4 days ago Eric Wonghttp: -Wshorten-64-to-32 warnings on clangmaster
2015-01-18 Eric Wonguse the monotonic clock under Ruby 2.1+
2015-01-17 Eric Wonggemspec: fixup olddoc migration
2015-01-10 Eric WongREADME: clarify/reduce references to unicorn_rails
2015-01-10 Eric Wongswitch docs + website to olddoc
2014-12-28 Eric Wongtmpio: drop the "size" method
2014-12-21 Eric Wongremove SSL support
2014-12-21 Eric Wongt/t0002-parser-error.sh: relax test for rack 1.6.0
2014-11-27 Eric Wonghttp_server: save 450+ bytes of memory on x86-64
2014-11-01 Eric Wongworker: remove old tmp accessor
2014-10-04 Eric Wongexamples: add run_once to before_fork hook example
2014-09-17 Eric Wonghttp: reduce parser from 72 to 56 bytes on 64-bit
2014-08-18 Eric Wonghttp: remove the keepalive requests limit
2014-08-18 Eric Wongremove mongrel.rubyforge.org references
2014-08-17 Eric Wongremove RubyForge and Freecode references
2014-08-17 Eric Wonghttp_response: remove Status: header
2014-08-17 Eric Wongunicorn.gemspec: depend on test-unit 3.0
2014-08-17 Eric Wongdev: remove isolate dependency
2014-07-03 Eric WongFAQ: add entry for Rails autoflush_log
2014-05-29 Eric Wonghttp: remove xftrust optionsdev5
2014-05-29 Eric WongGIT-VERSION-GEN: start 5.0.0 development
2014-05-08 Eric WongISSUES: update with mailing list subscription
2014-05-07 Eric Wongunicorn 4.8.3 - the end of an erav4.8.3
2014-05-06 Eric Wongswap out most of the rubyforge.org links
2014-05-04 Eric Wonghttp_server: handle premature grandparent death
2014-04-21 Eric Wongadd slrnpull.conf example for gmane archives
2014-04-02 Eric Wongoob_gc: link to Discourse OobGC for Ruby 2.0 users
2014-03-29 Eric Wongoobgc: link to Aman's gctools for Ruby 2.1+
2014-02-19 Eric Wongscript/isolate_for_tests: bump to latest versions
2014-02-19 Eric Wongremove SSL tests
2014-02-05 Eric Wongunicorn 4.8.2 - avoid race condition during worker... v4.8.2
2014-02-01 Eric Wongavoid race condition during worker startup
2014-01-29 Eric Wongunicorn 4.8.1v4.8.1
2014-01-29 Eric Wongfix races/error handling in worker SIGQUIT handler
2014-01-11 Eric Wongunicorn 4.8.0 - big internal changes, but compatiblev4.8.0
2014-01-11 Eric WongGNUmakefile: add "check" target for running all tests
2013-12-09 Eric Wongunicorn 4.8.0pre1v4.8.0.pre1
2013-12-09 Eric Wongrework master-to-worker signaling to use a pipe
2013-11-26 Eric Wongdoc: clarify SIGNALS and reference init example
2013-11-26 Eric Wongalways write PID file early for compatibility
2013-11-08 Eric Wongt0300: kill off stray processes in test
2013-11-07 Eric Wongstream_input: avoid IO#close on client disconnect
2013-11-04 Eric Wongtests: fix SO_REUSEPORT tests for old Linux and non...
2013-11-04 Eric Wongunicorn 4.7.0 - minor updates, license tweakv4.7.0
2013-11-01 Eric Wongbin/*: enforce -p/--port argument to be a valid integer
2013-11-01 Ernest W. Durbin IIIconstruct listener_fds Hash in 1.8.6 compatible way
2013-10-29 Eric Wongconfigurator: validate :reuseport for boolean-ess
2013-10-26 Eric Wonglicense: allow all future versions of the GNU GPL
2013-10-25 Eric Wonghttp_server: fixup comments for PID file renaming
2013-10-25 Eric Wongavoid IO_PURGATORY on Ruby 1.9+
2013-10-25 Eric Wongsupport SO_REUSEPORT on new listeners (:reuseport)
2013-10-25 Eric Wongtests: limit oobgc check to accepted sockets
2013-10-24 Eric Wongattempt to rename PID file when possible
2013-10-20 Eric Wongworkaround reopen atomicity issues for stdio vs non...
2013-09-30 Eric WongRakefile: kill raa_update task
2013-09-11 Eric Wongtests: upgrade several gems (rack, kgio, raindrops)
2013-09-04 Eric WongSandbox: document SIGUSR2 + bundler issue with 2.0.0
2013-08-17 Eric Wongtest_util: fix encoding test for Ruby trunk (2.1.0dev)
2013-08-17 Eric Wonghttp_server: improve handling of client-triggerable...
2013-06-21 Eric Wongunicorn 4.6.3 - fix --no-default-middleware optionv4.6.3
2013-06-07 Micah ChalmerMake -N/--no-default-middleware option work
2013-05-08 Eric WongHttpParser#next? becomes response_start_sent-aware
2013-05-04 Eric Wongtest_signals: increase delay between Process.kill
2013-04-05 Eric Wongdoc: update documentation for systemd + PrivateTmp...
2013-02-26 Eric Wongunicorn 4.6.2 - HTTP parser fix for Rainbows!v4.6.2
2013-02-26 Eric Wonghttp: avoid frozen string bug in filter_body
2013-02-24 Eric Wonghttpdate: minor size reduction in DSO
2013-02-21 Eric Wongunicorn 4.6.1 - minor cleanupsv4.6.1
2013-02-09 Eric Wonghttp_request: drop conditional assignment for hijack
2013-02-08 Eric Wonghttp_request: remove FIXME for rack.version clarification
2013-02-08 Eric Wongauto-generate Unicorn::Const::UNICORN_VERSION
2013-02-06 Eric Wongunicorn 4.6.0 - hijacking supportv4.6.0
2013-02-04 Eric Wongtests: "wc -l" portability for *BSDs
2013-02-04 Eric Wongtests: "wc -c" portability for *BSDs
2013-02-04 Eric Wongtests: replace non-portable "date +%s" with ruby equivalent
2013-02-04 Eric Wongtests: remove utee
2013-01-29 Eric Wongmanpage: update middleware-related documentation
2013-01-29 Eric Wongunicorn 4.6.0pre1 - hijacking supportv4.6.0pre1
2013-01-29 Eric WongMerge branch 'hijack'
2013-01-29 Lin Jen-ShinAdd -N or --no-default-middleware option.
2013-01-29 Eric Wongtest_exec: do not count '\n' as column width
2013-01-29 Eric Wongtests: upgrade to rack 1.5.1
2013-01-22 Eric Wongignore normal Rack response at request-time hijackhijack
2013-01-22 Eric Wongsupport for Rack hijack in request and response
2013-01-22 Eric Wongtests: version bumps for rack, kgio, and raindrops
2013-01-07 Eric Wongtests: bump tests to use rack 1.4.3
2012-12-07 Eric Wongunicorn 4.5.0 - check_client_connection optionv4.5.0
2012-12-04 Peter Marshgemspec: enable licenses metadata attribute
2012-12-04 Eric WongREADME: clarify license and copyright
2012-12-04 Eric Wongfix const error responses for Rainbows!
2012-11-29 Eric Wongunicorn 4.5.0pre1 - check_client_connection optionv4.5.0pre1
2012-11-29 Eric Wongcheck_client_connection: document local-only requirement
2012-11-29 Tom BurnsBegin writing HTTP request headers early to detect...
2012-11-13 Eric Wongtests: remove assert_nothing_raised (part 2)
2012-10-11 Eric WongRakefile: fm_update task updated for HTTPS
2012-10-11 Eric Wongunicorn 4.4.0 - minor updatesv4.4.0
2012-10-02 Eric Wongutil: only consider regular files as logs
2012-08-06 Eric Wongavoid assert_nothing_raised in unit tests
2012-08-06 Eric Wongdo not touch TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK at all by default
2012-08-02 Eric Wongbind listeners after loading for preload_app users