Minor bug fix.
[ttfautohint.git] / TODO
2015-05-26 Werner LembergDon't use the term TTY, which might not be known to...
2015-01-08 Werner Lembergs/which/that/
2014-06-20 Werner LembergRename `--pre-hinting' to `--adjust-subglyphs'.
2014-04-21 Werner LembergMinor.
2014-01-22 Werner LembergUpdate TODO list.
2013-01-27 Werner LembergAdd item to TODO file.
2012-11-29 Werner LembergUpdate to new release.v0.94
2012-11-12 Werner LembergAdd suggestion from Eben to the TODO file.
2012-10-09 Werner LembergUpdates to new release.v0.93
2012-09-20 Werner Lemberg[ttfautohint] Make the TTY application a filter.
2012-09-19 Werner LembergUpdated TODO.
2012-09-14 Werner LembergUpdate TODO.
2012-09-06 Werner LembergRemove some items from TODO list.
2012-08-21 Werner LembergMore TODO items.
2012-07-12 Werner LembergMinor update of TODO.
2012-07-11 Werner LembergSmall addition to TODO list.
2012-07-07 Werner LembergMore TODO additions and deletions.
2012-07-07 Werner LembergUpdate TODO.
2012-06-13 Werner LembergMinor addition.
2012-06-06 Werner LembergTODO: updated
2012-05-31 Werner LembergTODO: Addition.
2012-05-10 Werner LembergINSTALL.git, TODO: Mention problems with parallel builds.
2012-05-01 Werner LembergUpdate TODO.
2012-04-10 Werner LembergTODO, README updates and corrections.
2012-03-27 Werner LembergSeparate manpages for ttfautohint and ttfautohintGUI.
2012-03-21 Werner LembergTODO update.
2012-03-09 Werner LembergMake ttfautohint reject fonts already processed with...
2012-03-09 Werner LembergSome TODO updates.
2012-03-02 Werner LembergUpdate TODO list.
2012-02-01 Werner LembergAnother TODO issue.
2012-01-31 Werner LembergUpdate TODO.
2012-01-30 Werner LembergTODO: Some refinements.
2012-01-02 Werner LembergHandle dropouts.
2011-12-25 Werner LembergVersion 0.6.
2011-12-13 Werner LembergTODO: More on composite glyphs.
2011-12-12 Werner LembergTODO: Add some ideas regarding option -p and composite...
2011-12-05 Werner LembergUpdate TODO.
2011-11-30 Werner LembergSet `modified' field in `head' table.
2011-11-28 Werner LembergDon't automatically add a `DSIG' table, only replace...
2011-11-25 Werner LembergAdd option `error-string' to get human-readable error...
2011-11-20 Werner LembergTODO Updated.
2011-11-15 Werner LembergUpdate TODO list.
2011-11-05 Werner LembergTODO update.
2011-11-03 Werner LembergUpdate.
2011-10-27 Werner LembergAdd idea from Vern.
2011-10-13 Werner LembergAdd some of Adam's suggestions to the TODO list.
2011-10-08 Werner LembergReorganize TODO list.
2011-09-18 Werner LembergMore TODOs.
2011-08-12 Werner LembergMore ideas for TODO.
2011-08-10 Werner LembergMore ideas.
2011-07-24 Werner LembergTODO update.
2011-07-15 Werner LembergTODO.
2011-07-15 Werner LembergMore TODO entries.
2011-07-12 Werner LembergRemove a superfluous `EIF'.
2011-07-02 Werner LembergAnother idea.
2011-06-30 Werner LembergMinor doc updates.VER-0-1v0.1
2011-06-28 Werner LembergMore things for TODO.
2011-06-25 Werner LembergAdd manual page.
2011-06-20 Werner LembergAdd more files towards a real package.
2011-06-18 Werner LembergStart with better documentation.