2015-06-28 Werner LembergTypos.master
2015-05-31 Werner LembergMinor doc fix.
2015-05-27 Werner LembergImprove documentation of the Control Instructions file.
2015-05-26 Werner LembergDon't use the term TTY, which might not be known to...
2015-03-14 Werner Lembergs/FreeSerif/Amiri/ for Arabic.
2015-03-12 Werner LembergUpdate Devanagari character range description.
2015-03-12 Werner LembergDocument Arabic support.
2015-03-12 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2015-03-11 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2015-03-07 Werner LembergFix bug with `touch' operation in control instruction...
2015-03-06 Werner Lemberg[doc] Describe how to use composite glyph flag ROUND_XY...
2015-03-02 Werner LembergFixed more signedness issues in FreeType files.
2015-03-02 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2015-02-26 Werner LembergUpdate another link.
2015-02-26 Werner LembergUpdate links.
2015-02-15 Werner LembergFix some compiler warnings in the frontend.
2015-02-14 Werner LembergAnother signedness fix.
2015-02-14 Werner LembergUpdate sds library to commit acd9fc7e.
2015-02-14 Werner LembergMinor compilation fixes.
2015-02-14 Werner LembergAdd casts (or fix types) to avoid implicit signedness...
2015-02-14 Werner LembergAdd casts to assignments that decrease variable precision.
2015-02-14 Werner Lembergs/TA_NEXT_/NEXT_/.
2015-02-14 Werner LembergUse auxiliary variables to improve legibility.
2015-02-14 Werner LembergRemove shadowing variables.
2015-02-14 Werner LembergUse macros for accessing 16bit and 32bit buffer data.
2015-02-14 Werner LembergUse unsigned constants in `A & ~B' operations.
2015-02-13 Werner LembergAdd `static' keywords where appropriate.
2015-02-06 Werner LembergDocument Thai support.
2015-02-06 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2015-02-06 Werner LembergMinor.
2015-02-06 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType [4/4].
2015-02-06 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType [3/4].
2015-02-06 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType [2/4].
2015-02-06 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType [1/4].
2015-01-13 Werner LembergMinor.
2015-01-08 Werner Lembergs/which/that/
2015-01-08 Werner LembergMinor.
2015-01-08 Werner LembergAdd missing file to `make dist'.
2015-01-06 Werner LembergUpdate to new release.v1.3
2015-01-06 Werner LembergUpdate gnulib.
2015-01-03 Werner LembergUpdate NEWS.
2015-01-03 Werner LembergMinor.
2015-01-03 Werner LembergUpdate copyright year.
2015-01-03 Werner LembergMinor.
2015-01-03 Werner LembergTypo.
2015-01-03 Werner LembergAdd option `--family-suffix'/`-F' to front-ends.
2015-01-03 Werner LembergAdd option `info-post-callback' to library.
2014-12-31 Werner LembergAdd `no_info' flag to `Info_Data'.
2014-12-31 Werner Lembergs/detailed/detailed_info/ in `Info_Data' struct.
2014-12-31 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-12-27 Werner Lembergs/data/info_string/ in `Info_Data' structure.
2014-12-27 Werner LembergCode shuffling.
2014-12-22 Werner Lemberg[doc] Implement folded TOC in HTML.
2014-12-22 Werner Lemberg[doc] Minor.
2014-12-22 Werner Lemberg[doc] Update to jquery-1.11.2.
2014-12-22 Werner LembergAdd option `--detailed-info' / `-I' to front-ends.
2014-12-13 Werner LembergFor make's `dist' target, use tar's `ustar' option.
2014-12-04 Werner LembergSmall documentation improvements.
2014-11-29 Werner LembergUse correct loop counter while building hints in `glyf...
2014-11-29 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2014-11-17 Werner LembergUpdated NEWS file.
2014-11-16 Werner Lemberg[ttfautohintGUI] Make alternative GUI layout selection...
2014-11-08 Werner LembergUpdate NEWS file.
2014-11-08 Werner LembergUpdate `bootstrap' script.
2014-11-07 Werner LembergDecorate arrays with `const'.
2014-11-05 Werner LembergMake flex and bison (version 2.5) requisites for `boots...
2014-11-03 Werner LembergUpdate documentation and front-ends for `touch'.
2014-11-03 Werner LembergImplement and document `touch' parameter for delta...
2014-11-03 Werner LembergAdd control instruction keyword `t[ouch]' for pre-IUP...
2014-11-03 Werner LembergAdd bytecode to provide DELTAP[123] before IUP.
2014-10-28 Werner LembergMore renamings using `_after_IUP_' infix.
2014-10-28 Werner LembergAdd support for a small buffer of extra bytecode instru...
2014-10-26 Adam Twardoch[doc] Add section on `smooth' hinting.
2014-10-24 Werner Lembergtabytecode.c: s/delta_args/delta_after_IUP_args/ for...
2014-10-20 Werner Lemberg[ttfautohintGUI] Fix crash if not using a control file.
2014-10-18 Werner Lemberg[doc] Document Telugu support.
2014-10-18 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2014-10-16 Werner LembergTypo.
2014-10-13 Werner LembergTypos.
2014-10-13 Werner LembergAdd verbose control instruction keyword aliases like...
2014-10-12 Werner Lemberg[doc] Minor.
2014-10-07 Werner LembergDocument Devanagari support.
2014-10-06 Werner LembergUpdate to new release.v1.2
2014-10-06 Werner LembergMake ttfautohint compile with the mxe toolchain.
2014-10-04 Werner LembergUpdates to `NEWS' and documentation.
2014-10-03 Werner LembergUpdate doc/
2014-10-03 Werner Lemberg[doc] Finish mini-tutorial.
2014-10-03 Werner LembergReduce horizontal size of some images.
2014-10-02 Werner LembergUpdate docs and front-ends to the extended one-point...
2014-10-02 Werner LembergMake one-point segments have an optional width.
2014-10-02 Werner LembergUse `Control' struct instead of `number_range' for...
2014-10-02 Werner Lembergs/point_dir/segment_dir/.
2014-10-02 Werner LembergUse `Control_Type' to handle different segment directions.
2014-10-02 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-10-02 Werner Lemberg[doc] Start mini-tutorial on forced stem directions.
2014-10-01 Werner LembergUpdate `--help' text.
2014-10-01 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-10-01 Werner LembergDocument forced point directions.
2014-10-01 Werner LembergFix a typo and enable segment linking of one-point...
2014-09-30 Werner LembergImplement forced point directions.