5 days ago Werner LembergFor make's `dist' target, use tar's `ustar' option.master
2014-12-04 Werner LembergSmall documentation improvements.
2014-11-29 Werner LembergUse correct loop counter while building hints in `glyf...
2014-11-29 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2014-11-17 Werner LembergUpdated NEWS file.
2014-11-16 Werner Lemberg[ttfautohintGUI] Make alternative GUI layout selection...
2014-11-08 Werner LembergUpdate NEWS file.
2014-11-08 Werner LembergUpdate `bootstrap' script.
2014-11-07 Werner LembergDecorate arrays with `const'.
2014-11-05 Werner LembergMake flex and bison (version 2.5) requisites for `boots...
2014-11-03 Werner LembergUpdate documentation and front-ends for `touch'.
2014-11-03 Werner LembergImplement and document `touch' parameter for delta...
2014-11-03 Werner LembergAdd control instruction keyword `t[ouch]' for pre-IUP...
2014-11-03 Werner LembergAdd bytecode to provide DELTAP[123] before IUP.
2014-10-28 Werner LembergMore renamings using `_after_IUP_' infix.
2014-10-28 Werner LembergAdd support for a small buffer of extra bytecode instru...
2014-10-26 Adam Twardoch[doc] Add section on `smooth' hinting.
2014-10-24 Werner Lembergtabytecode.c: s/delta_args/delta_after_IUP_args/ for...
2014-10-20 Werner Lemberg[ttfautohintGUI] Fix crash if not using a control file.
2014-10-18 Werner Lemberg[doc] Document Telugu support.
2014-10-18 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2014-10-16 Werner LembergTypo.
2014-10-13 Werner LembergTypos.
2014-10-13 Werner LembergAdd verbose control instruction keyword aliases like...
2014-10-12 Werner Lemberg[doc] Minor.
2014-10-07 Werner LembergDocument Devanagari support.
2014-10-06 Werner LembergUpdate to new release.v1.2
2014-10-06 Werner LembergMake ttfautohint compile with the mxe toolchain.
2014-10-04 Werner LembergUpdates to `NEWS' and documentation.
2014-10-03 Werner LembergUpdate doc/
2014-10-03 Werner Lemberg[doc] Finish mini-tutorial.
2014-10-03 Werner LembergReduce horizontal size of some images.
2014-10-02 Werner LembergUpdate docs and front-ends to the extended one-point...
2014-10-02 Werner LembergMake one-point segments have an optional width.
2014-10-02 Werner LembergUse `Control' struct instead of `number_range' for...
2014-10-02 Werner Lembergs/point_dir/segment_dir/.
2014-10-02 Werner LembergUse `Control_Type' to handle different segment directions.
2014-10-02 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-10-02 Werner Lemberg[doc] Start mini-tutorial on forced stem directions.
2014-10-01 Werner LembergUpdate `--help' text.
2014-10-01 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-10-01 Werner LembergDocument forced point directions.
2014-10-01 Werner LembergFix a typo and enable segment linking of one-point...
2014-09-30 Werner LembergImplement forced point directions.
2014-09-29 Werner LembergMinor fix for `number_set_prepend'.
2014-09-26 Werner LembergAdd a type to `Control' so that we can extend it.
2014-09-26 Werner LembergFine-tune debugging output.
2014-09-26 Werner LembergUpdate front-ends to be in sync with previous commit.
2014-09-26 Werner LembergRename `deltas exceptions' to `control instructions'.
2014-09-26 Werner LembergFormatting.
2014-09-24 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2014-09-22 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2014-09-22 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2014-09-21 Werner LembergFix some issues in frontends.
2014-09-21 Werner LembergUpdate gnulib.
2014-09-21 Werner LembergAdd option `-t' / `--ttfa-info' to front-ends.
2014-09-21 Werner Lemberg[doc] Improve delta exceptions description.
2014-09-20 Werner LembergShow option `-m' in info string for `name' table.
2014-09-20 Werner Lembergfrontend/info.cpp: Use sds.
2014-09-19 Werner LembergSimplify error handling thanks to the last change in...
2014-09-19 Werner LembergUpdate sds library to commit caab9d73.
2014-09-18 Werner LembergUpdate sds library to commit 14b8e8a1.
2014-09-16 Werner Lembergtadump.c: Use sds.
2014-09-16 Werner Lembergtadeltas.c: Use sds.
2014-09-16 Werner Lembergnumberset.c: Use sds.
2014-09-16 Werner LembergAdd `sds' string library.
2014-09-15 Werner LembergMake ttfautohint compile with C++ as C compiler.
2014-09-14 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-09-14 Werner LembergRefactoring.
2014-09-14 Werner LembergFix dump output of empty delta exceptions data.
2014-09-14 Werner LembergAdd option `TTFA-info' to library.
2014-09-14 Werner LembergMove `Deltas' data into `FONT'.
2014-09-14 Werner LembergSimplify call of `TA_font_dump_parameters'.
2014-09-14 Werner LembergWhitespace.
2014-09-13 Werner LembergMake `TA_font_dump_parameters' print into a string...
2014-09-13 Werner Lemberg[gui] Initialize locale before using it.
2014-09-13 Werner LembergRevert "Improve `TA_deltas_show'."
2014-09-12 Werner LembergSlightly improve `number_set_show'.
2014-09-12 Werner LembergImprove `TA_deltas_show'.
2014-09-12 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-09-11 Werner LembergRemove old delta exceptions parsing code.
2014-09-11 Werner LembergMore fixes for error message handling.
2014-09-11 Werner LembergOpen delta exceptions file in text mode.
2014-09-11 Werner LembergNow switch delta exceptions parser to bison/flex combin...
2014-09-11 Werner LembergError location improvements while parsing delta excepti...
2014-09-11 Werner LembergIntegrate lexer and parser files into automake.
2014-09-11 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-09-11 Werner LembergPreparation for including lexer and parser files into...
2014-09-10 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-09-09 Werner LembergMore lexer and parser refinements.
2014-09-09 Werner LembergAdd some `%printer' declarations to improve tracing...
2014-09-09 Werner LembergMake `number_set_prepend' merge ranges.
2014-09-09 Werner LembergReverse `Deltas' list after parsing.
2014-09-08 Werner LembergNext round of lexer and parser refinements.
2014-09-08 Werner LembergMake initialization of delta exceptions scanner more...
2014-09-07 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-09-07 Werner LembergProperly handle fatal flex errors.
2014-09-07 Werner LembergUse `yy_scan_buffer', not `yy_scan_string'.
2014-09-07 Werner Lembergs/TA_deltas_parse/TA_deltas_parse_buffer/.
2014-09-06 Werner LembergSimplify delta exceptions errors.