descriptionA library to autohint TrueType fonts
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ttfautohint 1.4.1

by Werner Lemberg <>

This project provides a library that takes a TrueType font as the input,
removes its bytecode instructions (if any), and returns a new font where all
glyphs are bytecode hinted using the information given by FreeType's
auto-hinting module.  The idea is to provide the excellent quality of the
auto-hinter on platforms that don't use FreeType.

The library has a single API function, `TTF_autohint'; see
`lib/ttfautohint.h' for a detailed description.  Note that the library
itself won't get installed currently.

A command-line interface to the library is the `ttfautohint' program; after
compilation and installation, say

  ttfautohint --help

for usage information, or say

  man ttfautohint

to read its manual page.

A GUI to the library is `ttfautohintGUI'; it uses the Qt4 framework.  The
compilation of this application can be disabled with the `--without-qt'
option of the `configure' script.


Copyright (C) 2011-2016 by Werner Lemberg.

This file is part of the ttfautohint library, and may only be used,
modified, and distributed under the terms given in `COPYING'.  By
continuing to use, modify, or distribute this file you indicate that you
have read `COPYING' and understand and accept it fully.

The file `COPYING' mentioned in the previous paragraph is distributed
with the ttfautohint library.

10 days ago Werner LembergUpdate `bootstrap' script from gnulib.master
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2016-11-24 Werner LembergUpdate gnulib.
2016-11-24 Werner Lemberg[ttfautohintGUI] Add reference font support.
2016-11-24 Werner Lemberg[ttfautohintGUI] Fix incorrect usage of `qPrintable'.
2016-11-24 Werner LembergFix some runtime clang sanitizer warnings.
2016-11-24 Werner LembergFix more clang warnings.
2016-11-24 Werner LembergFix clang warnings.
2016-11-23 Werner Lemberg[ttfautohint] Print more error strings.
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