2009-10-09 Alex Lingadd SDHC support in mmc drivermini2440-stable
2009-10-07 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Updated config file
2009-10-07 Alex LingNAND Boot: fix an invalid PC error caused by div operation.
2009-09-24 Michel PolletMerge remote branch 'origin/stable' into dev-mini2440...
2009-09-19 Michel PolletMINI2440: Replaced u-boot-nand512.bin
2009-09-19 Michel PolletMINI2440: Changed environment size
2009-09-19 Michel PolletMINI2440: Made dynamic probe for nand size
2009-09-19 Michel PolletMINI2440: Added a debug command
2009-09-19 Michel PolletMINI2440: Changed bbt creation code
2009-09-09 Rask Ingemann... U-Boot GTA02: Always enable charger on startup
2009-04-29 Michel PolletMINI2440: Made a non-moko local version
2009-04-29 Michel PolletMerge commit 'origin/stable' into dev-mini2440-stable
2009-04-29 Michel PolletMINI2440: Added an overclock command option
2009-04-29 Michel PolletMINI2440: Slowed down i2c
2009-04-23 Rask Ingemann... U-Boot: Update for reading inodes on ext2fs revision 1
2009-04-14 Rask Ingemann... glamo-mmc: Enable reading from cards above 4 GiB
2009-04-04 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Added an overclock option
2009-04-04 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Updated default config
2009-04-04 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Initialization cleanup
2009-03-24 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Added partial support for hardware ECC
2009-03-24 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Use right pin for USB device
2009-03-24 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] startup code cleanup
2009-03-24 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Added some commands, removed, cleanup
2009-03-09 Michel PolletRemoved my default cross compile path, oops
2009-03-08 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Also create a 16kb aligned tu-boot for linux...
2009-03-07 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Updated default u-boot environment
2009-02-23 Michel Polletno working video etc
2009-02-05 Michel PolletRemoved the specific speeds from my branch
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMerge branch 'dev-mini2440-staging' into dev-mini2440...
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Finaly add the mini2440 to the makefile
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: arm920t/ changes
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Bulk Add of the mini2440 board support
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMakefile: Added a rule to add a padded .bin for nand...
2009-02-05 Michel PolletDM9000: Get version 1.31 of DM900 from another tree
2009-02-05 Michel PolletS3C2440: Fix PLL multiplier for 405Mhz / 12Mhz XTAL
2009-02-05 Michel PolletGENERAL: Make sure the compiler is /not/ using gnueabi
2009-02-05 Michel PolletGENERAL: Updated .gitignore
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Decomposed all the pin mapping
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Disable EABI
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Disable USB for now
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Mask all interupts
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Removed a test file
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Temporary reset of base board init
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Updated gitignore
2009-02-05 Michel PolletGENERAL: Updated gitignore
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Added a rule to make a block aligned binary
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Set wait states on bank 4 for ethernet
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Updated default config
2009-02-05 Michel PolletDM9000: Added configuration option and code to set MAC
2009-02-05 Michel PolletDM9000: added eth_set_mac()
2009-02-05 Michel PolletMINI2440: Do not bother waiting phy link flag
2009-02-04 Michel PolletMINI2440: start.S removed MINI2440 specific speed
2009-02-04 Michel PolletMINI2440: board init
2009-02-04 Michel PolletMINI2440: lowlevel_init added lots of cycles to DM9000...
2009-02-04 Michel PolletMINI2440: lowlevel_init re-computed memory timings
2009-02-03 MichelDM9000: Nicked newer driver from main u-boot branch
2009-02-03 Michel405Mhz had the wrong PLL divisor
2009-02-03 MichelRemoved 16 bit access to d9k, no longer needed
2009-02-03 MichelReset default to 405Mhz
2009-02-03 MichelFixed PLL clocks for MINI2440 specific 12Mhz
2009-02-02 MichelUpdate default bootargs
2009-02-01 MichelWorking nand, mtdparts and proper machine ID (1999)
2009-02-01 MichelMINI2440: Better configuration, with env in NAND
2009-02-01 MichelFixed a preprocessor warning with #else if / #elsif
2009-02-01 MichelMINI2440: Has 512 bytes sector nand
2009-02-01 MichelMINI2440: Better peripheral init
2009-02-01 MichelMINI2440: No longer need the environment in NOR
2009-01-31 MichelFirst MINI2440 version, works from ram, not nand
2008-12-19 Sven sleipnir... Modified patch originates from Andy Green <andy@openmok... stable
2008-12-19 Sven sleipnir... Modified patch originates from Andy Green <andy@openmok...
2008-12-07 Andy Greenuboot-build-default-toolchain-path.patch
2008-10-25 Diego Barriosuboot-fix-smdk2440-config.patch
2008-10-09 Andy Greenu-boot-clean-batt-charge-patch.patch
2008-10-09 Philipp HugFixes for U-Boot charging
2008-10-07 Harald Welteu-boot: Fix DFU upload in u-boot
2008-10-07 Harald WelteEnable hardware flow control for GSM/GPS
2008-10-07 Harald WelteFix init of non-console serial lines
2008-08-10 Andy Greenbuild-add-git-hash-marking.patch
2008-08-07 simon.kagstromhonor-stop_in_menu-on-charger-wakeup.patch
2008-08-03 Simon Kagstromenvironment-option-to-stop-in-menu.patch
2008-08-03 Andy Greenfix-dont-do-i2c-with-irqs-off.patch
2008-08-03 Andy Greenfix-stop-sitting-printing-in-time-critical-context...
2008-08-03 Andy Greenfix-kill-endpoints-before-linux.patch
2008-08-03 Andy Greenfix-broken-usb-handed-to-linux.patch
2008-07-16 Mike MontourThis patch changes rtc_get() to return an int. Without...
2008-07-16 Mike MontourPATCH-fix-data-abort-from-sd-ombug799.patch.eml
2008-07-15 Werner Almesbergerdeadbat-safe-voltage.patch
2008-07-15 Werner Almesbergerdeadbat-alternate.patch
2008-07-15 Werner Almesbergerdeadbat-gta02v5-noled.patch
2008-07-15 Werner Almesbergerfix-early-upll.patch
2008-07-15 Werner Almesbergerdeadbat-cpu-200.patch
2008-07-15 Werner Almesbergerdeadbat-cpu-idle.patch
2008-07-15 Werner Almesbergerdeadbat-defer-glamo.patch
2008-07-15 Werner Almesbergerdeadbat-soft-start.patch
2008-07-15 Werner Almesbergerdeadbat-defer-ldo.patch
2008-07-15 Werner Almesbergerdeadbat-wait-silently.patch
2008-06-29 Andy Greenuboot-fix-OOCCTL-reset-phase.patch
2008-05-18 Andy Greenadd-find-wake-reason.patch
2008-05-09 michaelnand_skip_bad.patch
2008-04-11 warmcatfix-rtc_get_return.patch