35 hours ago Werner Lembergtadump.c: Use sds.master
36 hours ago Werner Lembergtadeltas.c: Use sds.
36 hours ago Werner Lembergnumberset.c: Use sds.
2 days ago Werner LembergAdd `sds' string library.
3 days ago Werner LembergMake ttfautohint compile with C++ as C compiler.
3 days ago Werner LembergMinor.
3 days ago Werner LembergRefactoring.
3 days ago Werner LembergFix dump output of empty delta exceptions data.
3 days ago Werner LembergAdd option `TTFA-info' to library.
4 days ago Werner LembergMove `Deltas' data into `FONT'.
4 days ago Werner LembergSimplify call of `TA_font_dump_parameters'.
4 days ago Werner LembergWhitespace.
4 days ago Werner LembergMake `TA_font_dump_parameters' print into a string...
4 days ago Werner Lemberg[gui] Initialize locale before using it.
4 days ago Werner LembergRevert "Improve `TA_deltas_show'."
5 days ago Werner LembergSlightly improve `number_set_show'.
6 days ago Werner LembergImprove `TA_deltas_show'.
6 days ago Werner LembergMinor.
6 days ago Werner LembergRemove old delta exceptions parsing code.
6 days ago Werner LembergMore fixes for error message handling.
6 days ago Werner LembergOpen delta exceptions file in text mode.
6 days ago Werner LembergNow switch delta exceptions parser to bison/flex combin...
6 days ago Werner LembergError location improvements while parsing delta excepti...
6 days ago Werner LembergIntegrate lexer and parser files into automake.
6 days ago Werner LembergMinor.
6 days ago Werner LembergPreparation for including lexer and parser files into...
8 days ago Werner LembergMinor.
9 days ago Werner LembergMore lexer and parser refinements.
9 days ago Werner LembergAdd some `%printer' declarations to improve tracing...
9 days ago Werner LembergMake `number_set_prepend' merge ranges.
9 days ago Werner LembergReverse `Deltas' list after parsing.
9 days ago Werner LembergNext round of lexer and parser refinements.
10 days ago Werner LembergMake initialization of delta exceptions scanner more...
11 days ago Werner LembergMinor.
11 days ago Werner LembergProperly handle fatal flex errors.
11 days ago Werner LembergUse `yy_scan_buffer', not `yy_scan_string'.
11 days ago Werner Lembergs/TA_deltas_parse/TA_deltas_parse_buffer/.
12 days ago Werner LembergSimplify delta exceptions errors.
12 days ago Werner LembergSome lexer and parser declarations.
12 days ago Werner LembergMore lexer and parser improvements.
12 days ago Werner LembergHandle flex bug.
12 days ago Werner Lembergnumber_set_new: Avoid memory leak in case of invalid...
2014-09-03 Werner LembergAdd a flex lexer and bison parser to handle delta excep...
2014-09-02 Werner LembergFix maxStorage computation.
2014-09-02 Werner LembergAdd some elementary functions to handle `Deltas' struct...
2014-09-02 Werner LembergAdd some elementary functions to the `numberset' library.
2014-08-27 Werner LembergFix delta bytecode generation.
2014-08-27 Werner LembergThinko.
2014-08-23 Werner LembergFix order of header inclusion.
2014-08-19 Werner LembergGeneralize TA_font_dump_parameters.
2014-08-19 Werner LembergMove parameter dump function into a separate file.
2014-08-18 Werner LembergMove parameter dumping to a separate function.
2014-08-15 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-08-15 Werner Lemberg[doc] Add more documentation for delta exceptions.
2014-08-15 Werner LembergUse `.' for decimal numbers as the separator, regardles...
2014-08-15 Werner LembergAvoid crash with invalid delta exceptions data.
2014-08-15 Werner Lemberg[doc] Don't apply microtype protrusion to \texttt.
2014-08-14 Werner Lemberg[doc] Avoid overfull lines.
2014-08-14 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-08-14 Werner LembergImplement delta exceptions handling to the front-ends.
2014-08-14 Werner LembergAdd options `deltas-file', `deltas-buffer', and `deltas...
2014-08-14 Werner LembergEmit bytecode for delta exceptions.
2014-08-14 Werner LembergConvert parsed delta exceptions data to an ordered...
2014-08-14 Werner Lemberg[doc] Use subscripts.
2014-08-14 Werner LembergMake HTML markup appearance within blockquotes identica...
2014-08-13 Werner LembergSimplify code.
2014-08-11 Werner LembergFactor out code for optimizing PUSH.
2014-08-09 Werner LembergAdd functions to iterate over number sets.
2014-08-09 Werner LembergParse delta exceptions file completely.
2014-08-09 Werner LembergAdd function to read a delta exceptions file.
2014-08-08 Werner LembergFix allocation of `Deltas' structure.
2014-08-08 Werner LembergDump ttfautohint parameters later; fix a potential...
2014-08-08 Werner LembergMinor renamings and type fiddling.
2014-08-08 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-08-07 Werner LembergMinor fixes to delta exceptions handling.
2014-08-06 Werner LembergSimplify code.
2014-08-06 Werner LembergStore delta values as small integers.
2014-08-05 Werner LembergImprovements to delta exceptions handling.
2014-08-04 Werner Lemberg[gui] Fix link to licenses.
2014-08-04 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-08-04 Werner Lemberg[gui] Add file type classes to drag & drop support.
2014-08-03 Werner LembergCorrections for delta exceptions parsing.
2014-07-04 Werner LembergNew (untested) code to parse descriptions of delta...
2014-07-04 Werner LembergSynchronize with FreeType.
2014-07-04 Werner LembergFix thinko in coverage handling of TTCs.
2014-07-01 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-06-28 Werner LembergMinor improvements of documentation, tooltips, and...
2014-06-28 Werner LembergRemove compiler warnings.
2014-06-28 Werner LembergUse error callbacks in front-ends.
2014-06-28 Werner LembergAdd options `error-callback' and `error-callback-data'.
2014-06-26 Werner LembergFormatting.
2014-06-26 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-06-21 Werner LembergBuglet: Fix default_width CVT value.
2014-06-20 Werner LembergTypo.
2014-06-20 Werner LembergRename `--pre-hinting' to `--adjust-subglyphs'.
2014-06-17 Werner Lembergs/AC_PATH_PROG/AC_PATH_TOOL/ to simplify cross-compiling.
2014-06-16 Werner LembergWhitespace.
2014-06-15 Werner LembergTypo.
2014-06-15 Werner LembergUpdate documentation.
2014-06-15 Werner Lemberg[gui] Implement input file watching.