum implemented in Ruby
2011-11-15 Jeremy Evanstest_helper: ensure test client connects to valid address
2011-11-15 Jeremy Evanst0011: fix test under OpenBSD
2011-11-15 Eric Wongconfigurator: limit timeout to 30 days
2011-11-15 Eric Wongt: ensure SSL certificates exist on fresh test
2011-10-04 Yuichi TatenoOobGC: force GC.start
2011-09-15 Eric Wongadd preliminary SSL support
2011-09-15 Brian P O'RourkeDetect daemonization via configuration.
2011-09-09 Eric WongLinks: add a link to the UnXF middleware
2011-09-09 Eric Wonghttp_server: update comment on tick == 0
2011-09-03 Eric Wonghttp_server: a few more things eligible for GC in worker
2011-08-29 Eric Wongadd GPLv3 option to the license
2011-08-25 Eric Wongunicorn 4.1.1 - fix last-resort timeout accuracyv4.1.1
2011-08-25 Eric Wongdoc: add Application Timeouts document
2011-08-24 Eric Wongtest_helper: remove needless LOAD_PATH mangling
2011-08-24 Eric Wongfix sleep/timeout activation accuracy
2011-08-22 Eric Wong.document: re-add OobGC documentation
2011-08-20 Eric Wongunicorn 4.1.0 - small updates and fixesv4.1.0
2011-08-20 Eric Wongrdoc cleanups
2011-08-19 Eric Wongclose race if an exit signal hits the worker before...
2011-08-19 Eric Wonggemspec: bump wrongdoc dependency for dev
2011-08-19 Eric Wongtests: bump test deps to the latest versions
2011-08-19 Eric WongRack::Chunked and ContentLength middlewares by default
2011-08-19 Eric Wongfilter exception messages with control characters
2011-08-12 Eric Wonghttp_server: small simplification for redirects
2011-08-11 Eric Wongfuture-proof against close-on-exec by default
2011-08-11 Eric Wongtest_socket_helper: Socket#bind may fail with EINVAL...
2011-08-03 Eric WongKNOWN_ISSUES: add link to FreeBSD jail workaround notes
2011-08-02 Eric Wongtrap death signals in the worker sooner
2011-07-20 Eric Wonghttp_server: explicitly disable close-on-exec for listeners
2011-07-13 Eric Wonghttp: reject non-LWS CTL chars (0..31 + 127) in field...
2011-07-01 Eric Wongsocket_helper: fix undefined variable for logging
2011-06-29 Eric Wongunicorn 4.0.1 - regression bugfixesv4.0.1
2011-06-29 Eric Wongconfigurator: limit timeout to 32-bit INT_MAX-1
2011-06-29 Eric Wongfix per-worker listen directive in after_fork hook
2011-06-27 Eric Wongconfigurator: truncate timeouts to 32-bit LONG_MAX
2011-06-27 Eric Wongunicorn 4.0.0 - for mythical hardware!v4.0.0
2011-06-27 Eric Wongslightly faster worker process spawning
2011-06-25 Eric Wongreenable heartbeat checking for idle workers
2011-06-24 Eric Wongtest with latest kgio and rack versions
2011-06-24 Eric Wongallow multiline comments in config.ru
2011-06-23 Eric Wonghttp_server: avoid race conditions on SIGQUIT
2011-06-22 Eric Wonghttp_server: remove unused variable
2011-06-22 Eric Wonggemspec: fix raindrops dependency
2011-06-22 Eric WongTODO: remove scalability to >= 1024 workers item
2011-06-17 Eric Wongtest_http_parser: fix for URI too long errors (#3)
2011-06-17 Eric Wongerror logging is more consistent
2011-06-17 Eric Wongadd broken app test from Rainbows!