2011-04-30 Eric Wongunicorn 1.1.7 - major fixes to minor components1.1.x-stablev1.1.7
2011-04-30 Eric Wongoob_gc: reimplement to fix breakage and add tests
2011-01-21 Eric Wongexec_cgi: handle Status header in CGI response
2011-01-06 Eric Wongunicorn 1.1.6 - one minor, esoteric bugfixv1.1.6
2011-01-06 Eric Wongclose client socket after closing response body
2010-10-27 Eric Wongunicorn 1.1.5v1.1.5
2010-10-27 Eric Wongdoc: stop using deprecated rdoc CLI options
2010-10-27 Eric Wonggemspec: depend on Isolate 3.0.0 for dev
2010-10-27 Eric Wongconfigurator: reloading with unset values restores...
2010-10-27 Eric Wongconfigurator: use "__send__" instead of "send"
2010-10-27 Eric WongRakefile: capture prerelease tags
2010-10-27 Eric WongRakefile: don't post freshmeat on empty changelogs
2010-10-27 Eric Wongfix delays in signal handling
2010-10-04 Eric Wongunicorn 1.1.4 - small bug fix and doc updatesv1.1.4
2010-10-04 Eric Wongupdate Rails 3 tests to use Rails 3 final
2010-10-04 Eric Wongavoid unlinking actively listening sockets
2010-10-04 Eric Wongdoc: update HACKING for documentation contributions
2010-10-04 Eric Wongdoc: update Sandbox document for Bundler
2010-08-31 Eric WongTUNING: more on socket buffer sizes
2010-08-28 Eric Wongunicorn 1.1.3 - small bug fixesv1.1.3
2010-08-28 Eric Wongmake log reopens even more robust in threaded apps
2010-08-28 Eric Wongupdate Rails3 tests to use 3.0.0rc2
2010-08-28 Eric Wongmake log reopens more robust in multithreaded apps
2010-08-28 Eric Wongbin/*: more consistent --help output
2010-07-16 Eric WongSIGTTIN works after SIGWINCH
2010-07-13 Eric Wongunicorn 1.1.2 - fixing upgrade rollbacksv1.1.2
2010-07-13 Eric WongMerge commit 'v1.0.1' into 1.1.x-stable
2010-07-13 Eric Wongunicorn 1.0.1 - bugfixes onlyv1.0.1
2010-07-13 Eric WongSIGHUP deals w/ dual master pid path scenario
2010-07-13 Eric Wonglauncher: do not re-daemonize when USR2 upgrading
2010-07-13 Eric WongSIGHUP deals w/ dual master pid path scenario
2010-07-13 Eric Wonglauncher: do not re-daemonize when USR2 upgrading
2010-07-11 Eric Wongunicorn 1.1.1 - fixing cleanups gone bad :xv1.1.1
2010-07-11 Eric Wongtee_input: fix constant resolution for client EOF
2010-07-08 Eric Wongunicorn 1.1.0 - small changes and cleanupsv1.1.0
2010-07-08 Eric Wongcleanup "stringio" require
2010-07-08 Eric Wongtee_input: safer record separator ($/) handling
2010-07-08 Eric Wongprefer "[]" to "first"/"last" where possible
2010-07-08 Eric Wongtee_input: safer record separator ($/) handling
2010-07-06 Eric Wongsocket_helper: disable documentation
2010-07-06 Eric Wongsocket_helper: cleanup FreeBSD accf_* detection
2010-07-06 Eric Wongsocket_helper: no reason to check for logger method
2010-07-06 Eric Wongconfigurator: cleanup RDoc, un-indent
2010-07-06 Eric Wongconfigurator: documentation for new accept options
2010-07-06 Eric Wongsocket_helper: move defaults to the DEFAULTS constant
2010-07-06 Eric Wongdoc: recommend absolute paths for -c/--config-file
2010-07-06 Eric Wongsocket_helper: tunables for tcp_defer_accept/accept_filter
2010-07-06 Eric Wonghttp_response: this should be a module, not a class
2010-07-06 Eric Wonghttp: avoid (re-)declaring the Unicorn module
2010-07-06 Eric Wongtee_input: undent, avoid (re)-declaring "module Unicorn"
2010-07-06 Eric Wongtee_input: allow tuning of client_body_buffer_size...
2010-07-06 Eric Wongtee_input: (nitpick) use IO#rewind instead of IO#seek(0)
2010-06-25 Eric Wongtest-exec: prefer ENV['PWD'] in working_directory tests
2010-06-17 Eric Wongunicorn 1.0.0 - yes, this is a real projectv1.0.0
2010-06-17 Eric Wongdoc: update CONTRIBUTORS
2010-06-17 Eric WongGNUmakefile: allow RSYNC variable to be overridden
2010-06-17 Eric Wongt030[34]: proper temporary UNIX domain socket handling
2010-06-17 Eric Wongtests: extra working_directory integration cases
2010-06-17 Eric Wongtests: reenable more tests for rbx
2010-06-17 Eric Wongrevert rbx-only workaround for IO#reopen
2010-06-15 Eric Wongworkaround rbx not reopening logs to stderr/stdout
2010-06-14 Eric Wongtee_input: update documentation for Rack 1.2
2010-06-14 Eric Wonglocal.mk.sample: add 1.8.6-p114 to "full-test"
2010-06-14 Eric Wongapp/exec_cgi: rack.input may not respond to #size
2010-06-12 Eric Wonghttp: fix rb_str_set_len() define for 1.8.6
2010-06-11 Eric Wongt0005: Ruby 1.9.2 $LOAD_PATH fix
2010-06-11 Eric Wongcleanup: use modules were applicable
2010-06-11 Eric Wongdoc: cleanup rdoc escaping in title, hopefully
2010-06-11 Eric Wongunicorn 0.991.0 - startup improvementsv0.991.0
2010-06-11 Eric Wongtest to ensure "unicorn fooapp.rb" respects working_dir...
2010-06-11 Eric Wongadd test for erroring out when config.ru is bad
2010-06-11 Eric Wongt0303: extra test for multiple listeners
2010-06-11 Eric Wongdocs: hopefully clarify preload_app=false behavior
2010-06-11 Eric WongREADME: more aggressively kill unnecessary links
2010-06-11 Eric Wongexamples/init: "upgrade" task waits for completion
2010-06-10 Eric Wongtests: fix sha1 calculation for non-random_blob
2010-06-10 Eric Wongt0303: set executable bit
2010-06-10 Eric Wongmy-tap-lib: fix race condition in verbose mode
2010-06-10 Eric Wongtests: skip config.ru parsing tests under rbx
2010-06-10 Eric Wongconfigurator: remove debugging output
2010-06-10 Eric Wongfix alt-working_directory behavior for Rails 3
2010-06-10 Eric Wonghttp: cleanups for latest Rubinius
2010-06-10 Eric Wongunicorn_rails: no need to load ActionDispatch::Static
2010-06-10 Eric Wongtests: split out host/port extraction from listen
2010-06-10 Eric Wongtests: update Rails 3 tests to Rails 3 beta4
2010-06-10 Eric Wongrespect "working_directory" wrt config.ru
2010-06-10 Eric Wongunicorn_rails: use Kernel#warn instead of $stderr.puts
2010-06-10 Eric Wongtests: set NO_PROXY when running tests
2010-06-10 Eric WongRakefile: isolate to rbx directory
2010-06-10 Eric WongRakefile: only try rake-compiler if VERSION is defined
2010-06-10 Eric Wongisolate: don't run isolate in parallel
2010-06-10 Eric Wonglauncher: get rid of backwards compatibility code
2010-06-08 Eric Wongtests: add Rails 3 test for the missing config.ru case
2010-06-08 Eric Wongunicorn_rails: fix requires for Ruby 1.9.2
2010-06-08 Eric Wongtests: libify common rails3 setup code
2010-06-08 Hongli Lai... Fix unicorn_rails compatibility with the latest Rails...
2010-06-08 Eric Wongt0300: Rails 3 test actually uses unicorn_rails
2010-06-08 Eric Wongunicorn 0.990.0 - inching towards 1.0v0.990.0
2010-06-08 Eric Wongcleanup makefiles, restore aggregation screwup
2010-06-08 Eric WongGNUmakefile: add test-all and test-integration targets