descriptionPS3 Trophy Viewer for Maemo
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This is a simple application for Maemo (N8x0, N900) to view PS3 Trophy information.
2010-09-22 Thomas PerlTrophae v6master
2010-09-22 Thomas PerlTake total trophies from website
2010-09-21 Thomas PerlTrophae v5 (Diablo support)
2010-09-21 Thomas PerlAdd Photoshop source files
2010-09-21 Thomas PerlTrophae v4 (new app icon by mr_xzibit)
2010-09-20 Thomas PerlTrophae v3 (new icon, packaging fixes)
2010-09-18 Thomas PerlTrophae v2 - Bugfix for avatar image
2010-08-26 Thomas PerlDebian / Maemo packaging
2010-08-26 Thomas PerlInitial commit of Maemo GUI app
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